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Georgia Recount Reveals That President Trump is Right About Voting Irregularities and Fraud

Recent revelations from Georgia's ongoing statewide recount have shown that President

Trump was absolutely correct to raise concerns about widespread voting irregularities that have favored the Biden-Harris ticket.

Specifically, the state of Georgia revealed Monday that 2,600 in-person ballots had been left uncounted in Floyd County, raising additional questions. By not counting these ballots, the State of Georgia incorrectly tilted its election results towards Joe Biden and hurt President Trump. Georgia officials must continue with their recount efforts to ensure that the American people know the true outcome of the 2020 presidential election, and the Georgia recount must include a thorough matching of signatures. The State of Georgia must not certify its results until the recount is done accurately and the results are correct.

Additionally, journalists on Monday validated President Trump's statement that Georgia's Consent Decree - pushed by radical leftist Stacey Abrams - "makes it impossible to check & match signatures on ballots and envelopes." President Trump is absolutely accurate to note that Georgia stripped protections against voter fraud at the urging of left-wing activists who sought to tip the state's election results towards Joe Biden. The Trump Campaign will continue to fight in the State of Georgia until every instance of voter fraud is rooted out and all previously uncounted ballots are tallied.

“The Trump campaign has amassed a significant amount of evidence of voter fraud from the November 3rd election and we continue to collect information,” added personal attorney to the President, Rudy Giuliani. “We continue to do everything possible to uncover and combat this fraud, so every lawful vote is counted and every unlawful vote is not counted.”

Updated Georgia vote totals at CHQ posting time:

Biden 2,472,255 (49.52%)

Trump 2, 458,248 (49.24%)

GA MARGIN 14,007

DeKalb County Change

Reported totals

Biden 10,707

Trump 13 (NOT a misprint)

Actual 1,081 (still implausibly one-sided)

Adjusted GA Margin = 14,007 - 9,626 = 4,381 Biden Edge

Floyd County Change

Found: 2,600 ballots hitherto uncounted

Trump +1,643

Biden + 865

Trump Add: +778

Adjusted GA Margin = 4,381 - 778 = 3,603 Biden Edge

Fayette County Change

2,755 votes not uploaded properly

Trump + 1,577

Biden + 1,128

Trump Add +449

Adjusted GA Margin = 3,603 - 449 = 3,154

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