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Get Your Copy Of The Local Activist Handbook And Start Your Freedom Pod Today

Our friend Tom DeWeese, and his team at the American Policy Center, have created one of the most effective tools available to citizens working to take back their government – the Freedom Pod.

As Mr. DeWeese explained in an email to friends and supporters, for the dedicated Leftist, no government position is too small. No area where they could appoint regional boards has been ignored. They have almost complete influence over policy and control.


And, as they surround our elected representatives, prepare policies, write legislation, and even provide them with grant money to pay for it all, advocates of limited government aren’t there to speak out and stop it.

As Mr. DeWeese further explained:


So, to counter this, I have been providing details on how we can organize locally. To build a local Freedom Pod, I explain how we must build a team – a permanent infrastructure of activists who are ready to take instant action. The team includes researchers to get to know the details. Watchers who volunteer to go to every public meeting to simply observe and report what they see. Agitators, those who will speak for our side. Activists who will fill seats at city council meetings and hold signs during demonstrations. Media and Social Media teams that will help get our message out to the public. Precinct Workers who will work in the neighborhoods. Finally, Strategists who can bring it all together into an effective operation.


And I have created the tools and strategies that can be used to gain attention and make an impact in the city, county, and state legislature. I’ve even produced a manual, the Local Activist Handbook, which provides the details needed for organizing, tools that can be used, sample legislation, and major back-ground information to describe the purpose and goals behind the very policies being enforced in every city and state.


As I speak to audiences across the nation, I get an incredible, positive response. People are anxious to get started building Freedom Pods in their community.


My Freedom Pod plan is viable. It’s workable. In fact, there have been some very positive developments in a number of communities. Two of my best have been in Shreveport, Louisiana, where activists have scored huge victories -- even getting their members appointed to the local development board where they are protecting property rights. And then there are the courageous activists in Iowa working to stop the idiotic carbon capture pipeline that will destroy thousands of acres of farmland. They are having an impact!


But here is my problem.


While I’m in the community, speaking and calling them to action, many activists do get excited and are ready to join us to build Freedom Pods. But then I have to leave and head home. That’s when the problem starts. I’m not there to keep the spark going.


In too many cases, there is simply no leader to keep everyone excited and dedicated to move forward. Nothing happens. I’ve got to fix that if we are going to win this fight.


That’s why I’m asking you for help.


First, many of my supporters who are receiving this email alert have been in my audiences and expressed excitement to work to build a Freedom Pod in their cities.


Do you want to get involved in building a Freedom Pod in your community? If you do, please please provide your name, location and contact information through this email address.


Second, I am looking for a few volunteers who would like to join my team to serve as a contact to local activists and provide them with ideas, tactics, and tools to help them get started. I’ll show you how to do this.


Would you like to volunteer to help work with activists around the nation to get their Freedom Pods started? This would be through telephone, email, and possibly Zoom systems. You would be the spark to keep activists engaged. If you do, please provide your name, location and contact information through this email address.

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