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GO BIG Excerpt 5 - Needed: 20,000 New Single-Issue Conservative Organizations

As I’ve previously written, liberals have about 20,000 single-issue grassroots organizations, and conservatives have about 1,000–2,000.

If you find that hard to believe, consider just one category of liberal groups: unions. All major unions have not only a national office (usually in Washington, D.C.) but most have offices in each state. And many have offices in all large cities and counties. So unions, such as electricians’ unions, will have hundreds of offices throughout the 50 states, counties, cities.

Multiply the number of electrician unions by the same number for the autoworkers, truck drivers, carpenters, pipe fitters, teachers, college professors, firefighters, meatcutters, teamsters, steel workers, machinists, welders, postal workers, and the national, state, and local level government employees, and you can quickly see with just unions that there are over 5,000 liberal organizations dedicated to the election of Democrats.

Twenty thousand new single-issue conservative organizations are needed at the local, state, and national levels.

And here are more ideas if those don't appeal to you.

Since the Civil War, Catholics have voted Democrat about 55% of the time and GOP 45%. In 2008, Obama carried the Catholic vote by 9 points. In 2012, Obama carried the Catholic vote by just 2 points. In 2016, Trump carried the Catholic vote by 7 points, 52–45. That’s a change of 9 points from 2012. The Catholic vote is a major reason Trump carried Pennsylvania, Michigan, and Wisconsin in 2016 and won the presidency (, “How Have Catholics Voted in Past Elections? Oct. 3, 2020; Pew Research Center, “8 Facts about Catholics and Politics).

If Catholics start voting in the range of 55% Republican, it will be very difficult for Democrats to win the White House or control Congress. Remember, the Catholic vote is concentrated in purple and blue states. This can be a game changer.

Of course, it’s important to keep the Evangelical vote at 80+%.

If Barack Obama called a meeting of all liberal national environmental nonprofits, there would be 300–350 groups represented. However, if Dr. Kevin Roberts, president of the Heritage Foundation, called for a meeting of all conservative/free-market environmental groups—at most there would be five or six organizations represented.

Most Americans have little or no interest in politics. They’re focused on their families, education, jobs, hobbies, finding a spouse, planning a weekend trip, etc. They have no interest in attending a political meeting this evening, making a donation to a political party, attending a rally for a political candidate, or putting up a political yard sign or a bumper sticker on their car.

However, as I said in Chapter 5, for most everyone there are one or two, maybe even three, issues that they will leave home for to go to a Tuesday night meeting or a Saturday morning rally.

Maybe the issue is their children’s failed public school or the local school board indoctrinating their children with Critical Race Theory. Or the local district attorney is failing to protect the community from repeat criminals. Or the mayor and city council are over-taxing and over-regulating their family’s small business. Or the governor and/or state legislators are infringing on their religious liberty.

In 1964, Hillary Rodham (Clinton) was a Goldwater Girl. But by 1969, she was a hard-core leftist, and it had nothing to do with the Democrat Party. Hillary Rodham became a liberal almost overnight because of one issue: opposition to the Vietnam War.

Think about the issues that people in your neighborhood, community, town, or county are talking about. What are your family, friends, and neighbors upset about?

I’ll use Critical Race Theory (CRT) as an example.

If you discover that CRT is being taught in your local public school, identify six to eight people you know in your community who share your views and values. Invite them over for coffee/tea and doughnuts on a Saturday morning. Tell them you want to talk about CRT indoctrinating the children in your local public school. After you spend time “cussing” the problem, suggest a committee or a task force be formed, and propose someone to be the leader.

Next, suggest a larger meeting in a week or two of maybe 25 to 30 in someone’s living room, basement, or backyard. At the larger meeting, discuss possible next steps that could include 1) calling for a big turnout at the next school board meeting, 2) committing to finding candidates to run in the next school board election, city council, state legislative race, or 3) perhaps even organizing a much larger meeting with topflight speakers, etc.

You’ll need people to volunteer for projects, including organizing the next meeting, candidate recruitment, media, and maybe someone to be in charge of fundraising, legal advice, etc.—which will greatly expand your leadership team.

Nothing moves that’s not pushed. Perhaps the number one quality you’re seeking in leaders is energy—someone with an entrepreneurial/risk-taking spirit. Too many conservative leaders have low energy.

You may want to keep the group, especially in the early stages, informal—not a legal entity. Politicians have written laws to make it more difficult to challenge their agenda. Also, consider including in the group a local attorney who shares your views and values.

By starting a new organization focused on a single-issue, you’re forming what I call a third-force organization—you’re independent of the Republican and Democrat parties.

I consider myself not a Republican, but a limited government constitutional conservative who operates within the Republican Party.

Third-force nonprofits have their own members, agenda, money, and issues. They’re completely separate from all political parties. Their mission is to pull all political parties, politicians, and public opinion toward their viewpoint.

Think how the Left operates. The unions, environmental groups, race-based organizations, social justice groups, etc., all operate independent of the Democrat Party, and each has their own source of money, members, and their own agenda. Each one is trying to pull the country to the Left.

By the way, as a general rule, the largest nonprofits are those focused on one issue. Those that deal with lots of different issues have a hard time getting people’s attention. The largest right-of-center organization is focused on one issue. You may have guessed, it’s the NRA (National Rifle Association), and their issue is the Second Amendment.

Perhaps you’ve heard this, “You may not be interested in war, but war is interested in you.”

I’ll paraphrase that and say, “You may not be interested in politics, but politics is interested in you.” These days, politicians want more of your money in taxes, want to reduce your freedoms, close your church, take your guns, force vaccinations, open borders, and bring in illegal aliens with COVID and criminal records and place them in your neighborhood.

Conservatives, we’re close to losing our Constitution, our liberties, and our country to the enemies of freedom under God’s laws—the socialists/Marxists.

Today America needs you to be one of three million conservatives who can do one or more of the following:

Where Can You Help?

• Help educate 25, 50, or 100 of your family, friends, neighbors that Democrats are mean, evil, anti-American, elite socialists/Marxists.

• Start a new conservative organization.

• Help someone who starts a new conservative organization.

• Help an existing conservative organization.

• Be a candidate for one of the 519,682 elected offices, if they are not occupied by an effective conservative.

• Help someone who steps forward as a candidate.

• Help an incumbent conservative official be re-elected.

At age 88, God has blessed me with good health and lots of energy, allowing me to spend 65 hours a week answering the call He gave to Isaiah, “Who will go for me?” “Here I am, Lord, send me.”

How about you? Will you answer God’s call today? America is worth an hour a day. We have no right to drop the torch of liberty lit by America’s Founders, so that those who come after us (including our children and grandchildren) will be enslaved by an all-powerful, socialist/Marxist government.

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Conservatives often fracture along ideological lines. Fiscal conservatives, social conservatives, whatever. That appears to be a huge impediment to forming organizations. Liberals unite more easily, and stay together during crunch time. Conservatives do not--contributing to poor results in the last three election cycles.

End result is include U.S. Senators who can barely speak coherently.

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