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Google Hid Republican Candidates Websites Ahead of Debate

According to Open Secrets, 88% of political donations from Google employees go to Democrats. So should we really be surprised when the product they produce pushes a liberal agenda?

The product of a recent analysis of Google search results by the Media Research Center would almost be funny if they weren’t such a threat to democracy, observed David Marcus in an article for The Daily Wire. Not surprisingly, Joe Biden’s campaign pops up first but after that, Marianne Williamson, Bernie Sanders, and Elizabeth Warren, noted Mr. Marcus with incredulity.

By typing in just one query, “Presidential campaign websites,” Google returned only Democratic Party candidates — some of which are not even running in 2024. A notable Democrat who does not appear is Robert F. Kennedy Jr., even though the liberal populist is second in the Democratic race.

No Republican candidates appeared on the first page of results even though the search was conducted the day before the first GOP debate — a time when Americans were looking for “pregame” information to baseline the candidates and their positions.

If this were just a case of Democrats being listed ahead of Republicans it might be possible to chalk-up the search results as “reflecting the internet” as Google claims, but there’s no way Kennedy gets left out of the results without conscious intervention. This is an intentional manipulation of the results to favor the candidate of the Democratic Party’s establishment.

The research was done using a clean algorithm that is not impacted by prior searches or cookies, so what we are seeing is Google’s baseline for results, and it clearly shows that while Americans expect Google to act as a neutral resource, it is anything but one, charged Mr. Marcus.

MRC’s Vice President for Free Speech Dan Schneider put it this way, “Google has erased every threat to Joe Biden. We know that Google pulled out all the stops to put Hillary Clinton in the White House and they have continued to interfere in our elections ever since. Compared to social media platforms, it is harder to document what Google does in secret but we at MRC Free Speech America have caught them red handed again.”

And this isn’t the first time. Back in October of 2020 MRC found Google’s thumb on the scale in search results leading up to the midterm election. And wouldn’t you know, then as now, the stifling of speech went only in one direction, against conservative voices.

According to Schneider, “Google has consistently stood apart from all other search engines, and not in a good way.”

Search engine bias is a silent form of censorship, a lie of omission if you will, said Mr. Marcus. That makes it no less perilous to our politics, because people don’t know what they don’t know, and Google seems happy to keep its users in ignorant bliss, as long as it helps the Left.

Conservatives can no longer throw up their hands on this issue and pretend it just isn’t happening. Google searches are too entwined in the daily lives of Americans for this rank bias to stand. To some degree, in today’s age, Google search results are reality itself.

It is David Marcus’s view – and we agree – that the time for Congress to act is now, first by continuing to haul the Big Tech bosses to Capitol Hill to explain why this is happening and why it’s not changing, and then to pass meaningful legislation cracking down on ideological bias in the industry. The Capitol Switchboard is (202-224-3121), we urge CHQ readers and friends to call their Senators and Representative to demand that Congress take meaningful steps to rein-in Big Tech censorship and bias.

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