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Government Shutdown: Political Theater of Fools

Unfortunately, in this day and age creating a narrative is more important than facts. Republicans don’t understand this.

Democrats show Paul Ryan shoving a grandma off the cliff. Republicans respond by taking out a slide rule and calculator stating according to statistics, periodical tables and math that Democrats are lying.

Two Problems: Democrats don’t care about the facts and their photo is worth 1,000 propaganda days of messaging. The message to the masses will be imprinted on minds. Simple, powerful visuals. Nazi Joseph Goebbles said, “A lie told once remains a lie but a lie told a thousand times becomes the truth.”

Second, Republicans never plan ahead. Republicans play checkers; Democrats roleplay and map out the narrative. In fact, they figure how Republicans will respond before they do. Then they steal the words of response they anticipate.

Democrats knew if they stack the courts, steal elections and change our Constitution, then Republicans will say Democrats are destroying our democracy. Democrats’ solution: Accuse the Republicans of trying to destroy our democracy.

As a Biden official said, “…it is a communist tactic to accuse your opponent of what you are doing.”

Now our Speaker who is living with a pollster who calls himself a brilliant pollster has not prepared for the messaging the Democrats are going to do if the government partially shuts down, nor are they properly messaging during the impeachment investigation hearings.

The Democrats on the impeachment investigation all have the message unified, scripted, and poll-tested. Likewise, now the Democrats are excited that the government is semi-closing because they will get to message and campaign.

Republicans conduct a free-for-all. There is no unified message.

Ironically, Republicans likely understand the science behind lasers; they understand that the concentration of light can cut steel. But don’t understand the concentration of messaging (the narrative) cuts through all the noise and lies.

Republicans should be ready to respond to Biden’s campaign speech that is already written and will be used once the government budget is not passed. That’s this Monday or Sunday.

He will say Republicans are focused on political targeting of their opponents and are afraid of the MAGA-extremist Republicans.

I will do your work for you Republicans. I’ll respond to the yet ungiven political speech by Biden.

Messaging for Republicans: “President Biden is not reasonable and is too partisan to even meet with our nation’s leader of the House. The President refused the Speaker’s olive branch and instead the president wants to give speeches about a log jam of his own making. President Biden should work together with the Speaker of the House for the benefit of the American people.”

“While President Biden refused the olive branch the Speaker offered, we call on him to forego staged campaign speeches, but meet with Republicans to get real work done. ‘Meet with the Speaker, Mr. President.

Let’s work together for the American people and solve the budget problems. For once Mr. President please put Americans first’.”

“Some have suggested the reason Biden can’t meet to cooperatively work is that he is not capable. I reject that argument. I believe he should focus on the American people, not his personal re-election. Accept the olive branch and reopen the government, Mr. Biden.”

There. Done.

Republicans need to get on the same message like the Democrats have on the impeachment hearing.

Learn from the Democrats: Rinse and repeat. Message, Message, Message.

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Former Congressman and Convicted Felon, Steve Stockman.

Dude stole 1.25 Million dollars, from the very people who wanted to elect him and now he wants you to believe him as a credible source.


The biggest fools are the GOP. They are scared of a shutdown because of the bad press they received over shutdowns back in the Nineties. They are still licking their wounds today.

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