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Hamas Democrats Run Senate And Biden White House

Long before the October 7 Sabbath Massacre during which Hamas-aligned Muslims raped and slaughtered over 1,100 Israeli civilians, Democrats had a Hamas problem.

In recognition of the foundational threat to American national security Hamas poses, back in 2021 Senator Rick Scott spoke on the Senate floor about his Stop Taxpayer Funding of Hamas Act, with Senators Joni Ernst, Cindy Hyde-Smith and Mike Braun, and asked for its passage by unanimous consent. The Stop Taxpayer Funding of Hamas Act would have ensured no American taxpayer dollars would be authorized to the territory of Gaza until the president certifies to Congress that these funds can be spent without benefitting terrorist organizations. Senate Democrats blocked its passage.

As Senator Scott pointed out, “in blocking the Stop Taxpayer Funding of Hamas Act, Democrats in the U.S. Senate chose to stand with the terrorists responsible for taking innocent lives... This bill would have simply ensured that the president certify that any money authorized to the territory of Gaza will not end up in the hands of Hamas terrorists. The Democrat party has clearly abandoned American values and now they are abandoning American allies. But we cannot, and I will not, accept the Left’s ignorance to the evil and devastating role Iran plays in funding and supporting Hamas terrorists. I will never stop fighting for our great ally and to keep American tax dollars from ever benefitting terrorists.”

However, given who runs White House policy on Israel and our relationship with the Muslim Near East Senator Scott should not have been surprised that Democrats unanimously opposed his bill.

National Security Council Coordinator for Intelligence and Defense Policy and Deputy Assistant to the President Maher Bitar is driving this policy and serving as de facto director of all Democratic Party policy on the Israeli war to defend itself from Iran and its proxies Hamas and Hezbollah.

Bitar also served as NSC’s “director for Israeli-Palestinian affairs” under former President Barack Obama, and as “general counsel for the House Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence in the U.S. Congress” from 2017 to 2021, during the Chairmanship of Democrat Adam Schiff.

As Katie Pavlich documented in a recent article for Townhall, in college Bitar was an active participant in Students for Justice in Palestine (SJP) at Georgetown University. 

"When Deputy National Security Advisor Maher Bitar was at Georgetown, he was on the board of Students for Justice in Palestine — the organization now calling for the elimination of Israel by violent revolution. Personnel is policy, as they say, and Biden/Blinken/Sullivan’s policy is understandably awful and frightening," former U.S. Ambassador to Israel David Friedman revealed on X.

Bitar’s January 2008 master’s thesis, titled: “Unprotected Among Brothers: Palestinians in the Arab World,” aimed [p. 3] to “trace the political and legal ripple effects of the Nakbah...”

The term “Nakba or Nakbah” is generally translated as “catastrophe” in Arabic, referring to the outcome of the 1948 Arab-Israeli War. It is a term often used to delegitimize the creation of the State of Israel by defining it as a catastrophe.


Editor’s Note: May 15, that’s today, is “Nakbah Day” and is often the date Muslim terrorists choose for attacks.

SJP is funded by Islamic groups that splintered in the early 2000s after a number of Holy Land Foundation members were convicted of sending funds and other material support to Hamas leaders in the Gaza Strip, West Bank and elsewhere. In particular, American Muslims for Palestine funds SJP and has offered training on how to walk the line between activism and providing support for terrorism.


More recently, SJP has been leading the violent pro-Hamas protests and harassment of Jewish students on campuses across the country.


And it gets better.


In 2007 Maher was working at UNRWA – that’s the United Nations Relief and Works Agency for Palestine Refugees in the Near East.

UNRWA has not just been complicit in Hamas acts of terror against Israel, it has been central to their planning, training and execution. Hamas rockets have been found in UNRWA schools on numerous occasions. 


Editor’s Note: That rockets are found in UNRWA schools should come as no surprise UNRWA actually ran a training program teaching Palestinians the machinist skills necessary to turn German-donated water piping into rockets.


Israel has accused UNRWA of enabling Hamas to use its facilities in Gaza for terror. It has also provided evidence that several agency employees are members of terror groups and were involved in the October 7 attack.

During IDF operational activity in eastern Rafah on Saturday, armed terrorists were identified in UNRWA’s central logistics compound alongside UN vehicles. Here is a link to drone footage of terrorists in the UNRWA agency compound/the logistics center compound:

In another recent example, yesterday at least 15 terrorists were killed as a Hamas war room based out of a UNRWA school was struck by Israeli fighter jets, the military said.


The toll included 10 Hamas operatives, including terrorists from the elite Nukhba force who took part in the October 7 massacres.


According to Israeli intelligence, the Hamas war room had been used by the terrorist organization to plan multiple attacks against IDF troops in central Gaza in recent weeks. The Nukhba terrorists situated inside the war room are alleged to have taken place took part in the October 7th Massacre and carried out ambushes and attacks on IDF troops in the Gaza Strip.


So, just in case this point needs clarification, those are the individuals with whom Biden’s Deputy National Security Advisor Maher Bitar was associated with just a few short years before he entered Obama’s administration in a sensitive national security role. Little wonder that the Democratic Party has become the political home of Hamas in the United States along with its American fellow travelers and useful idiots.

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This should not surprise anyone. Anybody who saw Biden scuttle Robert Bork's 1987 Supreme Court nomination could see he was a disaster waiting to happen. It also perfectly illustrates how the GOP betrayed us by failing President Trump in the 2020 election. How can we trust any Republicans now, folks . . . ?

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