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Here’s A Video Featuring 24 Minutes of Dems Denying Elections

It is not often the Republican National Committee gets something right, but they hit a home run with this video.

The video opens with a clip of 2016 Democrat nominee Hillary Clinton implying in speech remarks that the election was stolen from her when she lost to Donald Trump in his first run for the White House.

"You can run the best campaign, you can even become the nominee, and you can have the election stolen from you," Clinton says in the video.

The video goes on to show other key Democrats, such as then-Sen. Kamala Harris, questioning the legitimacy of Trump's presidency, and then-candidate Joe Biden saying during a campaign speech that he agrees that Trump was an illegitimate president.

The video also includes former President Jimmy Carter saying Trump did not win the election in 2016 and that he was "put into office because the Russians interfered; Rep. Hakeem Jeffries accusing Russia of interfering with the election to get Trump elected, and other Democrats voicing their doubts about election outcomes.

And as Karl Rove explained in a 2022 op-ed for the Wall Street Journal, Democrat “election denial” goes back well beyond their objections to Donald Trump’s 2016 victory.

In “Democrats Were the First Election Deniers” Mr. Rove pointed out Mr. Biden owes his presidency to an election denier. In 2020 his faltering presidential primary campaign was rescued by the endorsement of Rep. James Clyburn (D., S.C.).

This powerful South Carolina politico was one of 31 Democratic House members who voted on Jan. 6, 2005, to object to awarding Ohio’s electoral votes to President George W. Bush, despite Mr. Bush winning the Buckeye State by 118,601 votes. Flipping Ohio would have made John Kerry president by a 271-266 Electoral College vote.

On the House floor in 2005, the ranking Judiciary Committee Democrat, the late Rep. John Conyers (D., Mich.), presented the case for awarding Ohio to the Democrats, claiming “electronic machines transferred” votes from Mr. Kerry to Mr. Bush, creating situations with “significantly more votes than voters in some precincts, significantly less ballots than voters in other precincts, and voters casting more than one ballot.” He even asserted that a voting-machine company “reprogrammed the computer by remote dial-up” in a way that altered the outcome.

Sound familiar?

Clyburn and Conyers weren’t the only significant Democrats pushing these wacky theories, observed Mr. Rove. Consider other 2005 Democratic election deniers who went on to hold top congressional posts. These include then-Rep. Ed Markey (D., Mass.), now a senator; Rep. Raúl Grijalva (D., Ariz.), Natural Resources Committee chairman; Rep. Frank Pallone (D., N.J.), Energy and Commerce Committee chairman; Rep. Maxine Waters (D., Calif.), Financial Services Committee chairman; Rep. Bennie Thompson (D., Miss.), chairman of both the Homeland Security and Jan. 6 committees; Rep. Danny K. Davis (D., Ill.), chairman of a Ways and Means subcommittee; Rep. Sheila Jackson Lee (D., Texas), a senior member of the Judiciary, Homeland Security and Budget committees; and Rep. Jan Schakowsky (D., Ill.), senior chief deputy whip. Even the now-deceased civil-rights icon, Rep. John Lewis (D., Ga.), was an election denier, voting not to accept Ohio’s certification for Mr. Bush.

Though she didn’t vote to flip the Buckeye State, then-Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi (D., Calif.) defended her party’s election deniers. She said the “debate is fundamental to our democracy” and warned Republicans not to “talk about this as a ‘conspiracy theory,’” arguing instead “it is about the Constitution.”

Watch the video, and then ask yourself “what’s changed?” The only thing we can think of is that it is Donald Trump and his supporters denying the election.

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