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How Do These Lunatic Democrats Get Security Clearances?

Updated: Dec 17, 2023

The saga of Aidan Maese-Czeropski, a member of Democrat Senator Ben Cardin’s staff who appeared in a 2020 campaign video with Joe Biden, and who apparently made a

homosexual porn tape in the Senate Judiciary Committee’s hearing room, makes us ask once again, “How do these lunatics get security clearances?”


We are happy to stipulate that being a homosexual and being a patriotic American are not inconsistent. However, being a homosexual and being an exhibitionist and narcissist are signs of mental illness and clearly make one a bad security risk.

 And Mr. Maese-Czeropski exhibited signs of both personality disorders before and after he was hired to work in various capacities on the staff of the United States Senate.

According to the UK’s Daily Mail and the Daily Caller’s graphic not safe for work reporting, Maese-Czeropski’s now-deleted social accounts had posts giving away his proclivity toward homosexual exhibitionism, but apparently this was no bar (and perhaps it was a recommendation) to his hiring by the late San Francisco-based California Senator Diane Feinstein, who gave him his entre into the Senate staff.

While most of the social media comments fluctuated between “that’s what Senators do to America every day” and support for Maese-Czeropski’s claim that he was being persecuted for “who he loves,” almost no one in Washington was asking just how crazy do you have to be to use social media to post pictures of yourself in flagrante delicto in one of Washington’s most recognizable rooms?

 Then again, this isn’t the first time the Democrats’ embrace of the flamboyantly mentally ill and their promotion to sensitive government positions has come back to bite them.


Maese-Czeropski’s homosexual exhibitionism reminds us of the bizarre saga of now-former Biden administration Deputy Assistant Secretary for Spent Fuel and Waste Disposition in the Department of Energy’s Office of Nuclear Energy Sam Brinton.


Brinton, who claimed to be “non-binary,” whatever that means, and shaved his head, while sporting bright red lipstick, a moustache, and dressing in what would be trashy female ensembles (even if they hung on a legitimate trashy female like Kim Kardashian) was recently quietly let go from his position after being indicted for stealing luggage at two different airports.

According to the New York Post’s Glenn H. Reynolds:


Brinton was charged last month with felony theft after stealing a woman’s Vera Bradley suitcase from the Minneapolis-St. Paul airport, after which the Energy Department put Brinton on leave.


Brinton claimed this was a simple mistake. But then it happened again, with a felony arrest warrant issued against Brinton for stealing a woman’s suitcase at the Las Vegas airport. Brinton looks quite aware of what they were doing in surveillance video in support of the arrest. That finally got them fired.


Let’s note for the record that these two alleged thefts were committed while Brinton was on duty and travelling on behalf of your federal government – the one headed by President Joe Biden, who hired him, them or they.


One apparently criminal eccentric might be left alone to be grist for late night comedy – if there was any real comedy left on TV – but Brinton is part of a pattern of Democrat-appointed lunatics in sensitive positions who go off the rails.


Mike Glenn of the Washington Times reported a former military doctor, believed to have been the Army’s first trans woman, was indicted by federal prosecutors in Baltimore who accused him of attempting to pass sensitive information to Russia to help in their invasion of Ukraine.


Doctor and Army Major Jamie Lee Henry and his/her spouse, Dr. Anna Gabrielian, were accused of conspiracy and attempting to illegally disclose “Individually Identifiable Health Information” (IIHA), according to an indictment that was unsealed in late September.


According to prosecutors, the couple met with an undercover FBI agent whom they thought was an official at the Russian Embassy in Washington.


Mr. Glenn reported Dr. Gabrielian, an anesthesiologist, told the undercover FBI agent the couple could pass along private patient information of military members based at Fort Bragg, N.C., home of the Army’s 18th Airborne Corps and the Special Forces. Delta Force, the Army’s lead anti-terrorist unit, also is based there.


And then there is the case of Bradley Edward Manning, who now goes by Chelsea Elizabeth Manning after a male to female “transition” paid for in large measure by you and the rest of us taxpayers while he was in prison for one of the largest security breaches in American history.


Then-Army Specialist Manning spent seven years at the U.S. Disciplinary Barracks at Fort Leavenworth, Kansas, after being convicted by a military tribunal under the Espionage and Computer Fraud and Abuse Acts and sentenced to 35 years in prison for releasing over 700,000 documents to WikiLeaks. The breach led to the death of at least one American intelligence source and the acknowledged closure of many other intelligence networks.


According to ABC News, days after Manning was sentenced, he came out as transgender on August 22, 2013. The military would not provide him with any treatment for his gender dysphoria, which he claimed resulted in his “escalating distress.”


ABC reported Manning became "the first military prisoner to receive health care related to gender transition and was part of a shift in practice that led to the elimination of the ban on open trans service in the military."


President Obama commuted Manning’s sentence to time served three days before he left office.


Even more outrageously, after the Manning case the government decided to end the ban on transgender military personnel instead of taking the more obvious lesson – that mentally unstable people are not good security risks – tells you that was a cave to Leftwing homosexual and transgender political activism, not a decision based on logic and national security interests.


In the case of Maese-Czeropski’s behavior, as far as we know it appears transitory political embarrassment to Democrats was the only result, and Brinton was never investigated, at least publicly. In the cases of Manning, Henry, and Gabrielian the results were serious security breaches. We strongly urge the House Republican majority to investigate what criteria are used to screen and grant security clearances to individuals with gender dysphoria and other sex-related mental illnesses. Such individuals may be loyal Americans, but their fragile mental health and feelings of societal rejection make them bad security risks, as these cases have shown.

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The pictures in this article are truly disgusting, folks. These are the consequences of the stupidity of the American voters.

Me gusta

They keep getting these clearances because uninformed voters keep electing Democrats who keep them there in those positions. Yes, Virginia, elections do have consequences.

Me gusta

Van Snyder
Van Snyder
19 dic 2023

Hamas's definition of LGBTQ+ is "Lets Go Bomb The Queers + everybody else."

Me gusta
Contestando a

And the Dems are too stupid to se this . . .

Me gusta

18 dic 2023

The most powerful people in DC are the unelected personnel in the HOR and Senate, commonly known as aides. Who do we suppose infests these position?... given the fact that the homosexual agenda, along with its many and diverse perversions, has taken off like a rocket in the culture...with the collusion of and backed by the power of the US gubment. Therefore, I posit that not only are the alphabets part of the deep state but that the Congress itself is part of this unholy coalition... a power the Constitution never allowed for nor would have permitted under any circumstances.

Me gusta
Contestando a

Conservatives need a new political party. I suggest you check out the website for the Founders Party of America. You will see how to solve the problem of party aides you mentioned.

Me gusta
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