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How Will Conservatives React To Tucker Carlson’s Puzzling Departure?

Yesterday, social media and the liberal commentariat erupted when news that Tucker

Carlson, the top draw on the FOX News evening line-up, had departed the network and his last program had already aired on Friday, April 21.

Far Left Democrats were dancing with glee that their #1 antagonist, and, with the death of Rush Limbaugh, certainly the Right’s most effective communicator was off the air.

What, exactly, is going on remains shrouded in mystery as of CHQ posting time, but we think we can pass along a few tidbits we’ve dug-up and a couple of observations.

The notorious LA Times sourcepeople familiar with the situation who were not authorized to comment publicly,” said the decision to fire Carlson came straight from Fox Corp. Chairman Rupert Murdoch.

According to the “people familiar with the situation who were not authorized to comment publicly,” Carlson’s exit is related to the discrimination lawsuit filed by Abby Grossberg, a producer fired by the network last month, “the people” said. Carlson’s senior executive producer Justin Wells has also been terminated, according to the anonymous “people familiar with the matter.”

You can read about Ms. Grossberg’s suit through this link and come to your own conclusions about whether the facts presented have anything at all to do with Tucker Carlson personally – however connecting it to Tucker does make a great tool to smear him.

One part of the LA Times story does ring true, however, and that is Mr. Murdoch’s reported dissatisfaction with Carlson’s coverage of the January 6 protest at the U.S. Capitol.

CHQ readers will recall that Speaker Kevin McCarthy gave Tucker Carlson exclusive access to the January 6 security camera footage and that the unredacted footage immediately demonstrated that, far from being a rioter or insurrectionist, Jacob Chansley AKA the QAnon Shaman, was given an escorted tour of the Capitol by Capitol police officers and was let into the Senate Chamber by a Capitol policeman before committing the unpardonable sin of sitting in the Pro Temp’s Chair.

Almost as soon as Tucker Carlson’s segment on Mr. Chansley aired his lawyer vowed legal action and he was given early release from his four-year prison sentence.

Tucker promised more exposés from the once secret tapes, but after the Chansley segment aired there was one more rather bland segment and the whole promised series was quietly abandoned.

As our friend Seth Keshel put it: Carlson Flew Too Close to the Sun on J6

Carlson has made headlines recently by showing videos that refute the government’s narrative on the so-called January 6 insurrection. This, of course, highlighted the fact that the United States government is holding political prisoners in indefinite confinement without a speedy trial to face what should be minor charges, at worst. Fox News appears to be state-run media in this regard.

You may or may not agree with Captain K’s characterization of FOX as “state-run” media, but it is most certainly Establishment Bush Republican-run media at the very top.

And nothing makes Establishment Republicans more uncomfortable than talking about the spiritual war that is gripping America right now (or rather the spiritual war that they have been ignoring for several decades) and Tucker Carlson has been unabashed in calling evil what it is, most recently and eloquently at the Heritage Foundation’s 50th Anniversary.

Now to tee-up the important part of this whole story. Democrats and their allies in the Leftwing establishment media let out whoops (or Whoopies) of joy when the news came through that Tucker was out at FOX, but what they don’t understand is that the conservative movement pre-dated FOX, Rush, Tucker, etc. and it will go on whether FOX is on the air or not. Because conservatives created FOX, not the other way around.

FOX grew to the ratings juggernaut it was as of the close of Tucker’s last broadcast on the strength of Roger Ailes’s genius for audience identification and his early grasp that the 500-channel information super highway of the new cable TV media offered an opportunity to reach an unserved portion of the market – political conservatives.

The conservative market was there, and FOX stepped in to serve it. When FOX stops serving it, the conservatives who watch cable TV will move on to another media outlet.

Indeed, the conservative movement grew and thrived when there were only three television networks – and they were all against us – and Tucker’s departure from FOX may very well be – in a perverse way – a positive step for conservative media.

As our friend Christopher Ruddy, CEO of NewsMax said, “For a while Fox News has been moving to become establishment media and Tucker Carlson’s removal is a big milestone in that effort. Millions of viewers who liked the old Fox News have made the switch to Newsmax and Tucker’s departure will only fuel that trend.”

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15 comentários

Coincidentally or not, Neil Cavuto has not been on so far this week . . .


25 de abr. de 2023

The long and suspicious decline of Fox News is not upon us. Murdoch is an old fart at 92 and his sons do not share his views. The network was going to decline anyways upon his death. There were rumors that the network is for sale.

I see Tucker landing on his feet, as previous ones ousted at Fox have now reemerged elsewhere. Glenn Beck is doing great at the Blaze and now I am really impressed with Megan Kelly on her own show. I was not a big fan of hers when she was at Fox.

Fox was becoming anti Trump and always threw the social conservatives under the bus. When did Fox cover religious freedom issues and oth…

27 de abr. de 2023
Respondendo a

Yes, I too have heard this numerous times before they even canned Tucker. It would not be the first time that children who inherited a business from daddy, go on to ruin it.

You heard right about the millions in losses. It is coming mostly from viewers cancelling the digital and streaming services. Our family ditched cable a couple of years ago and get our television through streaming.

I believe Fox will pay dearly for this and as stated in my post, Newsmax should be like a shark going in for the kill.


Murdock & Co. obviously got freaked out by the Dominion lawsuit as well as Tucker's Jan. 6 exposes. And, as the author said, they care caving in to the Establishment, Bushbot wing of the GOP--you know, the ones who deserted President Trump for four years and put Quid Pro Quo, Hair-Sniffin' Joe Bite Me in the White House. (In the words of my hero Sarah Palin, how's that working out for ya!)


I will not listen to Fox anymore for the most part. Newsmax is much better with folks like Rob Schmitt and Eric Bolling. The First has Bill O'Reilly. There are alternatives out there. There is no reason for conservatives to watch Fox News--especially if Sean Hannity is next on their hit list, folks.

Respondendo a

Hannity has his moments too. I wonder if he will be Fox's next sacrificial lamb. "Hannity and Colmes" was really good back in the day.


The conservative movement on media was virtually non-existent before Rush. As for turncoat Fox News, they have also parted company with Dan Bongino. I just wonder if and when they will get rid of Sean Hannity . . .

Respondendo a

Ditto. Any conservative on Fox has a bullseye on their back.

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