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How You Can Stop Democrats From Using Ballot Drop Boxes To Steal The 2022 Election

Melody Jennings, the founder of Clean Elections USA, whose mission is to reveal illegal ballot stuffing, appeared on the War Room program with host Steve Bannon recently to

explain her brilliant strategy on how to protect US elections by being a watchman over fraud-prone ballot drop boxes.

“We need people to watch these boxes, and it is more effective than having cameras because notice no footage from the cameras is ever adjudicated in a court of law,” Jennings told Bannon, according to reporting by Kari Donovan of The Republic Brief.

Here’s a clip of Melody courtesy of anti-Trump “journalist” and former Republican Ron Filipkowski:

“What inspired me in this idea was that 2,000 Mules that made me mad. And, you know, we all knew something was wrong, but when I saw just the teasers of these people going up to the boxes,, I felt helpless, I couldn’t do anything about Dominion machines. I can’t do anything about so many things, it’s just, you know, Main Street, girl, USA, but I can look at one of those boxes and maybe monitor one of them and make sure nobody comes up there to steal stuff from these boxes. So I just threw the idea on TruthSocial one day and said, hey! we are supposed to be their boss but they’re stealing this election. So let’s get out there just those, you know, maybe two, three hours, ten people at a time and just stand around them, keep those Mules from wanting to come up to the boxes, and it was just a simple thought, and it just took off,” Jennings said about the origins of her activism.

“The idea went viral. Just starting just with a call-out on Truth Social and I now have 18 states we are monitoring,” she said, and Bannon allowed her to identify the states her groups are monitoring, coming back to that call to action several times in the interview:

“We actually tested our procedure at primaries in Arizona,, and our [team] took pictures,,, and the New York Times had their heads spinning. It was fantastic,” she told Bannon.

Bannon emphasized that getting out the vote was so important, and secondly, he said, “securing that vote and make sure that there’s no-nonsense” he said about the importance of not letting races be stolen, asking her, “walk through the key states that you think you need to be all over. And then I want to make sure the War Room Posse understands where actually volunteer and be part of this because It’s quite Monumental,” Bannon said according to Ms. Donovan’s reporting.

“The key States really that we are focused on are Arizona, Ohio, Nevada, Colorado, Georgia, Pennsylvania, Connecticut, Oregon,” she told him, pointing activists to go to .

We urge CHQ readers and friends to go to to sign up to be a ballot drop box monitor – aside from voting and working as an elections officer – there’s nothing you can do that will contribute more to election integrity and stopping the Democrats from stealing another election.

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