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How You Can Tell It's An Election Year?

What's the best way to know an election is coming up soon? It's easy - just check to see if the Republican Party's Capitol Hill establishment is betraying the Party's conservative base on guns and immigration.

Unlike Democrats, who always move Left to energize their base, the dimwits in charge of the Republican Party will inevitably sacrifice their advantage in conservative momentum and voter enthusiasm by also moving Left to what their highly paid DC establishment consultants claim is the “center.”

And running a “centrist” content-free campaign is almost certain to result in Republican defeat – just ask the geniuses behind the Mitt Romney for President campaign.

“It’s [illegal immigration] off the Richter scale in terms of importance for the Republican electorate,” said John Thomas, a Republican strategist who works on House campaigns across the country told POLITICO. “It transcends jurisdictions. So, it goes from the suburbs of Orange County to statewide in Nevada … It’s even going to be included in a judicial race I’m doing in Fort Worth.”

“As an issue, I can’t think of one that’s better,” said Jeff Roe, a Republican strategist and top adviser to Texas Sen. Ted Cruz’s presidential campaign in 2016. “One day they’re erecting a wall to keep illegal immigrants out, and the next day it’s 180,000 people coming across the border. It’s incredible. It’s just emblematic of Biden’s failure … I mean, what the f--- is going on?”

POLITICO reported Whit Ayres, the longtime Republican pollster, called immigration “one of the top three vulnerabilities of the administration.” Dave Carney, the Republican strategist who advises Abbott, described the Biden administration’s management of the border as a political “gift,” while Shawn Steel, a Republican National Committee member from California, predicted immigration and crime will be the “twin drivers” of Republicans’ midterm campaigns.

Yet, you can’t find a Republican congressional “leader” talking about the border or illegal immigration, what work that is being done is being done by governors and backbench Republican legislators, like Chip Roy of Texas.

However, Republican leaders Thom Tillis (N.C.) and John Cornyn (Texas) have been working since the first of the year on a “comprehensive immigration reform” bill Tillis said included a guest worker programs and a pathway to citizenship for undocumented immigrants brought to the U.S. as children, they are also talking about green card expansion that could help allay non-existent worker shortages in the U.S. and bolster the economy by reducing native worker pay.

And it should surprise no one that Tillis and Cornyn are also the driving forces behind the GOP establishment’s embrace of the Democrats’ latest assault on the rights guaranteed by the Second Amendment.

Tillis and Cornyn, with Cornyn acting as the surrogate for Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell, are among the 10 Republicans who have signaled support for the gun confiscation bill proposed by Senate Democrats.

Here are the 10 Republicans who allegedly have agreed to the proposal:

John Cornyn (TX)

Thom Tillis (NC)

Roy Blunt (MO) retiring

Richard Burr (NC) retiring

Bill Cassidy (LA) retiring

Susan Collins (ME)

Lindsey Graham (SC)

Rob Portman (OH) retiring

Mitt Romney (UT)

Pat Toomey (PA) retiring

Cornyn and Tillis were part of the group of 20 senators who announced on Sunday a gun control bill “framework.”

The Republican establishment never seems to understand we cannot just “do something.” We have to do something that works -- such as letting good people protect good people. As our friends at Gun Owners of America pointed out, to date, not one of the horrifying mass murders in a school has occurred where teachers or staff could be armed. We need to empower people to be their own first responders, because when seconds count, the police can be minutes away – or in the case of Uvalde or Parkland, nearly an hour away. In those crucial moments, lives are lost.

Clearly, we should arm willing teachers and staff, a solution supported by 81% of police, but amending the gun-free schools law and providing the requisite training is not part of the GOP establishment’s “compromise” with Democrats.

Sadly, Senate Republican "leaders" are more willing to give away your rights guaranteed by Second Amendment AND the political momentum and enthusiasm of conservative gun owners to look like they are doing “something” and “working across the aisle” with Democrats who wish for nothing more than the defeat of Republicans and the confiscation of all non-government-owned firearms.

The last thing the DC Uniparty wants is a conservative wave election that is going to set-up a Democrat defeat in the 2024 presidential election. So, how do you know it’s an election year? It’s obvious, because the Republican establishment is joining with Democrats to disarm and replace you, rather than defend you.

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There are two words often used by Democrats and RINO's that should send up warning flags: "comprehensive" and "compromise". When you hear either of those words, you know something bad is about to emerge as legislation (and it'll usually come with a high price tag). Those ten Republican's are a useless bunch anyway, led by Cornyn who runs as a conservative but legislates as a liberal. He cannot be trusted, yet has the electorate fooled and keeps winning elections. In the words in that anti-Vietnam war song Where Have All the Flowers Gone?, "when will they ever learn?".


Jun 15, 2022

Duh. The establishment Republican party "leadership" HATES their conservative base. The controlling upper echelon of the R's is just like the -rat party that sticks it to its voting base...and yet, the D's still vote for the same old same old liars. Republican party voters should never ever point a finger at the Democrat party voters and laugh at them, because they're both equally pathetic and betrayed by the uni-party politicians.

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