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Illegal Aliens Receiving GPS Coordinates For Mass Crossings Into USA

Our friends at Breitbart report illegal alien border crossings at Eagle Pass, Texas, did not

show any signs of slowing on Thanksgiving Day as a single group of more than 600 migrants entered the small border city in the early morning hours. As most American families gathered for a Thanksgiving feast and a day of NFL football, wrote Randy Clark, Border Patrol agents were, once again, tied up with processing a large migrant group crossing.

The group of more than 600 migrants was undeterred by the colder temperatures in the region that dipped to 37 degrees Fahrenheit overnight, noted Mr. Clark. Concertina wire barriers also failed to deter the migrants who made speedy entry into the heart of the downtown area and quickly surrendered to the Border Patrol. The group consisted of mostly single adult males and females but also included some family units with small children.

As hundreds of illegal aliens slam the U.S. southern border every day in mob crossings the team at claims the illegal entries are clearly pre-planned and organized by “mysterious hands” who are so sophisticated they guide the illegal aliens to the crossing points with GPS coordinates.

While embedded with a massive group making their way at night through Piedras Negras, Mexico, to the Rio Grande, Border Hawk correspondent Efraín González learned that migrants are provided with GPS coordinates which enable them to gather at specific locations and cross en masse.

It is unclear exactly who is behind the scheme, but some of the migrants indicated Mexican authorities may be involved.

“We accompanied this caravan that walked for an hour in the darkest to reach the crossing point. The migrant said they were angry Mexican authorities sent them to cross into this dangerous area of the river at night,” González explained.

“Most of these people do not know how to get to the river. However, through GPS they obtain the exact location where forklift tractors raised the razor wire in October.”

Editor’s Note: The razor wire barrier installed by the State of Texas was raised by Biden administration federal agents using a forklift after a federal district judge enjoined them from cutting the wire.

GPS-guided mass crossings into Eagle Pass have become much more frequent in November as the Biden border rush rages on.

The latest large migrant group crossing into Eagle Pass continues a trend of large single migrant group crossings in recent months, reported Breitbart’s Randy Clark. On Wednesday, another large migrant group of nearly 500 mostly Venezuelan and Central American migrants crossed into Eagle Pass in one single group near the heart of the downtown area. The group also managed to breach the existing concertina wire barriers installed by the State of Texas. Together the two groups of illegal aliens brings the number of crossings just in Eagle Pass to more than 1,300 in less than 24 hours, according to a U.S. Customs and Border Protection source.

The Thanksgiving week surge has forced the Border Patrol to shut down vehicle processing at two International Border Crossing points.

Yesterday, the CBP issued a statement saying in part:

Starting at 3 p.m. local time, the Customs and Border Protection's Office of Field Operations will temporarily halt vehicle processing operations at Eagle Pass International Bridge 1 in Eagle Pass, Texas. Additionally, at 2 p.m. local time, vehicle processing will be scaled back in Lukeville, Arizona, to redirect personnel and aid the U.S. Border Patrol in apprehending migrants.

The statement said further that, “Stricter consequences will be applied to those lacking legal grounds to stay in the United States,” however, with Joe Biden in the White House and Alejandro Mayorkas as Secretary of Homeland Security millions of illegal aliens have been admitted to the United States with no consequences, and we don’t expect that to change.

The Capitol Switchboard is (202-224-3121), call today and tell your Senators and Representative you demand that the southern border be sealed and that Mayorkas be impeached.

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Why is this surprising? The illegal immigrants were wearing Biden shirts . . . !

Nothing this administration does is beyond belief. And the GOP seems perfectly content to go along with it.

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