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In Memoriam: Ralph Z. Hallow

Our old friend Ralph Z. Hallow went home to his savior on Saturday, October 17. Passing

away at age 82, Ralph’s career as an observer, commentator and intellectual powerhouse in the conservative movement spanned some 60-years.

In their remembrance of Ralph the Washington Times noted, he served on the editorial boards of the Washington Times, the Chicago Tribune and Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, and was a celebrated fixture on the Washington, D.C., journalism scene, known for his gregarious personality, unstoppable drive and sharp sense of humor.

“Back when I first got here, you didn’t see Ralph when you entered the newsroom. You heard him,” said TWT president Christopher Dolan at the 35th anniversary gala of the Washington Times. “Ralph’s booming voice and colorful language rose above the newsroom’s din as he worked the phone. It was a sight to hear.”

Ralph came into journalism during what will be looked back upon as its golden age – and there were a lot of colorful characters covering politics in DC back then – but what we especially loved about Ralph, beside his wit and bonhomie, was his willingness to catch and call out the Republican Party’s fake conservatives, like the late President George H.W. Bush.

President George H.W. Bush referred to him as the “horrible fellow” in his taped diaries, and once gave him a fake karate chop as he boarded the plane while covering the 1988 campaign.

“Bush often thought I was hard on him. I presume he thought that was somewhat unfair because The Times — a conservative and Republican newspaper, in his view — should be kind to him,” Hallow wrote in a 2017 column. “I tried not to let him get away with nonsense, pulling the wool over people’s eyes.”

To give you some ideas of Ralph Hallow’s wit, beyond the everyday reporting of his columns, you have only to look to the titles of two of his books: 200 Reasons Not To Vote For Bill Clinton and Presidential Follies: Famous Americans Who Would Be President- And Some Who Should Think Again!

In Ralph Z. Hallow we found a kindred spirit in our quest not to let politicians – but especially Republicans who claim to be conservatives – “get away with nonsense” or “pulling the wool over people’s eyes.”

We extend our deepest condolences to Ralph’s wife, our good friend Millie Hallow, an important figure in conservative politics in her own right; Millie, you have our prayers and best wishes during this difficult time.

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