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In Memoriam: Rich Higgins

It is with the profoundest sadness that I report the passing of our friend Rich Higgins, author of the must-read book “The Memo” and Director for Strategic Planning of the National Security Council staff under President Donald Trump.

A U.S. Army veteran, Rich was one of the bravest men I’ve ever met. Smart, strategic, and driven Rich formed the Department of Defense’s Irregular Warfare Support program office in 2004 and served as the organization’s first program manager. He understood irregular warfare like few others, and I consider my notes from our many conversations as near-Biblical texts explaining what has been going on in our country since Barack Obama was elected president in 2008 and where we are headed in the future.

Rich held a Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering from Tufts and a Masters Degree in Strategic Security from the National War College. An accomplished professional in a field that is always in demand among Washington D.C. alphabet agencies Rich could have made a very comfortable living as a contractor, operator, or corporate executive. Instead, he, along with General Mike Flynn, hoisted the pirate flag and joined-up with the Trump campaign to educate and mold the views of the outsider presidential candidate.

When he was appointed to the Trump National Security Council staff, he was one of the first to sound the alarm about the efforts of the Deep State to undermine and thwart the Trump agenda.

Eventually, Rich put down in a memo what he saw: The "deep state" attacking the Trump administration because the president represented a threat to the DC establishment of cultural Marxists, Islamists, globalists, and their allies among bankers and international businesses – and the Republican establishment.

Here’s a link to the text of the seven-page memo and a somewhat biased, but still useful, overview of the circumstances of its disclosure and how Rich was forced out of the NSC staff.

What was interesting then and is tragedy now is that no one ever said what Rich Higgins said in “The Memo” was wrong or tried to rebut it – they simply tried to sweep “The Memo” and Rich under the rug.

But Rich Higgins would not be silenced or swept under the rug.

In addition to writing “The Memo” Rich formed (with Steve Coughlin) Unconstrained Analytics, a 501(c)(3) dedicated to the analysis of enemy threat doctrines. And he took his expertise on the road to educate patriotic Americans about the “color revolution” going on right before their eyes here in America.

We were honored to work with Rich on several projects, including distribution of the must-read Citizen’s Guide to Insurrection and Violence. That booklet by Unconstrained Analytics is a guide for all citizens who are concerned with the chaos and violence occurring on the streets of America, regardless of political outlook.

The insight Rich Higgins and his colleague Steve Coughlin share in Citizen’s Guide to Insurrection and Violence is that we are under attack by an ‘insurgency syndicate’ employing unconventional warfare tactics. The North American Insurgency Syndicate (NAIS) is currently gaining strength and they are on the offensive, wrote Higgins and Coughlin.

Courtesy of our friend Kevin Freeman at The Economic War Room here are clips of Rich sharing his insights:

20 Years Inside the Deep State

and the Economic Battle Plan™: 10/22/20. EP110, The Memo, Rich Higgins, Download Economic Battle Plan™

Rich also gave prescient warnings in another episode. Here’s are YouTube clips and the Battle Plan:

Violence in your city next? Get the Citizen’s Guide to Insurrection and Violence

and the Battle Plan: 09/24/20, EP106, Citizen's Guide - Rich Higgins, Download Economic Battle Plan™

It is too long for an epitaph, but this short paragraph sums-up the Rich Higgins I knew and whose memory and wisdom I cherish:

…if well-meaning citizens do nothing – do not recognize the danger, do not vote, do not volunteer at polling locations, do not influence others, do not prepare for their own defense, and do not push back against enemies of the Republic, then they are ceding space and power to the insurgents. The consequence of citizen inaction, at this perilous moment, is to put at risk the Constitution, our way of life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. If law-abiding patriots across the country do not take prudent action, if they remain subdued and silent, then our nation will be fundamentally altered and cease to function as a republic.

Rich died after a year-long fight against a severe case of COVID-19, which saw him battle through multiple organ failure and seemingly survive an organ transplant only to succumb to a heart attack just when his doctors thought he was out of the woods.

Rich leaves behind a wife and four young children. There’s a GoFundMe page for Rich’s family at I’ve contributed, and I hope you will too.

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It’s people like him that destroyed & divided our country. He helped spread hate lies racism & his cancer.

Gefällt mir
Antwort an

LOL! Same leftist tripe...."divided"...blah blah, blah...."racist"....blah, blah, blah...."lies"..blah, blah, blah.... when the left has no rational argument, they, as do you, resort to mindless ad-hominems. Instead of the same ole thing, try an argument. Try refuting Rich's arguments. Your mind is a terrible thing to waste. Oh, and by the way, rational discourse is the American way - yours is the socialist way, as in, marching blindly in lockstep. Also, "liking" yourself only shows desperation in a childish manner, but, typical of leftists who have no appreciation for the greatness of the "American experiment".

Gefällt mir

Gentlemen, we lost a great Patriot, analyst, and uncompromising friend. I only got to exchange e-mails with Rich after he and Steve wrote the excellent expose on the ANTIFA beginnings, although my brother Kelly was privy to talk with him several times.

Please keep up the great work you are doing, and we all pray that the Divine Hand of Providence will again be placed on our great Republic if we stand up.

GOD Bless

John A. "Sandy" Pidgeon, D.Ed.Min, LCDR USN SEAL (ret)

Gefällt mir
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