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Is A Sophisticated Spy Plane Monitoring The Arizona Forensic Audit?

Several independent journalists, including our friends at the Gateway Pundit, have reported

that the Phoenix police department has deployed a sophisticated spy plane to vacuum-up information from the site of the forensic audit of the 2020 Arizona presidential election.

So, just so you can wrap your head around what appears to be going on – if true what these reports indicate is that the City of Phoenix police department may be spying on the Arizona State Senate, because that’s who is conducting the audit.

Joe Hoft, writing for the Gateway Pundit reports that there appears to have been several days of activity near the Arizona Coliseum, where the audit is taking place, by the Phoenix police department using multiple aircraft.

The most capable of these aircraft is a Pilatus PC12NG that operates out of the Phoenix police department base at Deer Valley Airport.

A tricked-out PC-12 aircraft, military designation U-28A Draco, has full motion video capability and can vacuum up cell phone transmissions and follow the connection to the other end of the call to find out intelligence on the other party involved.

These aircraft were used heavily in the Middle East against terrorists.

There is no information on what U.S. government agency might be using the aircraft to spy on American citizens working for election integrity.

Creative Destruction Media has a source on the ground tracking the plane, but so far the facts as to what the plane is doing or who tasked the mission are non-existent.

However, CD Media did link to an interesting article about the military – natsec agencies use of the PC-12 aircraft.

Here are some key quotes from the article, which you can read in its entirety through this link.

The exact intelligence, surveillance, and reconnaissance (ISR) capabilities of the U-28A are unknown and not all of the aircraft share the same configuration, different iterations of which have appeared over the years. It is known that the majority of the aircraft have a sensor turret with electro-optical and infrared cameras, as well as signals intelligence systems to geo-locate and monitor hostile communications and other emitters. There are also reports that some of the aircraft may have a synthetic aperture radar imaging capability.

In recent years, AFSOC has been upgrading the U-28As to a configuration known publicly only as EQ+. This update includes the addition of new sensor turret with a high-definition, multi-spectral imaging full-motion video camera, which also offers better stand-off range, according to Pentagon budget documents. This allows the aircraft to fly at higher altitudes and otherwise operate further away from its target, reducing risks to the plane's crew and potentially making it less likely that the subject or subjects of interest would even be aware they're under surveillance.

In addition, despite their diminutive size, the U-28As have an extensive communications and data-sharing suite. This allows them to push the information they gather back to command centers for further exploitation or straight to personnel on the ground, all in near real-time.

Given the worldwide popularity of the PC-12 on the commercial market, the U-28As can also typically keep a lower profile when deployed abroad to support sensitive missions. Some of the planes have even flown with civilian-style paint jobs, rather than the standard AFSOC two-tone gray scheme, in order to be particularly discreet.

The service had also purchased a number of commercial PC-12s, not to be confused with the U-28As, for "non-standard" missions alongside the C-145As and C-146As. Further confusing matters, the U.S. military also hired private contractors to fly modified PC-12s with ISR equipment in support of various shadowy missions…

Now just to be clear – we don’t know what the capabilities of the Phoenix Police Department’s PC-12 might be. Nobody has confirmed the tail number as of this writing, so we’re not even sure the plane circling the Coliseum IS the Phoenix police department’s PC-12 or if it belongs to a federal agency or contractor.

But one thing is for certain – something strange is going on in Phoenix if ANY plane is circling the Coliseum while the forensic audit is going on, and if the plane is a highly sophisticated surveillance aircraft operated by a federal agency or contractor then Americans must demand to know what it is doing there and who sent it.

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