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Is Hillary Clinton About To Make A Comeback?

When we saw the news that the “Clinton Global Initiative” was about to reboot our first reaction was that the Clintons never miss a grift, and that the Russian invasion of Ukraine was bound to unleash billions more in aid money than the paltry six or seven billion they siphoned off from their Haiti “initiative.”

However, the more we’ve been watching the Indian signs the more it looks to us like Mrs. Clinton is preparing the ground for a political comeback.

So, let’s review some of the scents and shifts in the breeze that led us to that conclusion.

The first and most interesting is the New York Times article acknowledging that the Hunter Biden “laptop from Hell” really did belong to Hunter Biden and that third parties have verified at least some of the documents on it. This admission was in an article rehashing Hunter’s legal difficulties over taxes and various other financial irregularities.

So, cui bono – who benefits?

Possibly Kamala Harris benefits, but certainly Hillary Clinton and the Clinton machine are not afraid of her after her 0% showing in the Democratic Primaries and her cringeworthy performances during her non-border trip to the border, her various trips to Europe and her “point person” role on the border crisis.

As our social media friends @shipwreckedcrew put it in a tweet:

HRC and the Clinton cabal are among the forces moving against Joe. The NYT story and the digging into Hunter's foibles is setting the foundation for HRC to announce she's primarying Joe after the Nov. elections. They aren't afraid of Kamala.

And the ever-wise Roger Kimball offered this analysis on American Greatness suggesting Joe Biden is on his way out:

The news is full not only of stories about the New York Times fessing up, sort of, about the contents of Hunter’s laptop, but also of stories about how Hunter is likely to be indicted for tax fraud. In one sense, that is not news. I wrote about it at the end of 2020 when Hunter announced, sotto voce, that he had been informed that he was being investigated by the tax authorities. But in another sense, I suspect, that news, like the revelation from the New York Times that, what do you know, all that stuff about Hunter’s laptop was on the level, like Joe Biden’s bizarre suggestion a couple of days ago that “everybody knows somebody” who has taken nude pictures of some lover and then used them to “blackmail” the person—all that has a different valence now that the Biden Administration is seriously underwater and there are no lifelines in evidence.

What’s really got Joe on his way out observed Mr. Kimball, is not his complete and utter incompetence, but the fact that that incompetence is about to cost his handlers their political power, an intolerable occurrence that cannot, under any circumstances be allowed to happen.

Obviously, if Biden is being prepped for ejection Kamala will have to be dealt with first, and she will be, concluded Mr. Kimball.

And then there are the actions of Hillary herself.

Mrs. Clinton returned to the national stage recently as she spoke at the New York State Democratic convention, ostensibly in support of Kathy Hochul’s nomination for governor. What followed was not a speech for New York, but to the nation — and it was aimed at a familiar foe, observed Richard Hall of the UK’s Independent.

“I know many of us hoped that defeating Trump would start to heal our divisions, that maybe, just maybe, the madness would break. But now it should be clear to all of us that the struggle for unity and democracy is far from over,” she said.

“It is one thing to have political disagreements, those are natural and healthy. But it is an entirely different thing altogether to lose a shared sense of truth, facts and reality itself.”

Could there be a more obvious set-up for another battle with Donald Trump?

Mr. Hall reported that on the convention floor following her speech, there was widespread support for Mrs. Clinton, as one might expect at such an event. But what do they think about Hillary 2024?

“If she wants to run I’ll be right behind her, but right now I’m focusing on 2022 and I think she is too,” one attendee told Mr. Hall.

After the New York Democratic Convention Hillary Clinton laughed and said 'no' when asked if she would consider running for the White House again.

However, as The Hill’s Joe Concha observed, Hillary Clinton always seemed to believe the mantle of "First Female President" was her birthright. And given how pathetic the field is on the Democratic side with or without Joe Biden and Kamala Harris, she looks like she is preparing to seize the chance their abysmal poll numbers offer.

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3 תגובות

Hillary must 'assume' that there will be a collective amnesia on the part of this country's voters should she 'choose' to run again. The woman is intolerably self-absorbed. The scandal behind HER attempt to sink Donald Trump through the "Russian collusion caper" has not yet been 'aired out'. The charade of the Clinton Foundation is another subject ripe for exposure along with little tidbits like the Haiti swindle. Oh, Hillary, please DO run and get squashed in the manner you richly deserve and have earned over your political life.


22 במרץ 2022

When your party's ideology extends only so far as affirmative action, diversity, and social "justice" can take turns out that the wicked witch of Benghazi is the best you've got. The country dodged that bullet once before. I'm pretty sure we can do so again...Run, Killary, run.


Mike M
Mike M
22 במרץ 2022

The Satanic old Communist witch sold her soul to the devil in exchange for the Oval Office and she's bound and determined to collect.

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