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Is The Pandemic Over? Democrats Seem Confused

FLASH: California's Democrat Governor Gavin Newsom's administration announced a new indoor mask mandate that will start Wednesday and last until Jan. 15. When the discovery of the Midterm Election Variant, also known as the Omicron Variant, of the Wuhan virus was announced we predicted that Democrats would use it to continue to justify their despotic mandates and to again waive election integrity laws.

And true to form New York Governor Kathy Hochul announced a new indoor mask mandate to begin yesterday. Hochul’s order requires a mask or vaccine proof inside all businesses.

“The pandemic is still here,” Rachel Abbott, a spokesperson for Yuba County, California, said. “We still have community members dying. It’s still very real.”

And the Biden administration has extended the requirement to wear a mask on airplanes, rail travel, and public transportation. And even as federal courts continue to strike down his business vaccination mandate, Biden has doubled down and demanded businesses follow the mandate anyway.

And this list doesn’t begin to account for the many Democrat-run jurisdictions and Left-leaning school districts, colleges, universities, and other institutions that have mask and vaccine mandates.

However, Colorado’s Democrat Gov. Jared Polis seems to disagree. Polis declared the COVID-19 pandemic “over.”

‘The emergency is over,’ according to Polis, who explained on Public Radio’s Colorado Matters on Friday that vaccines have changed the COVID-19 landscape, rendering masks useful but not required in the state’s fight against the pandemic. The Democrat Governor spoke about why he favors vaccination over mask mandates, despite many metro counties having implemented their own mandates to help control the spread of the virus. “Public health [officials] don’t get to tell people what to wear; that's just not their job,” the Polis said.

“The emergency is over,” he then declared, adding that “you don’t tell people to wear a jacket when they go out in winter and force them to [wear it]. If they get frostbite, it’s their own darn fault.”

Polis’s comments sounded more like a grudging recognition of the Rocky Mountain State’s libertarian “don’t tell me what to do” political bent than an actual scientific or medical assessment, especially given his graceless follow-up that, “Everybody had more than enough opportunity to get vaccinated… Those who get sick, it's almost entirely their own darn fault.”

However, other Democrats in Colorado weren’t getting the Governor’s message.

The Epoch Times reports new COVID restrictions were implemented in several Denver-area counties, including one that mandates businesses to require masks indoors or require customers to provide proof of vaccination for COVID-19, just like New York.

And around the country other Democrat-run jurisdictions continue to enforce arbitrary and capricious COVID restrictions, here’s a list of some of the more ridiculous ones:

In California - The Los Angeles County health department has ordered individuals age 2 and up to wear masks in indoor public settings within its jurisdiction (including public gatherings and in public and private businesses). As of Aug. 19, the county extended the mask requirement to outdoor mega events, such as festivals and concerts. The city of Berkeley reinstated a mask mandate. Individuals over age 2 must wear a mask in indoor public spaces, regardless of vaccination status.

San Francisco Mayor London Breed announced that certain indoor businesses, such as restaurants and gyms, must obtain proof of full vaccination from customers and employees before allowing them to enter. Vaccination verification is also required for indoor events if crowds are larger than 1,000.

In Connecticut - New Haven Mayor Justin Elicker has mandated that individuals wear a mask in indoor public areas, regardless of their vaccination status. Masks are required in private indoor businesses and places of employment where social distancing cannot be maintained.

In Illinois - As of Aug. 30, individuals 2 and older, regardless of vaccination status, must wear a mask in indoor public places, such as restaurants, gyms and grocery stores.

In Maryland - Baltimore Mayor Brandon Scott announced that the health commissioner issued a mask mandate for the city. Individuals must wear a mask in indoor public spaces, regardless of vaccination status.

In Minnesota - Minneapolis Mayor Jacob Frey and St. Paul Mayor Melvin Carter issued a mask mandate for all employees and visitors (regardless of vaccination status) to city-owned buildings.

In New Mexico - Democrat Gov. Michelle Lujan Grisham announced the health department had issued a public health order that re-implements a mask mandate. Individuals 2 and older must wear a mask in indoor public places, regardless of vaccination status.

In Oregon - Masks are still required indoors in all public spaces for individuals 5 and up, regardless of vaccination status.

In Pennsylvania - Philadelphia will require proof of vaccination against COVID-19 to enter any indoor space that sells food and drink for consumption onsite, city officials announced the mandate Monday, Dec. 12, 2021, the new mandate for restaurants and bars will begin Jan. 3, 2022.

In Washington - Regardless of vaccination status, individuals 5 and older must wear a mask when inside public spaces or at large outdoor events with 500 people or more.

Democrats aren’t following the science or managing the COVID virus as an endemic disease. Instead, they are managing it as a political problem, with the more politically astute Democrats, such as Colorado’s Democrat Governor Jared Polis, recognizing that voters can see through science-free arbitrary and capricious mask and vaccine mandates and are not likely to vote for the candidates of the party demanding them.

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Even the military is following these political guidelines. Last week masks were optional in military commissaries. This week they are required. As anyone who is aware knows, masks are a waste of time against a virus. All they do is restrict breathing. The required wearing of masks is purely a matter of control over people and has nothing to do with health.

Replying to

If the Deep State has their way, we'll be wearing masks for ever.


John Cheves
John Cheves
Dec 15, 2021

“The pandemic is still here,” “We still have community members dying. It’s still very real.”

Same with the flu, pneumonia, and cancer, and we're not shutting the country down over them. We have a real epidemic of obesity related diseases such as diabetes, and these same liberals have no problem with that issue anymore. They aren't trying to influence people's behavior to combat obesity. In fact, they have no plan at all for dealing with it, even though it kills far, far more people than COVID does.

For the liberal establishment, COVID is clearly a political, rather than a health issue.

Replying to

Unfortunately, "We the People" are now "We the Sheeple." If today's citizenry was around in 1775-76, we'd be singing "God Save the Queen" before ball games.


Over? Now I'm confused, as it NEVER started for me. I have ignored mandate, rule and restriction from the start! Never wore a mask, changed nothing about my everyday life, as there was no pandemic, just cold and flu season, which seems to roll around every year, imagine that! I go where I want, when I want, stores and even the bank, no mask, just as everyone else should be doing and I live in California! Compliance is surrender to tyranny!

Replying to

A liquor store once refused me service because I was maskless. Another customer had complained. I am 64 and disabled. I complied, got my beer, and left. I did not feel like dealing with the police--which had been threatened by the other customer. So resistance may not always be too easy.


Democrats confused? Not likely. If they have their way, this pandemic will never end. This is all about power.

Replying to

Fact is, they have already stated officially that it is over!

With all the people dropping dead from the jab, all the heart conditions, they decided to call it "Post Pandemic Stress Syndrome", in an effort to obfuscate the fact that the jab is killing people. Get it, "Post" as in after, they admit it is over!

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