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Joe Biden’s Despicable Lies About 9/11

Updated: Sep 13, 2020

The New York Post's Ebony Bowden reminded us in an article you read through this link just what a despicable piece of human trash Joe Biden really is. And how the establishment media has covered for him with the “that’s just Joe” smokescreen.

As Ms. Bowden documented in her article, Biden for years falsely claimed in interviews that he predicted the 9/11 terror attacks and a possible strike on the White House in a speech delivered the day before terrorists flew planes into the Twin Towers.

On Sept. 10, 2001, the then-senator from Delaware gave a foreign policy speech at Washington, DC’s National Press Club in which he complained about the Bush administration’s spending on a missile defense system, warning that an anthrax or other biological attack was more likely.

“The real threat comes to this country in the hold of a ship, the belly of a plane, or smuggled into a city in the middle of the night in a vial in a backpack,” Biden said.

But when al Qaeda terrorists hijacked four planes the following morning and killed 2,977 Americans, Biden began claiming he predicted the attack.

He did no such thing, wrote Ms. Bowden. During the hour-long speech, Biden mentioned terrorism only three times — twice in reference to biological terrorism.

But in an interview with ABC News just hours after the Twin Towers fell, Biden, then chairman of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee, said he warned that planes could be hijacked and flown into buildings like the White House.

“Literally as recently as yesterday, I spoke to the National Press Club and talked about the fact that it is just as easy to fly from National Airport into the White House as it is to, you know, do the same thing in New York,” Biden said.

He repeated this claim for years, boasting that he “warned about a massive attack on the United States of America from terrorists,” and that he “wasn’t clairvoyant” but “knew what everybody else knew.”

And as Ms. Bowden documented Biden even repeated the disgusting self-promotional lie in remarks on the Senate floor delivered in 2006.

Not only was Biden lying about predicting 9/11, but post 9/11 he has never identified who the “terrorists” are and what ideology motivated them, indeed he has consistently opposed naming Islamism as the reason for 9/11 and run cover for Islamists here in America and Islamist regimes abroad, such as 9/11 coconspirator Iran.

Moreover, Biden has embraced the Muslim Brotherhood, CAIR and other Muslim terrorist apologists and promoted the fallacious narrative that immigration from Jihadist hotspots carries no threat to the United States. "I will end the Muslim ban on day one," Biden told attendees of the Million Muslim Votes Summit, an online conference hosted by the nation's largest Muslim-American political group. "Day one. And I will work with Congress to pass hate crimes legislation like the Jabara-Heyer No Hate Act and the End Racial and Religious Profiling Act."

"I think he has been wrong on nearly every major foreign policy and national security issue over the past four decades,” former Defense Secretary Robert Gates said of Biden.

And just like Biden isn’t done lying about his prediction of 9/11 attack, and excusing and covering for the many Muslim plots and attacks perpetrated here since, he isn’t done being wrong about the foreign policy and national security threat Islamism presents to constitutional liberty and Western Civilization.

As events since 9/11/2001 have shown, the war isn’t over there, it is right here, and it shows no sign of abating because politicians like Joe Biden continue to bring its soldiers into our country.

Since September 11, 2001 more than 3 million Muslims have been allowed into our country and the number of radicalizing mosques and Islamist Imams – many funded by the Islamist sympathizing governments of Turkey, the Gulf States and Saudi Arabia – has risen accordingly.

Democrat politicians like Joe Biden refuse to acknowledge that Islamism – not “terrorism” – is the ideology behind 9/11, and establishment Republicans cower under their desks when anyone speaks the truth about Islamism, lest they be accused of Islamophobia. The only national leader who has consistently shown that he understands that the war Islam declared on the West is still hot is President Donald J. Trump. There is only one candidate in this election who will protect our homeland from another 9/11 level Islamist attack – vote Donald J. Trump for President.

George Rasley, editor of Richard Viguerie's,has lived, worked and traveled extensively throughout the Muslim world.A member of American MENSA, he served on the staff of Vice President Dan Quayle, as Director of Policy and Communication for Congressman Adam Putnam (FL-12) then Vice Chairman of the Oversight and Government Reform Committee's Subcommittee on National Security and Foreign Affairs, and as spokesman for Rep. Mac Thornberry former Chairman of the House Armed Services Committee. He was at his desk in the Cannon House Office building when the U.S. Capitol complex was evacuated on September 11, 2001.

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