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Join the Fight to Stop the Democrat Lawfare Against Patriots Like Mike Roman

Our friend Amanda Milius (@AmandaMilius) posted a lengthy tweet on X reminding us of

the plight of Georgia patriot Mike Roman. Mr. Roman is one of those caught-up in corrupt Democrat Fulton County DA Fani Willis’s political persecution of former President Donald Trump and those who participated in his challenge of the flawed 2020 Georgia presidential election results.


As Ms. Milius posted:


If you haven’t seen the news about Mike Roman recently, you need to.


He was indicted in Fulton County, Georgia, & his legal defense team ID’d potential misconduct by the prosecution for using taxpayer dollars for personal expenses, such as luxury cruises, etc. If true, that could amount to fraud and / or a conflict of interest under the state’s rules of professional conduct.


Mike has been fighting back against the weaponized judicial system that so many public servants have been forced to deal with since 2021.  He was also subpoenaed by both the U.S. J6 Committee & DOJ.


Mike has a solid record of public service, promoting conservative principles.  He served as the chief of staff to a Congressman and  as a senior official in President Trump’s White House. He is a devout Roman Catholic & a father of eight.


Mike has been subject to pure lawfare. The process IS the punishment, as usual, and it's intended to financially devastate him & his family, and keep him off the playing field at a time when the conservative movement urgently needs its most capable fighters.


Tragically, these legal battles have depleted Mike’s savings, caused endless strife to him & his family, and have impaired his ability to contribute to conservative causes.


This is where PPO’s (@personnelpolicy) Courage Under Fire Legal Defense Fund steps in.


Their message is simple: “We will stand by conservative public servants targeted by these lawfare attacks.  We will not be demoralized. We will not shrink from service. We will not stop telling the truth. We are still fighting, and we invite all Americans to join us in this time of urgent need. We must stand in solidarity with patriotic former public servants like Mike.


Please join us to help Mike and others in his position by donating here to help Courage Under Fire Legal Defense Fund preserve justice”.


As CHQ Chairman Richard A Viguerie has long-argued – personnel is policy.


And the lawfare against former Trump administration officials, such as Mike Roman, is a transparent tactic by Democrats intended to intimidate and dissuade capable and competent individuals from serving in a future Trump administration or any other conservative administration.


Please donate anything you can through this link or at least share and RT asked Amanda Milius.

I’m in for $100 please join me by clicking this link and donating whatever you can to help keep conservative public servants like Mike Roman from being ruined by Democrat lawfare.

About the Courage Under Fire Legal Defense Fund


Personnel Policy Operations, Inc. recognizes that “personnel is policy” and aims to educate and defend conservative, America First civil servants and their advisors.


It seeks to provide support for individuals interested in public service by creating a community that can share best practices with current and future officials, to educate and train individuals about public service opportunities and how they may be an impactful public servant, and to provide resources to these public servants and their advisors, such as legal defense.


Public servants need tangible assistance in order to advance an America First agenda.


A safety net and support network of individuals is fundamental to ensuring the success of America First public servants.


Personnel Policy Operations, Inc. is an IRS-approved section 501(c)(3) public charity. Your donation to Personnel Policy Operations, Inc. is tax-deductible to the extent allowed by law. Additional information regarding the programs and activities of Personnel Policy Operations, Inc. and a copy of the organization’s most recent financial statement can be made available upon request.


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