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Kamala Harris now 'underwater' sinking popularity alarms Democrats

It turns out you have to go overseas to get accurate polling on Democrats, as an Economist/YouGov poll virtually unreported in America, shows Democrat Vice President

Kamala Harris’s public approval numbers tanking.

Kamala Harris has become the most unpopular US vice president six months into an administration since at least the 1970s, according to the UK Telegraph’s analysis of the poll.

Two recent polls both showed 46 per cent of Americans approved of Ms. Harris, with 47 per cent and 48 per cent disapproving.

Of the 48 per cent in the Economist/YouGov poll who viewed the vice president "unfavorably," the vast majority [40 per cent] said they did so "very unfavorably." Ms. Harris has alienated some Hispanic voters by telling people from Central America "Do not come" to the US, while also infuriating conservatives and some independents by taking many weeks to physically visit the border.

According to the Telegraph’s reporting alarmed Democrat strategists are grappling with the Vice President's floundering poll numbers which show she is now "underwater," meaning more Americans disapprove, than approve, of her job performance.

Nick Allen, US Editor of The Telegraph, reports the White House intends to deploy her only in certain areas to campaign ahead of next year's midterm Congressional elections, and will attempt to raise her profile by sending her on foreign trips in the coming months.

One of the most concerning elements for the White House is Ms. Harris's unpopularity among young people.

An Economist/YouGov poll found 41 per cent of voters aged 18-29 had an "unfavorable" view of Ms. Harris, with only 36 per cent viewing her "favorably." As noted above, Ms. Harris is also struggling with Hispanic voters, possibly due to her role leading US border policy.

Ahead of the midterm elections it is expected she will not be sent to campaign in the key border state of Arizona, reported Mr. Allen.

As part of its plan to boost Ms. Harris's standing, the White House announced that next month she would become the first US vice president to visit Vietnam, in a move aimed at raising pressure on China.

Professor Larry Sabato, Director of the University of Virginia's Center for Politics, said: "Biden has given her some very tough assignments - immigration and voting rights - but she hasn't helped herself, she's made some mistakes, like not going to the border."

He said before Ms. Harris was selected as Mr. Biden's running mate "outside of California nobody knew who the hell she was. If you know nothing about somebody it's hard to have high favorable."

The only way for Ms. Harris to turn things around was to "take one of those two big issues Biden has given her and make it a big success.

"She has to find, her staff, Biden have to find something she can play a key role in that will transform her image and then build on that."

We have a substantially different take on Kamala Harris’s image troubles, and it one based on actually working to craft candidate images in over 300 campaigns, as opposed to merely observing, as most pundits do.

The reason Kamala Harris is unliked is that she is unlikable. Period.

As we wrote back in 2018:

California’s Far Left Senator Kamala Harris has also distinguished herself as one of the Democratic Party’s least civil members, indeed she has made incivility a central part of her political brand.

As National Review contributor Jonathan S. Tobin noted, “Harris may lack the talent to fulfill her not-so-secret desire to emulate Barack Obama by parlaying a single unfinished term in the Senate into a successful presidential bid. But there’s no question that on the strength of these [Senate Intelligence Committee] hearings, she can lay claim to a style that is the future of American politics: Her combination of incivility, bullying, and victimhood makes her the perfect reflection of our current moment.”

Few voters outside college campuses and the liberal Twitterverse are attracted to angry feminists, sneering liberal arrogance, smug elite condescension, Hillary Clinton-style flip-floppers and scary socialist commissars – which pretty well sums-up Kamala Harris.

Our take is that the more voters see of Kamala Harris, the better it is for Republicans. We wonder after her border interview blunders how the handlers running the Biden White House can risk sending her to Vietnam, a place where memories of communist atrocities still burn in the hearts of Vietnamese refugees who settled here in America and American service members who sacrificed so much there have not forgotten it was Democrats like Kamala Harris who spit on them when they returned.

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Professor Sabato is a frequent go-to academic for opinions about political subjects. He is often way off base. In this case, he is wrong. Harris was not unknown outside of California. Her problem is that she enjoys the limelight without having to do any of the heavy lifting. In her only trip to the border, she didn't actually make it to the border. Instead, she was wined and dined by the fake Mexican, "Beto" O'Rourke at some convention hall about 1000 miles from McAllen where the worst border problems exist. She's a joke.

Me gusta

Dennis VanSandt
Dennis VanSandt
04 ago 2021

Not a surprise given she didn't even get 2% of the Democrat vote in the primary elections.

What is a surprise is that Biden's handlers chose her for the VP position.

Didn't and still doesn't make sense........

Me gusta
Contestando a

She was chosen based on ideological criteria, not political ones. They were probably counting on a fawning media to make her more acceptable to the public.

Me gusta

03 ago 2021

What percent want her lowered into a commercial meat grinder? Let's hear one last cackle, LOL!

Me gusta

R Hoeft
R Hoeft
03 ago 2021

Her popularity is going down faster than she did.

Me gusta

03 ago 2021

Yeah...she had to drop out of the primaries because the -rat base didn't even want her. The only ones I can see wanting Kommiela are the hard core feminazis, the really really ugly, detestable man-haters with arm pit hair and crew cuts.

Me gusta
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