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Kari Lake Launches Bid for AZ US Senate Seat, Gets Trump Endorsement

Arizona Republican Kari Lake in her campaign for the U.S. Senate during a launch event on

Oct. 10.

Ms. Lake was immediately endorsed by President Trump, who appeared via video link to a giant screen in front of hundreds of Lake's supporters at a hangar rally at Jet Set Magazine in Scottsdale.

After her contested defeat in the 2022 race for Arizona governor, Ms. Lake is now refocusing on capturing the U.S. Senate seat from incumbent Democrat-turned-Independent Sen. Kyrsten Sinema (I-Ariz.) in the Nov. 5, 2024 election, observed Allan Stein of the Epoch Times.

"This mama bear's got a whole lot of fight left in her," Ms. Lake told hundreds of supporters chanting "Kari!" during a hangar rally. "I'm not surrendering this hill. I'm not going to retreat."

"We're in tenuous times—we're in dangerous times," Ms. Lake said as she alluded to world events and the recent attack in Israel by the terrorist Palestinian group Hamas.

Ms. Lake blamed President Joe Biden and former President Barack Obama for helping to set the political stage for the bloody attack that left hundreds of Israelis dead or captured.

She said the same could happen in the United States as thousands of illegals pour into the country thanks to the Biden administration's open-border policy.

"Thousands of fighting-age men have crossed our southern border, and we know we have terrorists," she said.

Through an unsecured southern border, heavily armed Mexican drug cartels move "back and forth" across the Arizona border "like they own the place," Lake said.

"Guess what? They do own the place," Ms. Lake said. "The cartels own Arizona, and until we kick Joe Biden to the curb, Ruben Gallego and Kyrsten Sinema—we're not going to have a state."

"You know what he did? He came to Arizona, and he demonized Trump supporters. He called us MAGA extremists. And he called us a threat to democracy," she said. "I don't know about you, but I'm not going to let a guy trying to imprison his political opponent call me—or you—a threat to democracy."

"You, Joe, are a threat to America. And crooked Joe—you are a threat to the world."

For his part, President Trump went straight to the election irregularities that saw Lake deprived of the Governor’s office in 2022 and his own alleged defeat in Arizona’s 2020 presidential election.

"Republicans must win—and we must win very big. It's much harder for them to cheat if we do as we should. You get enough votes, and they can't cheat that badly."

"When I'm back in the White House, I'll need strong fighters like Kari for the Senate. She's a fighter, she's strong, and she's got a great heart," President Trump said.

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