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Kevin McGary: Black Virginia voters are again being disrespected by the spectacle, but ‘We see you.'

Kevin McGary: Black Virginia voters are once again being disrespected by the spectacle, but, ‘We see you.’

The entire country is looking intently at the Virginia gubernatorial upcoming race. Americans understand the significance of what’s at stake in the Virginia race and what the outcome may mean for the rest of the nation. People everywhere are ashamed of the levels of disrespect the Black community has received from Vice President Harris, Ex-President Obama and the others who have attempted to “race-bait” voters with pablum having nothing to do with the daily lives of Virginians. Not hearing messages about standing up for the safety of communities, confirming how to stand against educational schemes that undermine principled beliefs, and providing hope about how to protect against abusive and tyrannical mandates, Virginian voters instead heard platitudes and gross attempts to vilify the opposing candidate by connecting him with the caricature of a past president. This is maddening, as it insults the intelligence of the Black electorate. But now – we see you!

Virginians don’t want to be talked down to or dismissed, and demeaned and insulted by being viewed as merely “political pawns” to be used to just milk reliable votes. Especially the Black communities in Virginia are tired of being targeted only mere weeks before an election to “gin votes.” Black voters are expected to support the usual candidates while ignoring the real issues.

Virginia is facing rising homicide rates, the highest in over two decades. Virginians are having to deal with the prospects of their children being raped and the crimes being hidden and going unreported by school system and other authorities. Virginians see how their children are being literally taught to hate by teachers using some of the most radical racist curricula in the country, while parents are being told they have no right to question it. Virginians are being faced with the real threat of being targeted by the FBI and arrested for merely asking sincere questions about the curriculum of the School Board.

And more: Virginians are told to turn a blind eye to their children being taught how to masturbate, how to view porn and become sexually active. The Virginia curriculum is so radically sexualizing and vile it cannot be publicly read or viewed without being blurred out (as it was in a local newscast).

Virginians are also laboring under the reality of “Bidenomics.” The need to figure out how to deal with rising prices of gas and other survival basics will be a real challenge this winter and next year. Regrettably, Harris, Obama, Stacey Abrams, and others did not discuss these real threats to the Black community members and the real threats to their families living in communities and attending schools in Virginia.

Too often Blacks only see politicians right before an impending election. Too often Black communities get “stump speeches” that focus on maligning other candidates and the “other party” instead of hearing genuine solutions-based discussion designed to address the communities’ real needs and concerns. Too often Blacks have exhibited blind allegiance to a political party fully expecting that the promises made during these “stump speeches” would manifest. Too often we have been disappointed. But not this time! This time, we see you!

This time Virginians will stick to the real issues facing our communities. We will vote solely based on the issues that affect us and will vote solely for the candidates that have viable solutions. Virginia voters should focus on “top of mind” issues, thinking about: “If I vote for this person, what will likely happen?”

For examples:

As a parent, will I have the right to voice my candid opinion about the school curriculum without the threat of being targeted and arrested (by the FBI or other authorities)? Will I be able to confront and hold my school board accountable for any misdeeds or malfeasance (such as incidents of rape)?

Will Virginia homicide rates likely continue to climb, or will they decline under a new governor? (If the gubernatorial candidate is a “defund” law enforcement type, will that work toward our community’s needs?)

Does this candidate view parents as needing to be empowered to stand up for their children, or does he believe the State has the responsibility for children?

Will inflation and adverse economic conditions in Virginia escalate under this new governor, or does this person have the business savvy and “know-how” to mitigate economic woes affecting most of the rest of the country?

Will this gubernatorial candidate actively affirm the U.S. Bill of Rights including the Second Amendment, or will he be the conduit to help further erode these rights?

At the end of the day, Virginians are not single-issue, single-party, narrow-minded voters. Unlike those who demean Virginians (especially Black Virginians) by seeking to manipulate a voting bloc a week before an election by going to Black Churches and “dialing up” racial tropes, Every Black Life Matters (EBLM) stands up for Black Virginians and demands that those concerned about Blacks do the same! We know Blacks are tired of being targeted with empty promises and being used as political pawns. We, like you, see them. We, like you, reject them. Until they stop making empty promises and start delivering to the communities they’ve made sweeping promises to for decades, they deserve no further consideration. There must be no more votes for users and abusers!

EBLM says Enough! Vote for the issues that affect you, your household and your community (without consideration of party). The issues are real; the time is now.

Kevin McGary is President of Every Black Life Matters, this column appears with the kind permission of the author.

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What a terrific article! DEFINES the reality of the leftists relationship with their constituents that has existed for decades. Remember what Lyndon Johnson said many years ago during the run up the vote on the Civil Rights Act............. and I quote " if we pass this we'll have the $%##$#@ voting for us for 200 years". Factual quote, look it up.

Fact is the democrat party HAS NEVER seen the the Black community as anything other than a voting bloc to be pandered to. Promises made, yet never kept. DEMOCRATS created and grew the Welfare plantation and saddled the Black community with the outcome.

I'm glad to see that many people are seeing the light and rejecting the democrat tyranny…

Replying to

Terrific comment. Well done. For those who care and can admit to truth and reality it has been historically written, before 1619 rewrote history to suit them, that the Democratic Party was (and still is) the party of slavery. It's agenda hasn't changed in 250 years, only their methods. For the life of me, especially in this rabid cancel culture in which we are mired, I fail to see why more African Americans don't call the Dem/libs out on this. I know many won't because they are willing to sell their allegiance/vote for the promise of the 'gravy' train and their unwillingness to let go of their hate fueled by the Dems manufactured racism. Yes, racism exists here, and everywhere,…


I read an honest, excellent, and spot-on article like this and can only hope that it is also published in other forums where it can encourage and hopefully persuade those other than the 'choir' here on Conservative, Hq.

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