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Larry Hogan Joins The Pedophile Party

Over the weekend, Maryland’s Governor Larry Hogan, who inexplicably identifies as a Republican in the same way William (Lia) Thomas “identifies” as a woman, blasted Florida’s recently passed Parental Rights in Education law, and its principal advocate, Florida’s limited government constitutional conservative Republican Governor Ron DeSantis.

"I didn't really actually see the details of the legislation, but the whole thing seems like just a crazy fight," Hogan told CNN's State of the Union.

Hogan dismissed the Parental Rights in Education bill -- dubbed the 'Don't Say Gay' bill by critics -- as “absurd” and criticized DeSantis for getting into a public spat with the Walt Disney Company over the matter.

Here’s what Larry Hogan thinks is “absurd.” The bill which DeSantis signed into law this month, prohibits classroom instruction on “sexual orientation and gender identity” by teachers and other education staff for children in kindergarten through third grade.

For older grades, it mandates that discussion of such matters in the classroom are “age appropriate or developmentally appropriate.”

It also includes provisions requiring that school staff such as teachers, nurses, or guidance counselors alert parents if there's a 'change' in a student's mental health or welfare. The bill grants parents the right to sue school districts and educators who run afoul of those rules.

Setting aside what criticizing a law he hasn’t read says about Hogan’s intellect, let’s look at what Larry Hogan is advocating.

What Hogan is advocating is to allow teachers and school personnel to have unscripted talks about sex with kids aged 5-years through 8-years, when they are prime targets for pedophiles and easily impressionable for grooming and sexualization.

And he is advocating that teachers and school personnel be allowed to do this without telling parents – that it all be secret.

In adopting this position Governor Hogan put himself in the same camp as the Democrats, who are the political party of the mutilation, sexualization and grooming of our children.

People like California Democrat Rep. Pramila Jayapal who is all for Biden’s new mandate that schools promote transgender ideology and the secret sexualization of our children.

And he’s in the same political party as Disney's Far Left general entertainment president Karey Burke, the executive in charge of charge of content, claims to be the mother of " two queer children, actually, one transgender child and one pansexual child."

Burke said she supports featuring “many, many” characters who are LGBTQIA, which stands for lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, queer (or questioning), intersex, and asexual (or allies).

By the end of the year, Burke said she wants at least half of the entertainment giant’s characters to be LGBTQIA or racial minorities.

And Hogan has put himself in the same political party and Disney television’s “woke” animation executive producer Latoya Raveneau who recently gushed about Disney's “inclusivity” and boasted about “adding queerness” to shows and productions.

“Our leadership over there has been so welcoming to my not-so-secret gay agenda,” she said. “Wherever I could I was adding queerness. No one would stop me and no one was trying to stop me,” reported the UK’s Daily Mail.

You can see it for yourself in this video captured by our friend Christopher Rufo:

Mr. Rufo tweeted, I've obtained video from inside Disney's all-hands meeting about the Florida parental rights bill, in which executive producer Latoya Raveneau says her team has implemented a "not-at-all-secret gay agenda" and is regularly "adding queerness" to children's programming.

And Governor Hogan has put himself in the same political party as Judge Ketanji Brown Jackson, who has made a career of defending, excusing, and minimizing the horrors of child rape and pedophilia, including the torture of babies.

There is a pandemic of pedophilia and child abuse in our schools, and it is often being covered-up or even tacitly promoted by school personnel who try to keep secret from parents the details of how much schools sexualize children.

Over the past year, in just one smalltown newspaper, the Naples Daily News, my hometown newspaper, there have been a dozen articles about children being abused by teachers and school personnel – including the saga of teacher Hector Manley, who began molesting children on his first day on the job. In total, he molested as many as 20 children as young as age 5.

And this is who Larry Hogan and other critics of Florida’s Parental Rights in Education law want speaking to your kindergarten-age children about sex. Call Larry Hogan at 410-974-3901 or email him through this page, tell him you are disgusted with his comments in defense of the sexualization of children and support for the Pedophile Party.

George Rasley is editor of Richard Viguerie's and is a veteran of over 300 political campaigns, including every Republican presidential campaign from 1976 to 2004. A member of American MENSA, he served on the staff of Vice President Dan Quayle, and as a staff member or advance representative for some of America’s most recognized conservative political figures, including Ronald Reagan, Sarah Palin and Jack Kemp.

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Trish Jacobs
Trish Jacobs
Apr 06, 2022

Are all these people unable to read? It's apparent they don't care what the bill actually says, only what the pedos want. These 'leaders' are a joke and should be educated, at least before you say anything, find out the truth, first.


Ernst Hall
Ernst Hall
Apr 06, 2022

Larry Hogan has always been a Democrat hiding in the Republican Party. He is a danger to himself and others.


Apr 05, 2022

Maybe the ' pedos ' have a handle on Larry . We gotta look into this guy . When is he up for the Primary election ?

Replying to

Hogan is term limited so he can't run for Governor again and he has ruled out running for the Senate, he allegedly thinks he can run for President in 2024


Apr 05, 2022

Being an Independent, it's an honor not to associate myself with Republicans like Hogan, Romney, Murkowski, McConnell, and more often than not Miss Lindsey. In fact, there are too many to name, and Republicans should be ashamed that so many in their leadership lean so far left.


Mike M
Mike M
Apr 05, 2022

I wish that the RINO's like Half-Wit Hogan, Mushbrain Murchowski, Mittens Romney and Compromise Collins would have the cojones to go ahead and join the Democrat aka Communist Party and be done with it. With friends like these who needs enemies?

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