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Lawsuit Filed By IU Students Against University’s COVID Vaccine Mandate

Attorney James Bopp, Jr. said in a recent statement to CHQ that Indiana University is taking a trick from its storied basketball program—running out the clock-- in an effort to keep the

public and the federal courts in the dark about why IU mandated COVID vaccinations for all IU students or face virtual expulsion from the school. IU also does not want the public and the federal courts to know how COVID infections and vaccinations have affected IU students, attorney Bopp said in the statement.

Eight IU students filed suit in federal court in Ft. Wayne on Monday challenging IU’s Mandate. The students are seeking a temporary injunction to stop the mandate from going into effect. In addition, they have asked for IU to make public documents, which IU has so far kept secret, that reveal the reasons why IU mandated COVID vaccinations for all IU students, and how COVID infections and vaccinations have affected them.

When IU announced their Mandate, they did not release any of these documents. Then, almost a month ago, The Bopp Law Firm submitted a public records request to IU asking for these same documents and so far no documents have been released. And now, IU is fighting in federal court to continue to keep these documents secret. The IU students argue that the federal court needs to know why IU imposed its vaccination mandate in order to determine if it is justified under the United States Constitution.

IU, however, filed its objection to this request in federal court yesterday. IU’s opposition states that it should not have to disclose any of its secret documents until after the court hearing and that the hearing itself should be delayed. If the court sides with IU’s delaying tactics, it is likely that the court would not be able to render a decision on Plaintiffs’ constitutional claims until after school starts, forcing students to suffer the consequences of their refusal to obey IU’s draconian measures.

“IU has essentially given IU students a ‘non-choice’—decide to comply with the Mandate by August 15th or be virtually expelled from school,” states James Bopp, Jr., lead counsel for the Plaintiffs. “IU’s delay tactics are consistent with the harsh stance IU has taken on the mandate itself. IU isn’t giving students a voluntary choice on consenting to medical treatment and to protect their bodily integrity, rights all adults have. This delay will mean that IU students forfeit their constitutional rights before they can be heard in court.”

Two weeks ago, during the IU Board of Trustees meeting, many gathered to hold a protest called "Rally for Medical Freedom". NBC Fort Wayne reported Indiana University students, parents and staff gathered at the Sample Gates on campus to have the university immediately retract the mandate and drop all mask requirements and mitigation testing for Covid-19.

The lawsuit against Indiana University is another sign of the spreading grassroots rebellion against the oppressive government mandates creeping into our society under the cover of COVID-19, and through the advocacy of attorney James Bopp, Jr. students and families of Indiana University have come together to fight the University’s vaccine mandate.

Any student, who thinks their rights are violated and by Indiana University’s vaccine mandate can contact The Bopp Law Firm through the link on the website of The IU Family for Choice, not Mandates, or can email attorney James Bopp, Jr. at

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IU is a public university. They cannot legally force students to do something that might harm their health. This makes me wonder, what if they were attempting to impose some restriction on a BLM group or an LGBTQ group or any other group? Would they be allowed to get away with it?

Replying to

I'm sure they know that. That's why they gamed the system to make it so that even if the students won the lawsuit it would be after the semester started. Which then begs the question, why the urgency to get all these young , healthy (as a group) people to take a vaccine that is likely more dangerous to them than the virus? And to your second point, they wouldn't even try, and would most likely bend over backards until their heads, well, let's just say they would accomodate those groups. Which again begs another question, why do they push that stuff so much? (Of course, we already know the answers, don't we.)


Jun 25, 2021

Young people should NOT put that experimental poison into their bodies PERIOD!!!

Replying to

There was a virologist on the Ingram Angle the other night that said no one under the age of 30 should take the vaccine.


I would be willing to bet that there are or will be more health problems from the side effects of the vaccine than from COVID-19 in that age group. Maybe this is what those documents IU wants to keep secret would reveal.

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