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Let's play 'spot the peaceful protester'

The entire world seems to have pivoted to utter insanity. Historical standards of decorum have been turned upside-down. Now societies worldwide have devolved such that

ideologues are describing truly peaceful protests as hateful, insurrectionist riots while they embrace actual hateful, insurrectionist violent riots as noble and virtuous "peaceful protests." How do we reorient our minds to comprehend this arcane and incomprehensible path to tyranny?

During the protests and riots of 2020 (in response to George Floyd's death), violent rage took to the streets of almost every major city. George Floyd, to coin a phrase, was all the rage! Thousands raged by looting businesses, fires raged as businesses were burned to the ground, and hostilities raged as rioters unleashed violent acts of hateful fury on city government buildings and anyone in law enforcement. Yet countless blatant acts of unfettered rage, violence, and criminality were deemed "peaceful protests."

Even though many were captured on camera committing crimes, comparatively few people were arrested. "Legacy media," pundits, and race-baiting apologists wanted and expected Americans nationwide to participate in mass self-deception. They hoped we would deceive ourselves by believing that we were not actually observing what we observed. They wished we would cast off logic, reason, prudence, and history of observable truths and definitions to embrace a mass illusion that the looting and violence we witnessed were in fact noble, virtuous "peaceful protests."

Despite billions of dollars lost in aggregated revenue, property damage, and thousands of human causalities (including many deaths), the "neo-peaceful protest" movement still receives credit as altogether peaceful!

Is this just an expansion of the definition of "peaceful protest"? Well, not quite. It's a complete redefinition — a redefinition both disorienting and nonsensical.

The definition of peaceful protests used to refer to mass marches and chants of dissatisfaction (while unarmed). Many Americans don't realize that that definition exactly describes the protesters in D.C. on January 6, 2021. They were unarmed as they marched toward the Capitol buildings, chanting displeasure with the presidential election outcome. Media and commentators called this group "hateful," "White Supremacists," and insurrectionists.

That's funny. The D.C. protesters didn't topple statues, they didn't set buildings on fire, they didn't set upon onlookers and demand a salute, and they didn't loot or interfere with private businesses at all. Yet those actually peaceful protestors are universally targeted, condemned, and prosecuted by the FBI, CIA, Capitol Police, and judges. True, some in this group did enter Capitol grounds and have been charged with "trespassing." Still, compared to the fully armed, violent rioting and looting "neo-peaceful protesters" in 2020, this cadre of protesters was entirely benign. Like something out of Orwell's 1984, the disproportional treatment between these two groups is grotesque!

The takeaway point: Of all deceptions, the worst is self-deception, because it robs the soul of dignity and integrity. Every Black Life Matters (EBLM) rejects the current disorienting paradigm that inclines toward self-deception and progressivism. Building a civil society that wholly respects liberty and freedoms for everyone requires "blind justice" and holding everyone accountable to the same (equal) standards. A just and free society cannot survive the rejection of concepts and terminology that underpin historical norms, replacing them with progressivist schemes and ideals. All lives are impacted when we see gross inconsistencies in upholding laws and justice, and all lives matter!

EBLM stands with all actual peaceful protests (as historically defined). We stand with J6 protesters and those currently and unjustly imprisoned (many just due to their proximity to capital buildings). We also share solidarity with Canadian and American truckers who simply seek to maintain personal dignity and bodily autonomy without government mandates. Bodily autonomy is the epitome of true liberty and freedom and must not be relinquished, regardless of government hostility.

Please stand with us as we stand with these. Remember, historically, North America represented a rejection of tyranny, embracing instead "liberty and justice for all." Let's commit to rejecting progressive nonsense and get back to this vital ethic.

Kevin McGary is president and founder of Every Black Life Matters (, is an entrepreneur, author, and public speaker. Kevin serves as chairman of the Frederick Douglass Foundation of California and is an executive with the Douglass Leadership Institute and the Northstar Leadership PAC.

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