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Liz Cheney’s lonely battle to save democracy from Trump meets cruel reality

Why would the “No Labels” group want Nikki Haley when they can just as easily get Liz Cheney?

Inquiring minds want to know as it was revealed last week that the ill-defined and nebulous “No Labels” not-so-secretive collection of Never Trump Republicans and suspicious Biden Democrats had name-dropped Haley as an example of another politician who would be welcomed by their supporters as someone who would be sufficiently wishy-washy and principle free so as to run for president under their party banner. The real question is, was this a token of flattery for Ms. Haley, or a dirty insult?


From the Washington Examiner’s Julia Johnson: “Speaking with Fox News's Neil Cavuto, [former senator and Democrat vice president candidate Joseph] Lieberman noted Haley is focused on the Republican nomination but said: ‘If for some reason that didn't work out and we decided we were going to run a ticket, I think there'd be a lot of people in No Labels who would be happy to give a lot of consideration to Nikki Haley.’”


Well, I admit that I don’t often agree with anything that Lieberman has to say, but in this instance, he’s right!


Can’t you just see Haley’s “No Labels” campaign ads now? “Hi, I’m Nikki Haley, and I’m running as the ‘No Labels’ candidate for president this year (in 2024). They chose me because one, I’m a woman, two, conservative Republicans can’t stand me, and three, because I’m close enough to a Democrat ideologically that people who don’t like Joe Biden can still relate to me! I ask you for your vote in November!”


For her part, a Nikki campaign spokesman flatly denied the former U.N. Ambassador and Republican establishment candidate might be interested in defecting to the “No Labels” third party if and when she flames out from the GOP race – and is cast aside by Trump like so much useless ballast when it comes down to selecting a vice president candidate.


Most observers guess that Haley’s still vying for Trump’s veep, but short of that, would hang around and shift gears to full-on pro-Trump mode hoping the nominee/future president would toss her a cabinet appointment bone of some sort. Personally, I would appoint her as Ambassador to a small, insignificant South American country and forget that she ever existed. But that’s just me.


The buzz surrounding “No Labels” still being interested in Joe Manchin seems to have died down considerably since the West Virginian declared that he wasn’t running for reelection as a senator. The mere declaration appears to be a concession to the Republicans that they can have the seat, since if Trump is the GOP nominee next year, he’ll likely get somewhere around 75 percent of The Mountain State’s votes. Good luck battling that headwind, Democrats!


At any rate, whispers about potential third party hopefuls increased recently, as none other than arch-fiend GOP traitor Liz Cheney indicated she is considering running for president as a non-Republican next year if it looks like Trump will be the GOP’s nominee. Yes, she hates the man that much. In an article titled “Liz Cheney reveals she is considering third-party presidential bid: 'Whatever it takes'”, Eden Villalovas reported at the Washington Examiner:


“Speaking to the Washington Post [last] Monday while promoting her new book, Oath and Honor: A Memoir and a Warning, Cheney said she would not have thought about a third-party run several years ago but feels the former president’s presidential bid threatens democracy. ‘I happen to think democracy is at risk at home, obviously, as a result of Donald Trump’s continued grip on the Republican Party, and I think democracy is at risk internationally as well,’ Cheney said.


“’We face threats that could be existential to the United States, and we need a candidate who is going to be able to deal with and address and confront all of those challenges,’ Cheney said. ‘That will all be part of my calculation as we go into the early months of 2024.’ ...


“Cheney emphasized Republicans, Democrats, and independents need to ‘work together’ and ‘vote together’ to ‘make clear that Donald Trump is not an acceptable alternative.’… ‘He is not the lesser of two evils,’ Cheney said. ‘He is a completely unfit man for office. He's already shown us what he would do, and he can never be near the Oval Office again.’”


What would Trump do, Liz? Does she mean Trump would thumb his nose at the Washington ruling class? Tell NATO to pay their fair share? Build a southern border wall? Try to reform legal immigration? Maintain an “America First” foreign policy philosophy where he advocates for the wellbeing of Americans before getting us entangled in globalist treaties and alliances? Or promise to keep America’s fighting men and women out of someone else’s wars? Battle the bureaucracy? Drill for petroleum? What else is so awful and “contrary to democracy”?


Poor Liz. She must sit up late at night in her Washington establishment-funded cushy living quarters, wherever they may be (she’s been doing some guest lecturing at the University of Virginia, lately), sipping (or gulping) alcoholic beverages, throwing darts at a board with Donald Trump’s picture on it and spilling, to anyone who would listen, her strategy to keep her name in the news as a dedicated Trump-hater and potential saboteur of Trump’s 2024 candidacy.


To be so possessed with loathing for one man and his tens of millions of MAGA backers must not be good for scatter-brained Liz’s health, don’t you think?


If I didn’t know better, I’d almost surmise that Liz and Hillary Clinton are in cahoots to try and knock Trump off from his lofty perch as leader of a (hopefully) nation-altering movement. Think about it: one, they both feel their political careers and legacy were ruined by Trump, even though their heinous personalities and defenses of the status quo were at least equally damaging to them.


Two, both Liz and Hillary Clinton have similar hairstyles and color, so there must be something about their particular ‘bob’ cut that lends itself to a nasty disposition, self-loathing, social rejection and political irrelevancy in women politicians.


Three, both Washington swamp lizards can only get people to listen to them when they’re bashing Trump. Think about it, there are plenty of generic Republicans – even conservatives – who would make for better targets if the frustrated old bags were simply interested in resisting the new conservative/populist direction of the GOP, but the media talkers only come calling to get quotes about Donald Trump.


Finally, Hillary and Liz have both indicated that they may vote for Joe Biden if Trump is the nominee. That’s no shocker in Clinton’s case, but to have Dick Cheney’s little girl, supposedly GOP through and through, indicate that she’s defecting to the enemy just because she can’t stand Trump – that’s quite a journey indeed! Who knows, maybe the sheer amount of hairspray the two cantankerous crows put on their ‘dos has soaked through their skulls and is impacting their brains.


All joking aside, some of the above is true, like Cheney only crawls out of her roach crack in the baseboards whenever she sees an opening to talk about Trump, since there isn’t a thing that’s interesting (to leftists) about her other than the fact she voted to impeach Trump and she served as Nancy Pelosi’s chief inquisitor for the absurd January 6 Committee.


If Liz did attempt a run for president on a third-party ticket, what would her issue platform be? She’d attract support from the miniscule percentage of Americans whose only mission is to get back at Trump, and very, very few of these people would be Republicans. Plenty of GOP adherents don’t like Trump, but would they truly waste their sole vote to go for Liz Cheney?


It’s more than probable that a Liz-run could actually help Trump win the plurality in states he’d need by siphoning off Biden votes, you know, the people who absolutely hate Trump but aren’t partial to senile Joe, either. These are citizens who’ve seen their purchasing power go down the tubes under Biden’s watch and couldn’t bring themselves to lending him a vote to sustain the Democrats’ reign of terror.


And the third-party running “slot” is already occupied by Robert F. Kennedy Jr., and he’s much more credible as a Trump and Biden alternative than Liz would be. If elections are always about the future, what future does Liz Cheney offer? Going back to the days of Bush/Cheney? Could she get her father to go on another hunting trip and accidentally shoot someone? More senseless and endless wars, unfettered illegal immigration, gargantuan federal boondoggles like “No Child Left Behind” and perpetual sellouts to the uncompromising congressional Democrats?


That’s Liz Cheney’s brand, a woman so contemptible that her Wyoming intra-party primary opponent garnered over 68 percent of the Republican ballots, even with Democrats crossing over to vote for her.


Why wouldn’t Cheney go begging Joe Lieberman for a look at the “No Labels” nomination? Is there a better example of someone in the country whose ideological predilection lies between the Republicans and Democrats? “No Labels” could go one further and promise a Liz Cheney/Larry Hogan (former RINO governor of Maryland) unity ticket. Disgruntled morons would contribute tens of millions to fuel their campaigns!


Cheney would attract plenty of establishment media coverage, and, who knows, she could hold rallies in small meeting rooms where she’d attract a few dozen like-minded supporters to cheer her on and listen to her dish about how awful Trump is. But it only goes so far, since no one likes Liz Cheney, and her candidacy would be even more illusory than Nikki Haley’s is now.


Every time a potential third-party presidential run is mentioned, the establishment media talkers rush to it as though it will alter the balance in the 2024 campaign. Polls show that neither Donald Trump nor senile Joe Biden are personally popular, but one of them, assuming both are on the ballot next year, will end up president in 2025. Liz Cheney will then have to find a new way to get her name in the news.

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