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Make The Democrats Own Judge Jackson And The Marxist Decisions She Will Make

It is likely Judge Ketanji Brown Jackson will soon be confirmed to the Supreme Court. So, the battle today is to make sure the Democrats own this pick to the Supreme Court and the decades of disastrous votes/rulings she will make.

We need to stop the radical, Marxist Democrats from destroying our nation! Having a radical like Judge Jackson on the Supreme Court edges us closer to the point of no return, and is literally a threat to our safety and young children!

Once the Democrats vote “yea” to confirm her, we’ll have another reason to BRAND Democrats as the radical, socialist/Marxists they are, and educate voters to throw them out of Congress!

I urge you to contact everyone you know to help educate voters that Judge Jackson IS the Democrat Party. And that a vote for a Democrat this November is a vote in favor of all the radical positions Judge Jackson supports.

I urge you to take these action steps today:

1.) Forward this information to family, friends, neighbors, old schoolmates, your LinkedIn network, Facebook, Twitter, and other social media and urge them to pass this email to everyone they know to help BRAND the Democrats as the radicals they are!

2.) Help FedUp PAC provide the leadership that’s needed to help educate voters in order to win back Congress in November. Go to: to make a donation.

Forward this e-mail with the talking points below to help BRAND the Democrats, who failed to object to Judge Jackson’s America-hating, soft-on-crime and child pornography judicial philosophy, as the radicals they are.

  • Because of Jackson’s soft on crime agenda, “more than 31,000 drug-traffickers were granted early release.”

  • Because of Jackson’s soft on crime agenda, “An estimated 7,500-plus who received get-out-of-jail passes had used weapons as part of their underlying crimes.”

  • Because of Jackson’s soft on crime agenda, “more than 1 in 3 — 35% — of the crack inmates released early have reoffended,” including for rape, child abuse, aggravated assault, kidnapping and murder.

  • Jackson advocated releasing 1,500 criminals from jail during the COVID pandemic, including a man who had murdered a U.S. Marshall, according to Sen. Marsha Blackburn.

  • Jackson considered her defense of GITMO terrorists some of her proudest achievements, referring to one case as “one of the 10 ‘most significant’ cases she's personally handled.”

  • Jackson repeatedly ignored sentencing guidelines for pedophiles.

  • “In every single child porn case for which we can find records, Judge Jackson deviated from the federal sentencing guidelines in favor of child porn offenders,” Sen. Josh Hawley wrote.

  • Jackson claimed that punitive laws against pedophilia denies these criminals their civil rights and are thus unconstitutional!! What about the kids they destroyed???

  • Jackson was considered “a tireless advocate of change” for pedophiles during her 7 years on the U.S. Sentencing Commission (USSC).

  • Jackson characterized herself as “a policymaker in the area of criminal sentencing,” on the USSC. Do judges make policy? Apparently Jackson thinks so!

  • Jackson can’t even define her own sex! Sen. Blackburn asked Jackson, “Can you provide a definition for the word ‘woman?’” Jackson answered, “Can I provide a definition? No, I can’t.”

  • Jackson tried to stop President Trump’s DHS from expanding expedited removal of illegal aliens—something he had the legal right to do.

  • Jackson thinks Critical Race Theory should be used in establishing prison sentencing guidelines, and advocates teaching of the fraudulent 1619 Project!

  • Jackson co-authored an amicus brief for the Massachusetts NARAL chapter, calling pro-life sidewalk counselors “indisputably harmful.”

  • Jackson thinks the Supreme Court can invent rights out of thin air! Like, it was perfectly ok for the Supreme Court to invent same-sex marriage. “That is the nature of a right,” she said!

Jackson was the most extreme choice that Joe Biden, the most anti-American values “president” in history, could have picked. And the Democrats are salivating over the prospect of having her on the Supreme Court! We can make the Democrats pay for this!!

  • Jackson is supported by George Soros, Demand Justice and dark money pushers Arabella Advisors, all of which want to pack the court and make it another weapon for the Left!

  • Senator Lindsay Graham (R-SC) observed, “That so many of these left-wing radical groups who would destroy the law as we know it. . . supported you, is problematic for me.”

  • The White House is withholding 48,000 pages of documents regarding her time on the U.S. Sentencing Commission! What are we missing??? Could it be even worse??

  • Jackson supports BLM’s horrific Breathe Act, which would pose a threat to most federal law enforcement!

Please contact all your friends, relatives, co-workers, church members and anyone else you can think of and send them this email and urge them to do the same! Ketanji Brown Jackson, with her radical views, is the Democrat Party! Together, we can make the Democrats pay for embracing this radical jurist!

To learn more about FedUp PAC or make a donation to BRAND the Democrats go to

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Sure, the Dems are happy to own Ketanji Brown Jackson. Especially if the GOP are willing to own Marjorie Taylor Greene and her white supremacists, Madison Cawthorn and his "orgies," and Tucker Carlson with his hard on for Putin.


Mike M
Mike M

Make the Dems own her and the decisions she makes? That won't be any problem at all. Her fellow Communists will be very proud of her and the decisions she makes. In fact, I suspect they'll take every opportunity to shove her and the decisions she makes down our throats. And if we dare to raise our voices in protest we will immediately be branded as racists and sexist. We will be called hateful and bigoted and against progress. And that's just the beginning. If they have their way ultimately we will be jailed as enemies of the state. Then we will be given the opportunity of either public repentance or death. As for myself if it comes to that…

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