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McConnell and Schumer Hide Impeachment Trap For President Trump In Foreign Military Aid Bill

Senator J.D. Vance of Ohio yesterday released a bombshell analysis of the McConnell-Schumer foreign military aid bill that is moving through the Senate with the support of 18 Republican Senators.

As Senator Vance explained:


President Trump was wrongfully impeached by the partisan Pelosi-led House of Representatives on December 18, 2019.1 At the core of the impeachment was a pause on funds appropriated to Ukraine: “…$391 million in security assistance: $250 million through the Department of Defense’s (DOD) Ukraine Security Assistance Initiative and $141 million through the State Department’s Foreign Military Financing program.”2


The false argument put forward by Democrats was/is as follows: as President Trump had allegedly paused these funds because he wished to see the corrupt nexus between the Biden family and Ukraine investigated, President Trump had abused his power, with the aim of interfering with the U.S. presidential election. Page 425 of the Committee Report on the first impeachment states: “The President froze military assistance to Ukraine against U.S. national security interests and over the objections of career experts.”3 The impeachment inquiry report states, “The President did so despite the longstanding bipartisan support of Congress, uniform support across federal departments and agencies for the provision to Ukraine of the military assistance, and his obligations under the Impoundment Control Act.”4


That sets up an impeachment Time Bomb for President Trump if he wins the 2024 election. President Trump has said, in regard to the war in Ukraine, “We got to get that war settled and I’ll get it settled.”5 He has stated that he would resolve the war in 24 hours.6

The bill includes $1.6 billion for foreign military financing in Ukraine, and $13.7 billion for the Ukraine Security Assistance Initiative. These funds expire on September 30, 2025—nearly a year into the possible second term of President Trump. These are the exact same accounts President Trump was impeached for pausing in December 2019. Every single House Republican voted against this impeachment resolution.7


If President Trump were to withdraw from or pause financial support for the war in Ukraine in order to bring the conflict to a peaceful conclusion, “over the objections of career experts,” it would amount to the same fake violation of budget law from the first impeachment, under markedly similar facts and circumstances.

Partisan Democrats would seize on the opportunity to impeach him once again. The Washington Post has reported that tying President Trump’s hands on foreign policy is very much top of mind for Biden administration officials, who are openly boasting about their plans.8 

The background quote is damning:

Not incidentally, a U.S. official said, the hope is that the long-term promise — again assuming congressional buy-in — will also “future-proof” aid for Ukraine against the possibility that former president Donald Trump wins his reelection bid.9

Senator Vance concluded that the supplemental represents an attempt by the foreign policy blob/deep state to stop President Trump from pursuing his desired policy, and if he does so anyways, to provide grounds to impeach him and undermine his administration. All Republicans should oppose its passage urged the Senator from Ohio.


The Capitol Switchboard is (202-224-3121), call today and tell your Senators to vote NO on the McConnell – Schumer America Last military supplemental and its hidden impeachment trap for President Trump when he is reelected.


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This is not surprising, folks. Look at how the GOP deserted President Trump,. and put Obama 3.0 in the White House.


Those 18 Republicans are either stupid or corrupt, or both. My guess is that haven't read the bill. That's a problem with how bills are written. It's time to put an end to "comprehensive" legislation. Meanwhile, we've got to get on our phones to tell our senators what we think.

Replying to

Corrupt. They are in the Deep State's back pocket . . .

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