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Million MAGA March Still On For DC, Sat 11/14

First it was Facebook. Then it was Mailchimp. Now Eventbrite has attacked and

deplatformed Trump supporters. In an unprecedented attack on the MAGA Movement, Eventbrite shut down the Million MAGA March event page and emailed everyone who had signed-up that it was canceled.

At 11:19 Tuesday morning event organizers, including our friend Amy Kremer, were notified that the March for Trump violated the site’s terms of service.

Per Eventbrite:

We do not permit events, content, or creators that share or promote potentially harmful misinformation. In this instance, we have determined that your event violates our Community Guidelines and is therefore not permitted on the Eventbrite platform. As a result, your listing has been removed...

Just to be clear: The March for Trump is on. It will begin at 12:00 Noon, Saturday, November 14 at Freedom Plaza in Washington DC and conclude at the Supreme Court.

The event is being organized by what had been the FaceBook group “Stop The Steal” that grew to 365,000 people in 22 hours before FaceBook shut it down.

To give you some idea of the support the group was growing at 1,000 people every 10 seconds when tech oligarch Mark Zuckerberg shut it down.

There are three ways we know of to keep in touch about Trump rallies and marches to support the “count every legal vote” movement.

The first is to go to our sister site and check listings for Trump rallies and #StoptheSteal and #ProtecttheVote events near you.

Second, go and check their listings of Pro-Trump marches, rallies and events.

Third, check with our friends at FreedomWorks who have also hosted Pro-Trump rallies and election integrity efforts.

Twitter has also joined the effort to censor and shutdown Pro-Trump and #StoptheSteal rallies by putting an “unsafe content” label on the link to the rally information.

As the Gateway Pundit reported, Democrats and their allies in Big Tech don’t want you to hear about this rally. Big Tech is censoring this peaceful rally!

When was the last time Big Tech censored a violent rally for Black Lives Matter?

To get more details and updates as this evolves, make sure you are signed up to be in direct email communication with those organizations. Conservatives and Pro-Trump MAGA Movement individuals and organizations are being censored by Big Tech, limiting their ability to communicate with supporters through social media platforms.

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Nov 11, 2020

Looks like that dog and pony show featuring Big Tech didn't exactly put the fear of God and the U.S. Senate into those boys. In fact, they take their marching orders from China and thumb their nose at the American government. Social media is a disease in the body politic...and there doesn't seem to be a cure

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