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Mr. President, to Win Re-Election Keep Supreme Court RBG Vacancy on the Ballot

Updated: Sep 19, 2020

From a purely political perspective, the passing of Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg could seal the election of President Trump and a Republican majority in both chambers of Congress.

It is necessary for the nomination and vote to happen after the November 3 election.

  • Having a vacancy on the ballot will significantly increase the vote for Trump.

  • Having a vacancy on the ballot will significantly increase the GOP vote for the House, Senate, governors, and down-ballot races.

  • Voters go to the polls to expect what you will accomplish, i.e., a conservative Supreme Court. Voters do not go to the polls to thank you for a job well done. An example is Winston Churchill who weeks after winning WWII was voted out of office because he was talking about his accomplishments, while his opponents talked about the future.

  • It puts Biden on the defensive to come up with a list of nominees, which he won’t because it probably would cost him the election.

  • The confirmation process before the election would dominate the conversation and the media’s focus through November 3. The media will use it to paint Republicans as unprincipled and hypocritical. Republicans want the conversation to be about the views of a Biden nominee.

  • Submitting a nominee before the election will divide Senate Republicans, and also get the focus off Biden’s nominee.

  • Waiting until after the election will encourage some Republican Never-Trumpers on the fence to move to Trump.

  • Waiting until after the election will encourage some Republican Never-Trumpers who are now for Biden to switch their vote to Trump.

  • Sermons in tens of thousands of evangelical and Catholic churches about a pro-life court will be frequent and impactful.

How do we know waiting until after the election for the nomination and confirmation is necessary?

In the 2016 election, 26 percent of Trump’s voters said the Supreme Court was the number one reason why they voted for him. Not only will that hold true in 2020, but the percentage will be even larger.

So, Mr. President, I respectfully suggest that keeping the Supreme Court vacancy on the ballot November 3 is the necessary choice for America, Republicans, your MAGA base, and your re-election.

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Dear Richard,

I feel I must tell you like a friend that you do not appear to be fully using your cranium regarding this issue.

Where do I begin to unravel all the 20th century hopes, dreams and fantasies you appear to be clinging to?

First, there is no legitimate reason to believe that “Having a vacancy on the ballot will significantly increase the vote for Trump”. Just where do you come up with this from? Who do you know, and I want a specific forename and surname, rather than some baseless generalities, who do you actually know that is so concerned about the next Supreme Court nominee, that they currently will not vote for President Trump, but will if…

Gefällt mir

Marlene Rearden
Marlene Rearden
22. Sept. 2020

Also, I don't believe hearings are mandated. Senate only advises and consents. No need for hearings because the women mentioned were already vetted when they were confirmed for their present positions. Bring it to the floor for vote, debate nomination and confirm. Easy peasy.

Gefällt mir

Marlene Rearden
Marlene Rearden
22. Sept. 2020

Consider this... if Sen. McSally fails to win in Arizona and Kelly wins the seat, I understand that he can be seated immediately after the election and not wait until January. This will be 3 less votes for confirmation. Murkowski, Collins, McSally and a possible Romney a 4th which would not be enough for confirmation. Don't take chances with the will of the people that voted in 2016. Promises made...promises kept.

Gefällt mir

In response to roypeg's very valid points, I certainly do believe that lawsuits could well be presented to the Supreme Court to, in effect decide the election, especially given the clear preparations to facilitate massive voter fraud amid the vote harvesting schemes that the democrat controlled states have implemented. The Republicans in the Senate should insure seating the new Justice immediately after election day. The Democrats will scream if the Senate votes to confirm a new Justice during a disputed election, but can hardly be louder or more agitated than they have been all along since the 2016 elections. I do not believe there is any precedent for not seating a new Justice immediately after confirmation. The three suspect Republ…

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President Trump should name choice and have hearings, but don't vote on her till after the Nov. 3rd election. This will help him to maybe obtain more Rep. Senators or at least keep the majority they already have.

Gefällt mir
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