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My Op-Ed In The Daily Caller: Words Republicans Should Stop Saying

On Friday, March 22 the Daily Caller was kind enough to publish on opinion piece I wrote suggesting, among other things that there is a very good chance Joe Biden may not be the Democratic Party’s nominee for President come the Democrats’ convention.

Adopting a “We Must Defeat Biden Strategy” is exactly what the Democrats want Republicans to do. The Dems are going to yank him aside and watch the GOP fall flat like Charlie Brown trying to kick Lucy’s football.

(To learn why and how Joe Biden could be replaced as the Democrats’ nominee go to the original article linked at the end.)

Meaning all those focused attacks against Joe Biden, including those the GOP has been hurling at his son Hunter for the last three-and-a-half years, will be worthless.


God bless Republican Reps. Jim Jordan of Ohio and James Comer of Kentucky for their tenacious search for the truth in the corruption scandals around the Biden family, but time has run out. One more hearing is not going to persuade the masses. We have a little more than seven months to convince the American people that Republican policies are better and will help them in their daily lives.


“Without a vision, the people perish,” says Proverbs 29. And frankly, our country may perish if we allow the Democrat to continue their damaging policies for another four years. They will leave us unsafe, unsecure, $32 trillion dollars in debt, and with no control over our lives and destiny.


Power and control is their god, and if they keep it, we will no longer have the freedom that was rooted in our country’s founding.


It is time for House Republicans to begin sharing their vision for the country, explaining to the American people why our policies are better and will help them in their daily lives.


If Republicans put all of their political eggs in the basket of attacking Joe Biden, and he’s not on the November ballot, we’re in serious political trouble. And it is Democrats in Congress and in state legislatures across the country who have delivered all the harm happening to Americans.


The pre-selected substitute Democrat candidate will be able to credibly campaign saying they had nothing to do with Biden’s failed policies.


A good political strategist, which we need desperately, would advise Republicans: “Don’t say ‘Joe Biden.'” For that matter don’t say “left,” “leftist,” “progressive,” “woke,” “socialist,” or “Marxist,” even though that’s what Democrats are.


None of those words will be on the ballot on election day.


The word “Democrat” will be on the ballot, and it will appear over and over.


Every problem in America that upsets people, angers them, or causes them pain (including financial pain) is because of Democratic policies.


Conservatives have the opportunity to honestly and accurately BRAND Democrats as the problem and their own policies as the solution.


If there’s one thing I’ve learned as a marketing pioneer, it’s that once something is BRANDED it’s like super glue — usually permanent.


If that happens, conservatives will win a landslide election from the presidency down to the court houses and lots in between.


Some in the GOP may feel that Democrats are simply our political opponents and that we disagree with them on issues at the margins, such as how much to fund various government agencies, the size of the national debt, our tax policies, etc.


The Democrats are not just our opponents — they are the enemy of the American people. Their policies are destroying our economy, our sovereignty, and our families.


Republicans must make haste to define all Democrats in these terms for the next seven months, regardless of who their presidential nominee turns out to be.



Richard A. Viguerie is the pioneer of political direct marketing, Chairman of American Target Advertising and, and author of seven books, including the forthcoming “How Conservatives Can Outlive Liberals.”

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3 comentarios

I can see your point regarding Democrats pulling the rug out beneath Republicans by making a last minute switch in candidates. However, Joe Biden has never been the guy. He has always been merely a front man for policies and programs created by a series of behind the scenes handlers. It doesn't matter who the Democrat nominee is, their policies and programs will continue unabated. Republicans need to be smart about this and start calling out the Democrat party now by being specific about those policies and the harm they have done and will continue to do if Democrats are elected this November. They must hit hard.

Me gusta

Richard, I hope this SPOT ON article has been sent to every Senator, except McConnell, as he won't care, and to House Johnson and the House leadership. Even though I know you through our mothers, I am a political nobody, and have been touting this EXACT theme for months. It's time to stop trying to make the 'bad guys' worse, as that is an impossibility. It's time to 'force' voters to decide between a free and prosperous America, or the drain into the Democrat's socialism.

Me gusta

The character who claimed Viguerie lied is either a destructive, anti-liberty liar or a fifth-column saboteur. In addition to destroying the economy, the hordes of illegals entering the US via the southern border, and now through Maine, New Hampshire, Vermont and New York, from Canada, are committing their own destruction. The political class are 1. giving these folks credit cards, 2. transporting them all over the US, and the Democrats WANT THEM TO VOTE IN AMERICAN ELECTIONS!

Me gusta
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