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My Post-Election Analysis of Campaign 2020

All year long conservatives felt this election was the whole ballgame.

We are convinced that if Democrats win the Presidency and the Congress, they will change the laws, including election laws so that Republicans will never, ever again win a national election, including the Presidency and the House or Senate.

President Trump may or may not win re-election, and the Republicans may or may not hold onto the Senate.

So, Tuesday’s election results and the Georgia runoff election in January will determine the fate of America.

The election results will determine whether America moves to a one-party socialist country.

If the Democrats win the White House and the Senate…

1. They will pack the Supreme Court.
2. They will make Washington DC and Puerto Rico states, giving the Democrats 4 more U.S. Senators.
3. They will give us massive tax increases.
4. They will abolish the filibuster.
5. They will make major changes in election laws, including national ballot harvesting, abolish photo ID to vote, lower the voting age, allow voter registration on election day.
6. They will censor and suppress opposing views like America has never seen.

It’s amazing that with the leadership of almost every major institution in America arrayed against the conservatives, the Republicans, were basically able to battle the establishment to a tie.

The massive establishment forces against the President and the GOP include:

The mainstream media,
Big-tech billionaires and their companies,
Academia, and Unions.

Also, the liberals raised at least 500% more money in the last two years than conservatives and Republicans.

ActBlue has over 13 million people who have given them their credit card information to simplify donations to liberal candidates and causes.

It is clear that the progressives / socialists have launched a civil war against America, our constitution, and all who oppose them.

The 2020 election opening battle for the future of America between the socialists/Marxists and those supporting traditional American values is now out in the open for all to see.

And today conservatives are outgunned.

America needs to wake up and realize that we’re in a civil war with the socialists / Marxists. And liberty and freedom hangs in the balance.

Highlights from other speakers:

Ken Blackwell, former Ohio Secretary of State:

The issue right now is the integrity of the election – the chain of custody of ballots, verification of voter registration (is there a voter who matches the ballot) and the transparency of the counting process.

There should be as many eyeballs as possible on the process.

Our constitutional republic hangs in the balance in this election.

David Bozell, Chairman of For America:

We believe Donald Trump won this race it is now up to the campaign to prove it.

However, the count does not count until the count is transparent.

Nobody wants this country to heal more than conservatives.

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Brad Johnson
Brad Johnson
Nov 06, 2020

The Democrats and their allies are attempting a coup right now.

All Americans who have sworn an oath to defend the Constitution: Remember your oath! Be faithful.

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