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New Club for Growth Poll Finds Voters Cynical of Joe Biden’s America

Club for Growth has released a new issue poll leading up to the 2024 election cycle. The poll covered a wide range of topics, including: favorability ratings of party leadership, top issues

for voters heading into the 2024 election cycle, and voter sentiment on the recent scandals that have plagued the Biden Administration.

“This poll confirmed what the vast majority of Americans already knew: the United States is heading in the wrong direction under Joe Biden’s leadership,” said Club for Growth President David McIntosh. “Despite the spin coming from the White House, people aren’t buying Bidenomics.”

Among the most interesting things about the poll was it asked two questions for the very first time. Were voters worried that “illegal drugs are appearing in the White House?” And did they believe that the president should “acknowledge Hunter [Biden]’s daughter as his grandchild?”

The results were overwhelming: Yes and yes. Sixty-three percent of voters were unhappy that the Secret Service couldn’t figure out who left cocaine at the White House this month (Republicans have cast suspicion on Hunter), and 69% wanted the president to admit that he had seven grandchildren, not six. None of the conservative issues tested for the Club by WPA Intelligence — supporting “freedom schools,” opposing a government-backed “digital currency” — had numbers like this.

“I was a little surprised,” Club for Growth President David McIntosh said at a Monday night happy hour in D.C., where he shared the polling with reporters, including David Weigel of It was too early to say whether Republicans could win votes by pressing the White House on Hunter Biden. But “if it looks like Hunter Biden received money to influence his dad,” said McIntosh, “Republicans will make it a big issue and I think voters will care about it.”

Mr. Weigel reports Norman Solomon, who co-founded the anti-Biden group Step Aside, Joe!, doesn’t support either of Biden's Democratic challengers. But the Hunter story, he said, risked “a re-run of 2016, when all the background noise about alleged Hillary Clinton corruption — such as high-paid corporate speeches and Clinton Foundation donations — hurt her with some voters on the fence.” Republicans would keep pounding on the corruption allegations, making “one more reason Biden is a risky candidate.”

Among the other questions asked, we found the response to the idea of a federal digital currency also very interesting.

The pollsters asked:

Some people have suggested that the U.S. Government, through the Federal Reserve, issue its own digital currency which would be tied to the value of the dollar but have the ease of payment and security advantages of digital currencies.

Would you support or oppose the U.S. Government issuing its own digital currency?

Today 56% oppose the idea compared to 45% who opposed it in 2021. A lot of that movement is among those who are totally opposed to the idea. In 2021 30% were totally opposed, today, 36% are totally opposed. Translation: Trust in Joe Biden's federal government has dropped 6 points in two years.

The poll has a lot of other interesting and useful findings for conservatives looking to gauge public opinion on the national agenda. You can read the memo on the poll, including the questions, through this link.

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If the GOP is really serious about the 2024 election, they need to impeach Biden immediately. We'll never get the Democrat-led Senate to convict him, but it will force those Democrat senators to tell the American people that they do not think Senator Byrd's buddy is guilty. Great political capital. We need to not only win the presidency, but to also retake both Houses of Congress (by as large a margin as possible).



James Bryson
James Bryson
Jul 27, 2023

Duh! FJB is a demented, career criminal and, his handlers are treasonous scum destined for the gallows.

Replying to

I'd be happy just to see them in jail . . . been waiting to see the Clintons in jail since 1992 . . . !

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