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Of Course They Know Who The White House Coke Culprit Is

The Secret Service and FBI have closed the investigation into who brought cocaine into the White House, without identifying the culprit.

No fingerprints or DNA turned up on the baggie of cocaine found in a lobby at the White House last week despite a sophisticated FBI crime lab analysis; and surveillance footage of the area didn’t identify a suspect, either.

Stop and think for a moment that science can extract DNA from ancient remains hundreds of thousands of years old, but a freshly dropped baggie of coke was clean of all DNA?

This strikes us either a bizarre level of incompetence or a blatant cover-up, with cover-up being all but a certainty.

Former President Donald Trump wasn’t shy about offering his take to our friends at NewsMax:

"I have a lot of respect for the Secret Service, and I believe they know who it is," Trump said of the cocaine found last week at the White House. "I know that part of the White House very well, and the only one that gets really good access is like family members and Cabinet members where they [the Secret Service] don't go crazy on checking. So it has to be somebody like that.

"Perhaps it was a Hunter [Biden] deal, and they left for him, and he forgot to pick it up like he forgot to pick up his computer."

And a lot of other Republicans share Mr. Trump’s view that there’s a cover-up going on.

The New York Post reported Rep. Tim Burchett (R-Tenn.) stormed out of a briefing offered to lawmakers moments after it began, calling the conclusion “bogus” and the investigation a “complete failure.”

“They know who goes in the White House. They have facial identification, they have — y’all know you can’t go in there without giving your Social Security number anyway, and to say that it’s just some weekend visitor, that’s bogus,” Burchett said. “Nobody’s buying that at all.”

According to Rep. Lauren Boebert (R-Colo.), the cocaine was found in the 15th of 182 lockers with the key missing. Investigators also told lawmakers they were unable to determine exactly when the cocaine was left due to the lack of footage. The lockers are located by the basement entrance to the West Wing, one floor below the Oval Office and steps from the Situation Room, reported The New York Post.

Rep. Boebert said she found the status of the investigation “disturbing” because she was one of several lawmakers “who were recently sent a white powdery substance in the mail.”

“There are no security measures in place at the White House to detect a substance, whether it be a Schedule II substance like cocaine that was recently found, marijuana, or even something more potentially dangerous like anthrax,” she said*.

“In 2022, twice while going through screening, people were caught with marijuana in their possession,” Boebert added. “So, for this being the third time that drugs were found on the White House property during the Biden administration certainly poses a question: What kind of people are we allowing to go onto that premise? And what is their actual purpose there?”

“They were able to narrow down a list of approximately 500 people that had left a small bag of cocaine,” Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-Ga.) told reporters. “My question to them was, have they drug-tested this list of 500 potential suspects that brought an illegal substance, or drug, cocaine, into the White House? Their answer was ‘no’ and that they’re unwilling to do so.”

“The real concern here is American citizens every single day go through drug tests as part of their employment for their jobs. This is a common practice,” she added.

“Every time there’s something strange going on with President Biden or his family, or anything regarding his administration or the White House, no one can ever seem to find an answer,” Rep. Nancy Mace (R-SC) also told reporters. “This is one of the most secure locations in the world, some of the best law enforcement officers in the world — and they don’t have any answers.”

*Without going into detail that might compromise White House security Rep. Boebert is misinformed, there are “sniffers” at security access points. Which begs the question how did the coke get through if it was brought in by a visitor who came in through a public access point?

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Gary Blackhurst
Gary Blackhurst
Jul 15, 2023

The economy is NOT collapsing, WW3 fears are based in Traiter Trump offering fealty to Putin. Xi, and Kim, relations with Com China was started by Republican Nixon (a tragic great statesman despite personal issues).. l'll look past a little poke of coke in comparison to Treasonous Trump and his ilk. I'll relish watching the news he's been convicted and sentenced to life for sedition and treason. I'm neither liberal nor CONservative but middle road where most Americans are. CONservative =

Replying to

You actually sound like a far-left never Trumper. Slamming Nixon and Trump in one post is not what I would consider "middle of the road."


As with a lot of other issues, Biden Inc. is using Hunter's lost cocaine to distract us from other, more important issues--the collapsing economy or the growing threat of World War III and Communist China, for example.


Donald Trump is right. Hunter Biden probably brought the cocaine in and then forgot about it. It seems likely that this wasn't the only bag of cocaine to enter the White House since Joe was inaugurated in 2021. We know that 95% of the federal bureaucracy is composed of Democrats who will do anything to support their own, but if that same culture exists within the Secret Service, that's a major problem.

Replying to

And this bunch also is doing their version of "reefer madness" at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue . . .


Mike M
Mike M
Jul 14, 2023

Expecting Bite-Me Biden to tell the truth about his self entitled crackhead drug addict son bringing cocaine into the White House is about like expecting him to acknowledge his own granddaughter in Arkansas. Don't hold your breath waiting for it to happen.

Replying to

That is so sad--doing that to an innocent little child. Heartbreaking.

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