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OK Joe, You Said ‘My Party Is Me’ So Here You Are

In the opening minutes of last night’s debate Democrat nominee Joe Biden said two things that pro-lfe voters of every political stripe should never forget: first he said Roe v Wade was

on the ballot; and second, he said “my party is me.”

So, here’s what Joe Biden and the Democrat Platform say about the right-to-life; the Democrat Platform calls for “the repeal of the Hyde Amendment,” as well as the codification of “the right to reproductive freedom.” Furthermore, the Democrat Platform says nothing about making abortions “rare.” As for conscience rights, they are nowhere mentioned.

On the corona virus, Biden says voters should trust him more than Trump, but it was Joe Biden who said it was “hysterical xenophobia” to close travel from China as soon as the virus was recognized as a threat. What’s more Biden favors, with no scientific basis whatsoever, a nationwide mask mandate and another nationwide lockdown. Trump says the shutdowns are like being in prison and says Biden will “destroy the country” with the shutdowns.

When Chris Wallace asked Biden if there is a “separate but unequal system of justice for blacks.” Biden said there is systemic injustice in education and law enforcement. He says the vast majority of police officers are good but there are “bad apples” who “need to be held accountable.” He says he will put together a group–civil rights groups and police officers–and “work this out.”

Yet, Biden blamed law enforcement for “escalating tension” while rioters set fire to court houses and for months, Joe Biden failed to stand up to the far-left rioters and looters, and failed to support the police officers protecting innocent Americans.

In the wake of the violence in Portland, Biden called the rioters and arsonists “peaceful protesters” while shockingly blaming law enforcement for “stoking the fires of division.”

Biden claims he is not for defunding police but talks about community policing–says officers should know the community and have counselors with them in some instances

In fact, Joe Biden all but accused police officers of being responsible for the riots, claiming they were "escalating tension." Biden’s campaign even helped bail violent criminals out of jail, including a murderer, a rapist, and a rioter who shot at police. And Biden said he would not send the National Guard into cities and states where left-wing mobs were rioting.

What’s more, Biden said he’d “redirect” funding for police to other things, reiterating he would “yes, absolutely!” redirect funding away from police to other government programs like housing.

Kamala Harris recently said a Biden-Harris Administration would “reimagine” public safety, which is the same language used by left-wing “defund the police” activists.

The Biden-Sanders unity platform’s proposed destruction of qualified immunity for police would financially eviscerate local police departments even further.

As the debate wrapped up Trump asked Biden to name one law enforcement group that supports him and Biden couldn’t answer before Chris Wallace let him off the hook.

The final opportunity for Biden to reveal who he and his party are was when Wallace asked both candidates if they will not declare that they won unless the election has been independently certified and ask their supporters not to engage in civil unrest and stay calm.

Joe Biden said “yes” to Wallace’s question, even as his supporters have said they will never concede defeat.

The same Marxist Black Lives Matter leaders that unleashed violence and looting in American cities, most recently in Rochester, have left not a shred of doubt in anyone’s mind that the same combination of elite liberals, criminal thugs and Antifa Marxists would be deployed to burn and destroy the moment it appears that Trump might be winning.

You can watch a video that splices together clips of prominent Democrats and progressives openly calling for political unrest through this link.

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