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Predictions and Election Watch: Water Cooler Vignettes From Steve Stockman (1 to 10 of 21)

Just as Alice in Wonderland experienced, the Democrats have created a surreal environment for us. President Trump is fighting such insane notions that logic slips away amidst withering

attacks by the press and Democrats.

The burning cities you see live on CNN are not really burning; nor are statues being toppled. No. You’re seeing peaceful protests. In the underworld of Alice, elected Democrat officials blame President Trump for not stopping the violence of "peaceful protests" that the Democrats support and promote while refusing help from the president to stop the violence. It's Trump's fault for the violence that's really "peaceful." Our collective heads want to explode.

Below are some helpful predictions of events you may see unfold that may help ease your surprise at the zoo. Perhaps you can share them at the water cooler and your colleagues will be wowed when they come to pass. I call them “bites of Tapas” – thoughts inside the goo of political machinations.

1. Watch for Biden to correct himself.

In the past he needed prompting or he searched for words. In all likelihood he's wearing a bug in his ear when necessary. Using a bug is not new. There's evidence this ploy is being implemented. In fact, Biden's team has reportedly practiced with different methods to help Biden communicate. Some questioned in 2016 whether Hillary used a bug at times. Also, let's not count out that the debate questions will end up in Biden's hands before the debate. Remember Hillary got from a CNN staffer (now a Fox employee) the questions before the debate occurred. His receipt of questions would follow precedent with Hillary receiving questions the FBI was going to ask her through Bill Clinton's secret meeting on the tarmac with Obama's AG the day before Ms. Clinton's questioning by the FBI. Many feel that's when Bill was handed the FBI questions. Hopefully, FOX will keep the questions away from their former CNN employee.

2. China has the ability and the need to push the stock markets down before the elections causing great havoc. The economy is the number one polling issue. China, not Russia, is a bigger threat to our democracy. Many leaders of Antifa are followers of Chinese communist dictator Mao. A Trump win would be a personal blow to Xi and to his global plans.

3. Antifa trained some of their activists to be medics in Richmond, VA. This follows the logic that they are planning vast violence and disruptions during and after the elections – not to mention the Supreme Court justice nomination. Government taxpayer-funded radio (NPR) will, of course, blame right-wing activists for all the cities burning and looting. Notably, the Democrats are planning for major riots and disruptions as they requested from the Joint Chiefs of Staff a pledge that the military will not intervene in America's politics. Which goes back to principle one of leftists. (see below: Tapas #8)

4. This past summer Democrats role-played different ways to disrupt the elections. The "war games" were orchestrated by a professor and former top Obama DOD official now at Georgetown University. The role-playing including insurrection of radicals to disrupt the elections and other cataclysmic scenarios. The left has already threatened to disrupt and burn down America if Biden is not declared the winner.

5. Hillary tipped the Democrat hand by calling for Biden to not concede the election, no matter what. This is the very thing she accused Donald Trump of planning if he lost in 2016. (Principle – Tapas #8) This refusal to allow government of our nation to go forward if President Trump wins, as Democrat minions will bring chaos and civil disorder.

6. Method: Remember Hillary won a rape case in her youthful legal career by blaming the rape victim. Yes, blaming the rape on the victim. She used this dark legal technique again when her husband was accused of rape. She blamed the women of Bill Clinton's assaults on the women who were sexual attacked. Never changing the playbook, Hillary used foreign agents, including Ukraine embassy officials (Andrii Telizhenko) to help her 2016 election. She covered her tracks of corruption again by accusing Donald Trump of what she was doing. (Tapas #8) On page 395 of the book "Shattered: Inside Hillary Clinton’s Doomed Campaign," they describe her planned use of the fake charge of Russian collusion.

7. Big secret revealed: (don't you want to know what the left is doing?) Listen to what they accuse President Trump and other conservatives of doing. For instance, at the same time they accuse President Trump of not standing down after the election if he loses, if they see President Trump is winning, they're planning on using nearly a thousand lawyers after election day to buy time to stuff ballot boxes and create violent activities.

8. Republicans need to stop calling them "Demonstrators" and call them "Biden-Sanders supporters." Without any kind of evidence, crazy government radio (NPR) calls the rioters “rightwing troublemakers.” Going forward, we should report that, "Biden-Sanders supporters burned down another African-American business and made no effort to help pay for the reconstruction. Black business and homeowners need reparations from Biden-Sanders supporters."

9. They accused President Trump of what they did in 2009. A top Obama official claimed the Swine Flu pandemic of 2008-2009 infected 60 million Americans and that the management of it was a complete failure. After 12,000 deaths in America, Biden had a clever solution to the problem: Obama officials simply stopped collecting the data of deaths and stopped counting. It is baffling that there is not an ad reflecting Mr. Biden's past failure at stopping the Swine Flu pandemic. In order to block the news of that failure, Democrats pointed to Ebola as an example of success. That's bogus. By-and-large, Ebola was not an American pandemic, but one of the African continent.

10. President Trump declares he's going to order nationwide Covid-19 guidance for the nation. The leftists screamed “unconstitutional!” “dictator!” “monarchy!” “Nazi!” President Trump responds with, “Okay; no problem. You governors run the show and set policy.” Now Biden calls for a nationwide edict to wear masks. The press reaction: "Brilliant plan! Smart! Genius!” Biden then attacks President Trump for not setting a national policy. See how that works? No matter which choice President Trump makes, he's attacked.

Now back to the water-cooler to expose your co-workers to mind-numbing logic. Expect, after exposing them to logic, that your leftist colleagues will resort to calling you names.

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