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Pro-Family Volunteers Needed In Florida

Our friend John Stemberger, President of the Florida Family Policy Council just alerted us that he needs volunteers to help distribute their pro-family voter guides. This year Florida

Family Policy Council is distributing over 1 million voter guides (English and Spanish) to the 67 counties that are in Florida. This will take soliciting and motivating an army of volunteers to help in that process.

Florida Family Policy Council currently needs 3 categories of volunteer service:


These individuals take responsibility for their local counties, to help solicit and organize volunteers to distribute the Voter Guides to churches and other organizations that request them. Florida Family Policy Council also counts on Hub Captains to develop and exercise their own creativity in how these Voter Guides might get into the hands of people in their counties. The larger counties may need several captains, while smaller counties might be serviced by only one. This is a great way to meet people who hold the same values and concerns that you do.


The Hub Location is the drop-off point for the Voter Guides. Florida Family Policy Council will be running 3 large trucks through 3 regions of Florida and dropping the appropriate number of boxes for that location or county. Many times, the Hub Captain has a location that they would prefer. It could be a garage, a warehouse, a church, or a business that has space for the boxes. If the Hub Captain has no convenient location for box drop-off, Florida Family Policy Council can often help locate that place for the county.


These people are the “boots on the ground” who deliver the appropriate number of requested packs to the church or organization (There are 10 packs per box). These people coordinate with the Hub Captain and get the Voter Guides into the hands of the people. They are also an invaluable resource to help develop creative ideas for distribution within their local county.

We join John and our friends at the Florida Family Policy Council in praying that a large number of you that read this email will respond to this practical need of helping to activate the Church of Florida in God-honoring citizenship. The activated Church is the key to seeing good people elected to office.

If you sense God leading you to do this, or if you have been looking for some way to make a difference in our civic life but didn’t know how you might get involved…this is it!

To get more information or give your “YES” to helping, you may contact the Florida Family Policy Council's Director of Pastoral Ministries, Kevin Baird. He may be reached by phone or Email:

Phone: (843) 367-2969 Email:

Florida Family Policy Council is planning to start delivering by the last week of September, so time is of the essence. If you are interested, please call and Kevin will be happy to visit with you.

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