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Progressive/Leftists Target Black Women for Abortions

The U.S. SCOTUS ruling correcting federal law by returning the issue of abortion back to the states has prompted Black women to become a focal point as leverage for leftist/progressive actions and agitations.

If Black women confirmed the KKK wanted them to abort their babies, they'd double down on having as many babies as possible in revolt. If Black women confirmed evil racists wanted to exterminate their race via targeting them for abortion, they would reject and denounce abortions. If Black women confirmed abortion was specifically concocted to enshrine and uphold "White Supremacy," they would reject it altogether. It's time to tell Black women historical facts and truth instead of purposeful attempts to use and manipulate them for evil.

Generally speaking, Black women are strong, determined, and loyal to causes they deem worthy. While these attributes can also characterize many other demographics, Black women are viewed and targeted as a significant monolith segment within the leftist/progressive universe. And since they make up a substantial percentage of their audience, contrived manipulation and deceptions are continuously targeted toward this group. The most grotesque deceptions used to manipulate this group are purposeful omissions.

There is a reason why Progressives omit the fact that the Founder of Planned Parenthood (Margret Sanger) was a frequent speaker and contributor to the women's Ku Klux Klan (KKK), and started her clinics to "exterminate the negro population" (her exact words). If Black girls had been learning this as a great example of "systemic racism" in school over the decades (since Roe), Black women would utterly reject abortion today. From the Leftist/Progressive point of view, this omission is necessary for the continued use and manipulation of Black women on abortion. The omission is weaponized against black women.

There is a reason why progressives omit the disproportionate targeting of Black communities for abortions. Suppose Black women realized that up to 90% of the strategic placement of "abortuaries" ("abortion clinics") are within walking distance of Black communities. In comparison, Blacks only make up 13% of the population and child-bearing aged Black women only approx. 3.5%. Strategic targeting of Black preborn babies' lives (via abortion) translates to the fact that (even with significant demographic and population differences) up to 40+% of all abortions are Black babies! If Black women were apprised of these facts, they would see this as what it is… hateful racist targeting of the Black community! They would almost universally reject abortions. From the Leftist/Progressive point of view, omitting facts about targeting Black communities with abortion is necessary for the continued manipulation of Black women. The tactic of omission is a tool for brainwashing.

There is a reason why progressives omit the fact that abortion is borne out of eugenics. Eugenics means "well-born," and its founders, Charles Darwin and his first cousin Francis Galton, were racists determined to protect the supremacy of the White/Aryan race (whom they deemed "well-born"). They concocted eugenics as a scheme to provide "scientific justification" for the extermination of other ethnicities; they didn't want any other races to taint their "pure" Caucasian gene pool. These facts are notable and inconvenient. Black women would detest this motive and scheme of "White supremacy" if they knew and would reject abortions, so Leftist/Progressives omit!

All told, leftist/progressives' ultimate desire is to omit facts about abortion to continue perpetuating manipulation and disempowerment of Black women. Since Black women are an influential segment of their political and activist base, there's a need to keep them trapped in false narratives and focused on race agitation against White Supremacy.

Every Black Life Matters (EBLM) stands against all racism and White Supremacy wherever it exists. That said, we call out the reprobation of teachers for purposely omitting confirmed racist/White Supremacist machinations of Darwin. We call out leftist/progressives for purposely omitting the truth about the racism of abortion and its pioneer Margret Sanger. We call out all politicians who, knowing its eugenicist roots, still firmly support and embrace abortion. All these factions are definitively against Black life and the well-being of Black women! "We see you," and we denounce and reject you!

EBLM embraces the dignity of life and, by providing historical facts and truth, demands dignity and respect for every woman (especially Black women, since they're specifically targeted for manipulation). Will you stand with us as we confront abusive manipulators and help ensure Black women are no longer used as mere "Progressive tools" to help leftist/progressive causes? The facts confirm that all those who knowingly support abortion and its racist history are themselves, racists! From the highest authority (the White House) to political parties and individual politicians, educators, media/entertainment personalities, to community organizations, all who support the racism of abortion must be held to account.

It's a binary choice! Renounce and denounce the racism and White Supremacy of abortion, or embrace it with full racist vigor. Either way, stop continued deceptions directed at Black women to perpetuate support of racist causes that undermine and are antithetical to the morals and values of our community. EBLM demands there be no more leveraging of Black women for evil…" We see you!"

Kevin McGary is a founder and President of Every Black Life Matters – EBLM.

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