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Real Conservatives Vote Glenn Youngkin For Governor Of Virginia

The most bizarre political phenomenon of the Trump era is the rise of a group of former Republicans and former conservatives who have, out of personal antipathy for Donald

Trump, or a big payday, or both, taken to showing their opposition to Donald Trump by endorsing Far Left Democrats and thereby assisting them in the destruction of the American constitutional republic.

And the choice by these individuals, such as Bill Kristol, to assist Democrats in the destruction of America doesn’t limit itself to their personal hatred of Trump. In what can only be described as an adoption of the Marxist idea of “class enemies” anyone who was ever associated with Trump, endorsed by Trump, or shares any of the many mainstream conservative ideas advocated by Trump, is now an enemy to be destroyed along with Trump.

See Kristol’s endorsement of Clinton bagman and serial corruption artist Democrat Terry McAuliffe and comment that Virginia Republican candidate for Governor Glenn Youngkin is too “Trumpy” for the latest example of this bizarre and destructive behavior.

The end result of this bizarre and irrational behavior is that these alleged conservatives substitute personality for principle in a way that is so utterly foreign to the conservatism of Russell Kirk, Frank S. Meyer, Barry Goldwater, William F. Buckley, Jr., Ronald Reagan and the other founders of the modern conservative movement as to be its antithesis.

But it does have its historical precedent in the opposition to, and undermining of, Goldwater’s 1964 campaign for president and the subsequent effort of the Republican establishment to purge Goldwater conservatives from the GOP.

That effort to rid the GOP of principled limited government constitutional conservatives failed spectacularly and temporarily ended with the 1980 election of Ronald Reagan – but not before a vast amount of damage was done to the country through the elections of presidential failures Democrat Lyndon Baines Johnson, establishment Republican Richard Nixon and Democrat Jimmy Carter.

Our view of Bill Kristol and his cohorts in the pedophilia cover-up operation known as the Lincoln Project is that they should not be purged, but simply ignored as the irrelevant lapdogs of the media that they have become.

Which brings us to the most important part of this article – our endorsement of conservative Republican Glenn Youngkin for Governor of Virginia.

Youngkin is running as a pro-business conservative who will stand up to unions, lower taxes, recruit jobs and boost Virginia’s post-pandemic economy – exactly the message voters exhausted by the Democrats’ hypocritical and destructive anti-science COVID mitigation policies are looking for.

What’s more, Mr. Youngkin has a solid record running a successful multi-billion-dollar business to bring to bear on Richmond’s shambolic and politically corrupted government agencies that cannot seem to do anything without checking on your political party affiliation.

The campaign has revealed Mr. Youngkin to be a fierce defender of the second amendment and voter identification laws – two fundamental principles of today’s conservatism. He also supports school choice, pledged to ban critical race theory from public education and denounced efforts to lower math instruction standards.

“These issues are not Republican vs. Democrat. These issues are in fact far left vs. Virginia,” Youngkin said at his first campaign rally after gaining the Republican nomination for Governor – and we agree.

What’s more, in addition to his serial corruption, Terry McAuliffe has displayed the kind of totalitarian tendencies that are the antithesis of conservative principles of personal liberty and responsibility, telling private employers, and stating his plans for the state of Virginia will be, to “make life difficult" for those who refuse the current COVID-19 vaccines.

We’re not sure what being “too Trumpy” means to Bill Kristol and the poor deluded souls he convinced to join him in endorsing corrupt Democrat Terry McAuliffe but make no mistake about this – four more years of Far Left Democrat governance is going to turn Virginia into an eastern version of California and conservative Republican Glenn Youngkin is the only thing standing between Virginians and that disastrous fate. Those of us located in our headquarters in Virginia plan to vote for conservative Glenn Youngkin for Governor, and we urge conservatives statewide to do the same.

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Never Trumper so called Republicans are jealous and proven to be irrelevant. Instead of really wanting what is best for the country they showed their true colors which is selfish, pitiful, whiny and irrelevant. Just go away.

Replying to

We need to make them go away--starting with the 2022 and 2024 elections. And, long term, we need to be thinking about a new party to replace the failed GOP. Please check out this new party:


I wish the best for Glenn Youngkin. We need him as well as Larry Elder in California to bring some sense back to their respective states.

As an aside, since Barry Goldwater was mentioned in this article. Back in 1970, I was an Air Force photographer/lab technician in Vietnam. Every week, I made a Military Affiliated Radio System call home via their short wave system. The receiving station in the U.S. would connect me to my wife via a collect telephone call. That is, all except Senator Goldwater's station in Scottsdale, Ariz. They always put the call through at his expense. One day the station at my base received a small photo of the operators in Scottsdale. I cop…

Replying to

Thank you. I forgot about the Terminator. But as also learned, he was hardly a conservative. He is really tacking left these days in his old age. Definitely not another Uncle Ronnie . . . !


Kristol is hardly a conservative. Can't trust any anti-Trumpers.

TRUMP 2024 & 2028!

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