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Red China’s Strategy of Elite Capture at Work in Michigan EV Battery Project

In one of the more brazen displays in America of elite capture by Red China, Democrat-led Michigan awarded incentives to Gotion High-Tech Co., a Chinese Communist-affiliated electric vehicle battery project opposed by the local people.

We note this as an example of Red China’s capture of Michigan’s Democrat Governor and Democrat-controlled legislature because of the secrecy imposed upon the whole deal: the battery maker's plans to build a sprawling plant near Big Rapids required 36 non-disclosure agreements with legislative staff, executive branch employees and the elected officials tasked with awarding nearly $800 million in tax incentives, state records show.

The agreements, obtained by The Detroit News through a public records request, included 11 lawmakers, nearly 20 legislative staffers and several officials within Gov. Gretchen Whitmer's administration — all of whom signed agreements that last five years and include a running list of projects, memos and information blocked from release to the public paying the money to aid businesses.

Bloomberg reported Red Chinese battery maker Gotion High-Tech Co. was awarded $175 million in grants and a zoning designation estimated to be valued at $540 million, according to the Michigan Economic Development Corp. The company has proposed investing $2.4 billion in a plant in Big Rapids, Michigan, to build battery anodes and cathodes and employ as many as 2,350 people according to proposal documents from the MEDC, though the project’s real economic impact isn’t yet confirmed.

And, once captured, the elite do the bidding of the Chinese Communist Party, even if the local people don’t want it or support it.

The Epoch Times reported the possible construction of a new Communist China-affiliated lithium-ion battery factory in their backyard has presented the people of rural western Michigan with a choice between new jobs and national security.

Because of the battery company’s ties to the Chinese Communist Party (CCP), former Air Force Staff Sergeant Ormand Hook had no trouble making up his mind.

Hook, who resides three miles from the site, told The Epoch Times that he is choosing “national security and safety” over “new jobs and money in our pockets.”

“It’s not worth the risk. Communist China is our biggest enemy. We have to go with national security first. In a dangerous world, take the boldest course for your survival,” he said.

It will surprise no one to learn that President “Big Guy” Joe Biden’s Committee on Foreign Investment in the United States (CFIUS) — an interagency taskforce overseen by the Department of the Treasury and tasked with reviewing certain foreign investments that may pose a national security threat — determined that Gotion's proposed facility was not a covered real estate transaction or purchase under the Defense Production Act.

Michigan's Green Charter Township has become the site of some of the most vocal opposition to Red Chinese investment in local manufacturing in the country in recent years. Tudor Dixon, Michigan’s 2022 Republican candidate for governor, warned that the plant would be “one square mile of CCP,” and Senator Lana Theis (R-MI) suggested that the firm would “set up a Party organization and carry out Party activities in accordance with the Constitution of the Communist Party of China.”

Kristina Karamo, chair of the Michigan Republican Party, declared that “if you choose to give this money to Gotion, you are a traitor to your republic, you are a traitor to your children’s future,” and Representative John Moolenar (R-Mich.) lamented that it was a “historic mistake.”

Lawmakers, local residents and national security experts have for months raised concerns about Gotion's Red Chinese ownership and ties to the Chinese Communist Party. And Michigan state Senator Lana Theis is right: The corporate bylaws of Gotion High-Tech requires the company to "carry out Party activities in accordance with the Constitution of the Communist Party of China.

"While it is welcome that Gotion recently requested a federal review on its own, the subsidiary of a parent company that pledges allegiance to the CCP should not pass a CFIUS review to build a facility in Michigan," Rep. John Moolenaar, R-Mich., who represents the district where the plant would be constructed, said in April.

Many Big Rapids residents who spoke at the hearing slammed the mounting presence of China in the area, with one going as far as to claim the project was part of the CCP's plan to 'overthrow the United States without firing a shot'.

"I think that any Chinese communist plant buying up 700 acres of Michigan land is a concern to all citizens throughout the state," said Cheryl Vitito according to the UK’s Daily Mail.

"This CCP-controlled company represents communism and is a threat to our way of life and our God-given and constitutional freedoms.

"We don't want the CCP here by way of the Gotion plant as they have no regard for the value and dignity of human life." "This company pledges allegiance to the Chinese Communist Party and should be determined as a threat to our national security," added Shirley Schaefer, another Green Charter Township resident quoted by the Daily Mail.

The Capitol Switchboard is (202-224-3121), call today and tell your Senators and Representative that you demand they conduct hearings and investigate how, despite overwhelming local opposition, Red China was able to obtain $800 million in state government funding for its electric vehicle battery project in Michigan.

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Whitmer is so corrupt, she needs to be impeached, and we need to get republicans back into office.

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