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Red China Wins Afghanistan War

The Biden-engineered American defeat in Afghanistan has handed the West’s two greatest enemies – Communist China and Islamism – a history changing victory. And it should

surprise no one that they are jointly celebrating America’s defeat and humiliation.

While Islamists see Biden’s chaotic departure from Afghanistan as their victory (more on that in another column) the real and immediate victors are the Red Chinese, who are reaping an immense benefit in geopolitical and economic influence.

As Zhou Bo, an expert on the Chinese Army’s strategic thinking on international security, wrote in an op-ed for The New York Times, “Beijing has few qualms about fostering a closer relationship with the Taliban and is ready to assert itself as the most influential outside player in an Afghanistan all but abandoned by the United States.”

Indeed, as the last American plane departed Afghanistan the Taliban were welcoming the Communist Chinese in. “We are ready to exchange views with China on how to forge ahead in terms of boosting our mutual relations, establishing peace in the region, and its assistance in the reconstruction of Afghanistan,” said Taliban spokesman Suhail Shaheen, who went on to tell This Week in Asia that China can play a ‘constructive and positive’ role in reconstruction and economic development.

China, our ‘great neighbor,’ will help Afghanistan forge peace, concluded the Taliban spokesman.

But this was not a relationship that was forged overnight – it has been long planned and follows the Chinese response to another American Islamist defeat – Somalia.

As Alessandro Arduino explained in an August 23, 2021 op-ed, Chinese State Councillor Wang Yi met Taliban co-founder Mullah Abdul Ghani Baradar in Tianjin on July 28 and described the group as a “pivotal military and political force.”

Got that? The Red Chinese hosted the Taliban IN CHINA a good month before the Afghan government began to crumble, and Beijing’s statements in the wake of the fall of Kabul, that it “respects the choice of Afghans,” will do nothing to quell speculation about China’s ambitions.

And Red China’s ambitions in the region are many.

Afghanistan is sitting on mineral deposits estimated to be worth up to $3 trillion, Reuters reported, quoting a former mines minister of the country.

And Komal Gupta of the Indian Express observed Afghanistan is home to what may be the world’s largest reserves of lithium – the key ingredient of the large-capacity lithium-ion batteries that are widely used in electric vehicles and the renewable energy industry. And since China dominates Lithium-Ion Battery Production worldwide, it may seek long-term a contract with the Taliban to develop Afghanistan’s massive untapped lithium reserves in return for mining rights and ownership arrangements.

Afghanistan is also rich in several other resources such as gold, oil, bauxite, rare earths, chromium, copper, natural gas, uranium, coal, iron ore, lead, zinc, gemstones, talc, sulfur, travertine, gypsum and marble, noted Gupta.

Returning to power in Afghanistan after 20 years, the Taliban has recaptured these massive mineral deposits. “With the U.S. withdrawal, Beijing can offer what Kabul needs most: political impartiality and economic investment,” Zhou Bo wrote. “Afghanistan in turn has what China most prizes: opportunities in infrastructure and industry building — areas in which China’s capabilities are arguably unmatched — and access to $1 trillion in untapped mineral deposits.”

Defending the $63 billion China-Pakistan Economic Corridor is also among Red China’s top priorities, but so is the exercise of “soft power” through economic development aid and building a cadre of China-friendly Afghan technocrats.

Mr. Arduino explained Somalia is part of a bold Chinese geopolitical bet for a high-risk, high-reward undertaking, and could shed some light on what Beijing could do next in Afghanistan.

In Somalia, Chinese soft power flows from university scholarships which allow more than 1,000 Somali students to study in mainland China, to Covid-19 aid, among other efforts. Since 2008, China has sent PLA Navy warships to escort commercial vessels, mostly Chinese, to protect them against the pirates that infest the Gulf of Aden.

Although Somalia remains a failed state, China is nonetheless firmly fixed on establishing a footprint in Somalia before the country is stabilized says Mr. Arduino. A key tool for this effort is the use of Chinese private security contractors to protect the country’s investments there. The embassy, for example, has contracted its security to local militias. Chinese private security companies in the country for anti-piracy operations and VIP close security protection are eager for a bigger piece of the pie – and live-fire experience – so they are bidding aggressively in Beijing for contracts to provide security for diplomatic staff.

Beijing’s experiment with private security contractors to lay the groundwork for stabilizing Somalia will be a litmus test for its broader participation in Afghanistan. Though Chinese security contractors lack sophisticated equipment or battle-tested capabilities – of the kind deployed by Russian private military companies operating in the African continent – they can provide valuable intelligence to Beijing and a boots on the ground presence that the People’s Liberation Army cannot, observed Mr. Arduino.

As we explained in our article, Red China’s Economic Warfare Includes Buying Up America, Communist Chinese military doctrine is based on “all-domain operations” in which every avenue is to be exploited to advance the Chinese goal of world domination. In Afghanistan America lost to Red China across many domains, economic, geopolitical and influence being just the three most obvious. It is no surprise that the Communist Chinese are exploiting Joe Biden’s defeat in Afghanistan, just as they are exploiting Bill Clinton’s 1993 defeat in Somalia for advantages that the United States may not recognize for generations.

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Charles Wilkins
Charles Wilkins
Sep 06, 2021

WAKE UP AMERICA, biden recall or the democrat party will become just a memory.White House now, all Biden phone calls are private, are we now in some type of dictatorship governennt? Time for these clowns to go, Public servants like joe biden, don’t have private conversations, with world leaders on the phone, this is why, the phone calls are on recorder and listen in on, by white house security etc, so are the white house logs, which Biden also likes to hide from our public view. Guess also those many conversations over in China, where he and Hunter cut that billion and half dollar deal while on the tax payors dime.Time for any traitors to pay for their crimes against…

Replying to

I think we've been in some kind of a dictatorship for quite some time, in my extremely humble opinion. Probably dating back to JFK's assassination. It has grown worse ever since then--and has been greatly accelerated by covid-19 and the Biden administration's bungling at the southern border, in Afghanistan, etc.


Charles Wilkins
Charles Wilkins
Sep 05, 2021

Where does their loyalty end, Bidens, foreign interest? it's more then obivious joe biden is making decisions against our Anerican people, this is what happens, when money is exhanged for loyality, the bidens have accepted enormous amounts of money from Russia China as he held the VP office, What did they do, promise to get that money? We are at a point it's time, for the Biden's to explain their actions and motives. He will be impeached for his actions an forced to explain his role in aiding China and Russia, the decisions he makes on their behalf. Biden's Plans are National Security risk, under the left's thinking in our Country, it should not seem unreasonable to exchange, joe biden…

Replying to

But I am sure the Taliban prefers Biden to Trump. They'd have never walked all over Trump like this.


Charles Wilkins
Charles Wilkins
Sep 02, 2021

Surprised joe was not in the photo also.

Russia and China, who still have their embassies in Afganistan, doing businees etc. Now, they have all the access to rare earth materials, they want, thank you biden family, you have earned the money given to you from Russia and China.When will America's going to wake up and realize the Biden's have sold us down the river? Iran, now has Nuclear waepons, thanks john kerry joe biden, Afganistan has 8o billion dollars of equipmrnt to trade with China and Russia.Of course let's not forget what the Bidens got paid. Back in 2013, Joe and Hunter Biden flew on Air Force Two to China. Ten days later, "Hunter Biden", a dropout with no…

Replying to

My question remains how long should we have stayed in Afghanistan? American citizens wanted us out. Biden should have followed Trump's plan.


The world will be in greater turmoil than ever since we abandoned Bagram AB and retreated from Afghanistan altogether. The retreat has been likened to the pullout from Saigon, but it is more like the British and French retreat at Dunkirk. The war isn't over, but we'll be fighting it from farther away. The Taliban may be officially in charge of Afghanistan, but they are not an army or a government. They are terrorists and they will continue to create havoc around the world. They will be doing the dirty work of the real Afghan government: China. Meanwhile, without Bagram, we will be totally in the dark regarding events in that part of the world. Failure to keep a p…

Replying to

I'm not so sure. How long were we supposed to be there for? And we're not "nation building" in those other places as we were in Afghanistan. I tend to think we should have been out of Afghanistan after a year or two--tops. Bush 43 and the military industrial complex duped us into a 20-year war with their bogus WMD's, etc.


Red China, Russia, Iran, and a bunch of other folks. But we never should have been there in the first place. Bush 43 and the CIA duped us into going over there in the first place.

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