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Rep. Chip Roy Goes Full Texas On Biden Mask Mandate

Back on December 9, 2020 then-Democrat presidential nominee Joe Biden announced that

if his apparent victory was confirmed he would impose a nationwide mask mandate on “day one.”

And true to Biden’s form of keeping only his most destructive and anti-constitutional promises (e.g. banning fracking) he issued an “Executive Order on Protecting the Federal Workforce and Requiring Mask-Wearing” on January 20, 2021.

The Executive Order is full of all the bureaucratic gobbledygook one would expect from an administration trying to make it sound like Americans have to wear a mask, when it has no tools to enforce such an extraconstitutional mandate.

Our favorite part is this one: Encouraging Masking Across America. (a) The Secretary of Health and Human Services (HHS), including through the Director of CDC, shall engage, as appropriate, with State, local, Tribal, and territorial officials, as well as business, union, academic, and other community leaders, regarding mask-wearing and other public health measures, with the goal of maximizing public compliance with, and addressing any obstacles to, mask-wearing and other public health best practices identified by CDC.

The title of that section kind of reminded us of the feelgood Hands Across America Sunday, on May 25, 1986, in which approximately 5 to 6.5 million people held hands for fifteen minutes in an attempt to form a continuous human chain across the contiguous United States and raise money for African food relief.

Except Hands Across America was voluntary.

The general reaction of the public to Biden’s Masks Across America has been one of complete indifference – the only place the federal government can enforce it is on federal property, where President Trump put on a mask mandate months ago.

And those who aren’t indifferent to the Biden mask mandate are downright hostile.

KOTA TV reported Rapid City resident Jon Pokras speaking against any mask mandate " These masks are what’s causing the problem, there weakening people’s immune system, these masks are horrible”. Pokras believes masks are not the answer to keeping COVID-19 away.

Maryland resident Udayan Mallik told the BBC, “The mask mandate is utterly useless and merely forces people who work in federal facilities to wear a mask.”

Our friend Texas Congressman Chip Roy (TX-21) had this classic Texas response to the Biden Day One Mask Mandate via Twitter, “On day one I will tell you to kiss my ass. #StandUpForAmerica.”

Rather than defend his Executive Order Biden reacted by calling the congressman's remark "not very American."

While Biden loyalists, Democrats and liberals were aghast at Rep. Roy going full Texas on the new President, Twitter’s normal American users seemed to approve, with #Resist46 @Right_NJ tweeting, “Telling a tyrant to kiss your ass is pretty much the most American thing ever.”

Given its limited legal scope, Joe Biden’s mask mandate probably would have had more moral authority if he, along with his wife and VP Kamala Harris and her husband, hadn’t very publicly broken it just hours after it was promulgated. Biden’s mask mandate, like much of his week one agenda is more about showing the little people who’s Boss than it is about protecting Americans from the ravages of COVID-19. So, like Chip Roy said…

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Agree with all here and especially jbhetherton.

Having said that...we in TX still suffer the indignity of a statewide “mask mandate” issued by our allegedly Republican Governor. In my neck of the woods, suburban Collin County just north of Dallas, virtually every business posts “mask required for entry” signs and compliance (submission) is close to 100 percent. It’s even 50 percent or more while people are just walking around outdoors, based on my non-scientific observations. The local media push Covid fear-mongering 24/7. And apparently the vast majority of us supposedly independent Texans have swallowed it hook, line, and sinker.

It’s sad.


It sickens me to hear these Leftists touting "patriotism" as if they had a clue what it even meant. For Biden or any other Leftist to lecture me on what is unamerican or not patriotic is far beyond an insult to my intelligence, I am enraged at the gal, the audacity of these pompous, treasonous asses and their oxymoronic, contemptable idea of what it is to be an American!

What they seek is compliance, submission and obedience, total control of every aspect of our lives, resulting in total control of the population, control is power and power is what they desire, what they lust after. they seek to rule absolute, all of which is contrary, adverse to the values and…


I would applaud Chip Roy and his comment to Komrade Chairman, Biden.

I would also say Frak Komrade Biden in the left ear with a chinese virus.

And I do say KMA also Komrade Biden, Lets Get busy Deporting before the Court Order runs Out.


Jan 28, 2021

Responding to His Fraudulency, may I add, KMA. Also...China virus China virus China virus...

Furthermore, the next time I'm at the Lincoln Memorial, I shall be celebrating...something.

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