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Report From Inside The Canadian Trucker Protest

Since the establishment media refuses to cover the Canadian truckers protesting against the Trudeau government’s draconian forced vaccination and vaccine passport system, we’ve

been following various on the ground social media accounts to find out what’s really going on in Ottawa.

Editor’s Note: There are signs a similar trucker protest may be brewing in America. Watch #ConvoyToDC2022 on social media and we will let you know as soon as we hear something from our inside sources.

Now, for the report from Ottawa.

Our favorite Twitter reporter @GhostOfGord has posted a good summary of the state of play in Ottawa. Here’s a little bit of background before we start unrolling @GhostOfGord’s most recent thread; the Ottawa police have announced that they will confiscate fuel and propane deliveries to the truckers and their meal and warming stations as a way of trying to force them out of the city center of Ottawa.

@GhostOfGord reports:

First off - Last night Ottawa Police showed up at the community kitchen named ‘Coventry’ set up by truckers + their supporters

It appears that this was merely a publicity stunt on the part of @OttawaPolice - they only took a few Jerry cans of diesel fuel for the cameras, and on the whole it seems a very weaksauce show of intimidation.

This trucker is nonplussed + confident

Not only is this some weak intimidation, but it is quite illegal for the police to seize perfectly legal and legally obtained property. See

Regardless of this loss of a minor amount of fuel, if the truckers manage their idle time correctly, only run trucks when they are sleeping or have APUs on their rigs, assuming they’re full as of last night, most can remain in the city for a week to two weeks quite easily.

The organizers spoke on events last night here - they remain confident and vigilant in the face of the petty tyranny and ineptitude of this government.

They are still seeking a meeting with The Feds, which, 9 days into this, has yet to be received.

It is expected that Trudeau will return to Ottawa today after hiding out at a chalet in Quebec.

You’d think he might address this protest action, but it appears his first order of business is reviving a previous attempt at censoring the internet.

I’m hearing of blockades being erected around trucks for purposes of later towing.

As previously reported, there is not a tow truck company in the country who will play ball with The City of Ottawa.

Their own towing capacity are a couple of city bus tow rigs.

Good luck.

Yesterday The Mayor of Ottawa declared a “state of emergency”, which is yet more hyperventilating on the part of the establishment that this peaceful protest is wildly popular and they’re impotent in being able to manage the narrative around it at all.

Everyone I have spoken with in Ottawa, including an associate from Alberta whose rig is on Wellington Street not 300 yards from Parliament, remain positive, upbeat, and resolute.

They’re not going anywhere.

It should be noted that in the wake of GoFundMe stealing $9 million in donations to Freedom Convoy organizers, @GiveSendGo have stepped into the breach and have surpassed $5 million CDN in donations as of last night.

Many countries have fully re-opened their countries + have begun to heal their fractured societies.

There is no logic to the continuation of these mandates other than punishing those who choose to make their own health decisions.

The Prime Minister @JustinTrudeau could end this right now, and show some real leadership in re-building Canadian society, which has been horribly fractured by the failed policies of his government.

End the mandates, we all go home and carry on with our lives.

Thanks to everyone for all of your support through this, it means everything to myself and my fellow Truckers, and everyone in the world who is watching this drama unfold.

Feel free to share this widely, and keep your spirits up, we will prevail.

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Americans need to start saying "NO!" to vaccine and mask mandates. The flu is more deadly than covid. Not to mention how poor these alleged vaccines are. Big Pharma and the Fourth Estate continue to obfuscate the fact that many people have suffered adverse effects, including death, from these vaccines--it is all about the Benjamins, folks . . . !


John Cheves
John Cheves
Feb 09, 2022

Imagine what a **** show this would be if it were a bunch of ANTIFA and BLM "demonstrating", (mostly peacefully). They would have already burned half of Ottawa to the ground along with the Parliament building, with full mayoral and police support.

Instead, because it's conservatives demonstrating, this looks more like a Canadian Disney World.


Mike M
Mike M
Feb 08, 2022

Trudeau and the Mayor of Ottawa, like the hypocritical Communist pansies that they are, don't want to deal with the real issue. Instead, like all Adolf Hitler wannabes, they send in their wannabe Gestapo Goons to confiscate legally owned property and intimidate innocent people into submission.

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