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Republicans Don’t Fall For Manchin ‘Compromise’ Election Bill

Last night’s Republican filibuster of the Democrat HR1 – S1 election power grab was a testament to the thousands of grassroots conservative activists who contacted their

Republican Senators to demand the GOP stand united against the Democrats’ outrageous assault on free speech, the Constitution’s separation of powers and our right to privacy.

And we have to give credit to the Senate’s Republican Leader Mitch McConnell.

Just about the time we have had enough and start to think it would be a good idea if certain GOP Senators stepped into an open manhole, McConnell comes through and organizes a Cemetery Ridge-level last stand that staves-off the Democrats.

In remarks on the Senate Floor, McConnell kept Republicans together by reminding them – in plain words- what HR1 and S1 are all about:

“…conservatives, in particular, didn’t need a reminder of what became institutionalized discrimination under the last Democratic administration.

“So when private contributors, non-profit advocacy groups, and religious organizations see that S. 1’s disclosure requirements would intentionally unlearn the lessons of the IRS’ abuses under Lois Lerner, they have plenty of reasons to fear.

“Naming and shaming is not a hypothetical concept. It’s been a concrete reality for thousands of private citizens. And today, Democrats are asking for a green light to supercharge the intimidation machine that makes it possible.

“We’ve heard this entire package described many different ways over the years.

“These same rotten proposals have sometimes been called a massive overhaul for a broken democracy… Sometimes a modest package of tweaks for a democracy that’s working perfectly… And sometimes a response to state actions which this bill predates by years.

“But whichever label Democrats slap on their bill, the substance remains the same. It’s always been a plan to rewrite the ground rules of American politics.”

So, the filibuster held and HR1 and S1 have been stymied for the time being, but that doesn’t mean the threat of a Democrat takeover of elections is gone forever.

Indeed, some Republicans want to give them that opportunity by backing some sort of “bipartisan compromise,” promoted by West Virginia’s Democrat Senator Joe Manchin, whose opposition to getting rid of the filibuster made the GOP’s stand against HR1 – S1 possible.

The fact that both former President Barack Obama and defeated Georgia Democrat Stacey Abrams both back Manchin’s bill should be a clue to even the dumbest Republican Senator that there’s nothing “bipartisan” about Manchin’s so-called compromise.

Under his plan, Manchin would make Election Day a national holiday, implement automatic voter registration, mandate at least 15 days of early voting before federal elections and require voter ID with laughable allowable alternatives, such as a utility bill.

But some Republicans just can’t get it through their thick heads that Joe Manchin is not their friend, rather he is the Judas Goat whose job it is to lead them to the slaughter.

Manchin will be the one who comes to the GOP with the next “compromise” and Manchin will be the one who will suggest the old HR4 DOJ preclearance bill – a bill that may be even worse in some ways than HR1 – as an alternative Republicans should embrace.

And a few will fall for it.

Right now, Senate Republicans are united in opposition to HR1 – S1, and the filibuster is giving them the power to stop the Democrats’ drive to end free and fair elections in this country. But the drive to be loved by the media and seen as “bipartisan” is even stronger among the Senate’s squishy Republicans than is the drive to preserve constitutional liberty as we have known it.

Just because we appear to have stopped HR1 – S1 don’t let up your calls to Senate Republicans telling them to oppose any Democrat-sponsored election law changes. The toll-free Capitol Switchboard is (1-866-220-0044) call today to oppose any so-called bipartisan compromise offered to Republicans by Judas Goat Joe Manchin.

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6 comentários

24 de jun. de 2021

Socialist/marxist/democrats never let up and never sleep....just like Satan.


Jonathan Freed
Jonathan Freed
24 de jun. de 2021

Rather than demonize Joe Manchin for attempting to employ statesmanship and compromise, we might want to continue to cultivate and maintain open lines of communications with a Democrat that has proven more interested in the Constitution than some RINOs we all know. I will take him over the other Joe(ker) that we are dealing with.

24 de jun. de 2021
Respondendo a

Joe Manchin is an old FDR Socialist Democrat. Don't be fooled. He's not a conservative Constitutionalist. He's progressive as they come. The only reason he is seeming to appear reasonable is because he wants to keep his job in an increasingly red state.


23 de jun. de 2021

Apparently Sen. Manchin is a far better politician that i had thought. He almost succeeded in making the rest of society think that he actually did care about the integrity of our electoral system . What remains now is , has he fooled enough of his fellow West Virginian citizens to win re-election . And , since West Virginia went for Donald Trump in a very very big way , Mr. Machin might have overplayed his hand .


I actually began to believe Joe was a Democrat with some common sense. However, he seems to be just like the rest of them, a liar trying to mislead us. I am still looking for one that has the least bit of common sense. Nowhere to be found.


Charles Wilkins
Charles Wilkins
23 de jun. de 2021

Once again, Biden and the Democrats prove they have no brains, attack guns instead of crime, Democrat control cities, that defund the police, no bail, petty thief crimes not to be prosecuted, no ability to govern, misuse of tax payor money, corruption in and out of government will not end on a good note. Do democrats really think they will be elected or re-elected this next voting cycle? Biden's view of crime control is no different then how he handles the border, brainless an stupid. They have wasted billions of tax payor's money on bull shit ideas that resolve nothing, except piss away American tax dollars. Who is behind this movement to destroy our economy and American way of life…

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