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Republicans Should All Have the Courage of Ginni Thomas

Our friend Virginia “Ginni” Thomas, wife of Supreme Court Associate Justice Clarence Thomas, was recently forced to appear before the House Democrats’ January 6 Committee to defend her private views and conversations with other conservative leaders and members

of former President Donald Trump’s staff.

That a private citizen, which Mrs. Thomas is, was rather forcefully “invited” to offer “voluntary” testimony before a congressional committee about her personal beliefs and opinions about the 2020 election is an outrage that should have been vigorously opposed by civil libertarians of all political persuasions – but there was nary a peep of opposition from the political Left or from the establishment media (but I repeat myself) to this Star Chamber-like congressional overreach.

To the extent that there was a bright spot in that exercise in government bullying of a private citizen it is to be found in Mrs. Thomas’s forthright statement of her continued belief that there were problems with the 2020 election.

Since Mrs. Thomas’s testimony was not public and we have only Democrat leaks to their media allies to go on, it is interesting to note how the establishment media portrayed her opening statement and answers to committee questions.

Yahoo News and USA Today headlined their coverage as “Trump praises Ginni Thomas for standing by false claims that 2020 election was stolen.”

The UK’s Guardian likewise headlined their coverage to emphasize that questions about the 2020 election were lies propounded by Donald Trump, “Ginni Thomas still believes Trump’s false claim the 2020 election was stolen

It’s a sad commentary on the state of “journalism” in the English-speaking West that only People Magazine ran the story of Mrs. Thomas’s meeting with the J6 Committee with a headline that didn’t promote the narrative that any questions about the 2020 election were based on lies: “Ginni Thomas Stands by Stolen Election Claims in Jan. 6 Interview, Denies Talking to Husband Clarence About It

Of course, the Democrats and their media allies have conveniently erased, and memory holed, all the evidence of election crimes and rigging that were rumored at the time the election was prematurely called by the media on Tuesday, November 3, 2020, and never investigated in the days immediately following.

It took Mollie Hemingway’s book Rigged: How the Media, Big Tech, and the Democrats Seized Our Elections to explain how Big Tech, wielding unprecedented powers, vaporized dissent and erased damning reports about the Biden family's corruption. And Democratic operatives, exploiting a public health crisis, shamelessly manipulated the voting process itself – perhaps legally or perhaps illegally.

And the evidence of election crimes and rigging presented by Dinesh D’Sousa in his film and book 2,000 Mules: They Thought We'd Never Find Out. They Were Wrong have likewise been cynically ignored by the establishment media and dismissed by Democrats without even looking at them.

The same goes for the evidence turned-up in state legislative hearings in Arizona and Wisconsin.

So, for Mrs. Thomas – in the face of what she obviously knows is a united front by the establishment media to discredit any questions about the 2020 election – to tell the January 6 Committee that she believes there were problems with the election was an act of extraordinary courage.

Courage that is shamefully lacking among Republican “leaders” at the national level, especially in Congress where the pushback and demands for investigations should have been the strongest.

Given that absence of courage among other Republican “leaders” former President Trump, whose eye for a power vacuum is unerring, naturally filled the void by remarking at his Michigan Rally: “Do you know Ginni Thomas?” the former President polled the crowd. “She didn’t say, ‘Oh, well I’d like not to get involved. Of course, it was a wonderful election.’ It was a rigged and stolen election. She didn’t wait and sit around and say, ‘Well let me give you maybe a different answer than [what] I’ve been saying for the last two years.’”

“No, no,” Trump continued, “She didn’t wilt under pressure like so many others that are weak people and stupid people… She said what she thought, she said what she believed in.”

Not wilting under pressure. Saying what you think and what you believe in, even when it goes against the establishment narrative. Those qualities used to be expected of people who aspired to public leadership – that they are now remarkable among political insiders demonstrates just how important Ginni Thomas is as an example of leadership to all Americans, and why Democrats have done their worst over many years to try to destroy her.

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