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Republicans Stockholm Syndrome

Along with many others, I wrote a post-mortem on the Republican’s poor showing in the 2022 midterm elections. The only difference is that my post-mortem was written BEFORE the elections. My first line was, “I write this before the 2022 election has occurred,” leaving no doubt as to when it was written.

Frankly, it was brave for this publication’s editor, George Rasley, to publish before the elections an article criticizing the failings of the people in charge. This is especially true since so many were already popping champaign corks before the elections even occurred, talking about the coming Red Tsunami.

Republicans should be wary of a “sure thing” and I felt that we sounded like Hillary in 2016 with our over-confidence, full of hubris. As I mentioned in the article, the signs of what the Democrats were doing (particularly the architect, puppet master, Obama) was in plain sight but many ignored the signs and didn’t connect the dots. Democrats’ methods are classic Marxist revolutionary practices.

An example of how it works: as soon as a theme/slogan was chosen, the well-orchestrated minions of loyal leftists repeated the lies over and over. A traditional form of brainwashing. Such as “Democracy is on the ballot,” completely avoiding Biden’s absolute total failings in every category.

If the election was a referendum on Biden’s failings there would have been a Red Wave. But the establishment Republican leadership avoided repeating their own unifying slogan highlighting a simple theme. Remember, Reagan drove home a simple slogan – “are you better off than you were four years ago?”

Government radio, TikTok, Twitter, Facebook, newspapers, TV ads, memes, and Obama Biden rallies all promoted Democrat’s latest slogan. The attacks were false, hate-filled diatribes repeated ad nauseum, driving it home like a throbbing migraine.

It is important to understand that all these over-the-top Nazi death camp, hate-filled extreme slogans are directed at the Republican base. They are used to suppress the vote and it worked. Turnout in the Republican rural areas were far less than it should have been. Enthusiasm was not as high as one would expect.

For the voter, it was a time to take revenge for the last two years of abuse but the abused did have it in them to fight back. The Democrat violent rhetoric was to make good-hearted Americans second guess their beliefs.

Like a woman in an abusive relationship, the abused start to believe the lies of the abuser. Hearing through all the aforementioned sources the incessant mantra of “you’re no good;” “you’re a racist;” “you’re a Nazi;” “you’re against democracy;” “you’re a violent extremist;” “you’re horrible” finally takes its toll.

While many find the Democrats’ false accusations laughable, many Christian kind-hearted start to believe that some of it is true.

This is first-order voter suppression of our base.

The purpose of the January 6 hearings was nothing more than to demonize millions of Republicans. Even the repeating Biden’s lie that police died that day and there was “blood everywhere.” It was all, by any standard, an unfair, false portrayal of what really happened.

Those themes – all lies – are voter intimidation and suppression – verbal, violent abuse of the conservative base. Honest voters were beaten into submission and began to identify with the abuser.

We are to accept that men can get pregnant, that all whites hate black people, that there are 36 different sexes, that less police brings less crime, that children know if they want their genitals cut off. And if you questioned any of this idiocy, you are a hate-filled Nazi.

They accuse the conservative (you) of everything they are doing. This technique is described in “Rules for Radicals,” the book dedicated to Satan about which Hillary wrote her graduate thesis. The book outlines how to overthrow America.

Now the methods of the leftist cabal are out in the open, right in front of you. Our next move is to recognize and remember how they operate – anticipate their evil.

In short, Republicans need to turn the tables, understand their craft, and go after the Left’s base. Both African-Americans and Hispanics are ready to vote Republican, but we need to target them with the same vigor with which the Democrats go after our base – only we don’t need to either lie or abuse them. We just need to open their eyes. Show them the path off the Democrat plantation.

The deepest threat to a committed Marxist is exposing their base to the truth and what the socialists are doing to sway them. In short – tell the truth, repeatedly.

The truth is like water on the wicked witch of the west; truth is Marxist kryptonite. Wake every morning like they do with the goal of targeting their base, exposing them to the horrible plan these Marxists have laid for them. Expose them for who they are.

If these followers of Marx and his atheist religion of socialism succeed, they have victory, then you will be enslaved. Victory for them is loss of our nation, your individual freedom, loss of your family with unlimited great sorrow.

Followers of Marxism, Mao, Stalin, Pol Pot murdered hundreds of millions.

We cannot let that happen here.

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Charles Wilkins
Charles Wilkins
Nov 21, 2022

Biden has made 57 trips to Delaware, spanning all or part of 185 days, according to data from former CBS correspondent Mark Knoller. The trips require taxpayer dollars to fund costs, ONCE AGAIN WHO IS PAYING THE SALARY FOR THE SECRET SERVICE NOT THE BIDENS BUT THE TAX PAYERS WHERE ARE THE PUBLIC RECORDS????


Up in heaven, Robert Bork must be wondering what the hell we are doing . . . !


The GOP has now horribly screwed up three elections in a row (2018, 2020, and this year). And we're supposed to trust them moving forward? Isn't the definition of insanity repeating the same action while expecting different results?

If President Trump is not the Republican presidential nominee in 2024, it will not even be worth it to vote at all. (I will vote for Trump if he runs as an independent or with a third party, however.)


The late Alinsky & now Obama & Soros are the devils incarnate. Americans are scared of the weaponization of the FBI & DOJ against Republicans & Conservatives. Anyone associated with Trump is being arrested, charged with something bogus, have a sham trial & put in jail. And one bogus investigation of Trump after another. I don't believe anything the DeMonicRats say, but I am AFRAID to have my name as a donor to any pro-life organization or any Republican candidate. Parents are terrorists, but Jane's Revenge can damage & threaten pregnancy crisis centers at will. We have a 2 tiered system of justice with no protection for conservatives or Republicans. We are denied due process. Who will defend us i…

Replying to

The vast majority of the Jan 6th protestors were there peacefully minding their own business, yet large numbers of them still languish in terrible conditions in jail. I haven't heard many elected Republicans say they will do anything about those jailed. So you may be correct about the dangers of admitting you are a conservative. This is not what this country was founded to be, but it is what it has become.


What a refreshingly honest and accurate of where we are NOW in America. The only thing I believe it may have left off is what I believe is the truth: The video "Absolute Interference" on Frankspeech dot com (at the end) shows how and when China PUT Joe Biden in the White House. Since I believe that actually did happen, it seems to help explain this article, its explained - motivations, its roots (or some of its roots), and just how "scary" all this really is.

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