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Senate Republican Squishes Derail Sen Tuberville Block On Woke Military Officers

The U.S. Senate was once “the world’s greatest deliberative body.” Now, it is mostly Absent Without Leave.

Undercut by the defection of Senate Republican squishes Senator Tommy Tuberville announced he is ending his nearly 10-month blockade on military promotions, releasing his holds on all but 4-star generals and officers.

Tuberville’s campaign of “holds” on hundreds of military promotions was originally undertaken in the face of the Biden Pentagon’s announcement that it would violate federal law and pay for the transportation of service members seeking abortions.

However, the campaign quickly grew into a larger and broader examination of the penetration of the officer corps by Cultural Marxist ideology.

As the campaign against the promotion of Cultural Marxist officers grew, and Tuberville dug-in, enough Republicans threatened to join Democrats to enable the majority party to change the Senate rules to effectively end the filibuster and the “hold” tactic Tuberville was using to stymie the Democrats.

What’s most outrageous about this GOP betrayal is that the Senate could have overcome Tuberville’s objections by simply debating and voting on each promotion individually, but that would have forced Democrats to defend both their illegal abortion policy and the Cultural Marxist officers on the Senate floor.

As our friend Frank Gaffney explained, Senator Tommy Tuberville’s effort to uphold the law banning federal funding of abortions that evolved into a fight over the Senate performing its constitutional role in evaluating senior military officers’ fitness for promotion came to a now all-too-familiar end: Senators on both sides of the aisle declined to do their jobs.

Ditto with respect to the twelve annual appropriations bills. Not one has been passed by the Senate.

Senators have even declined to insist on advising and consenting to a treaty that would surrender our sovereignty over health policy to the World Health Organization.

After Tuberville's decision to end his holds in the face of betrayal by his fellow Republicans, Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer, D-N.Y., quickly moved some 400+ nominations in one bloc of unanimous consent Tuesday afternoon, according to a report by The Hill.

Senator Tuberville has been slandered for jeopardizing national security, when his holds drew criticism from former officials who accused him of "harming military readiness." What is really putting national security at risk said Mr. Gaffney is a Senate that not only fails to deliberate but is actually AWOL.

As our friend Elaine Donnelly of the Center for Military Readiness observed, the rage being aimed at Sen. Tuberville suggests that something more is at stake than abortion subsidies only.

America’s military strength does not depend on military women aborting their babies. And the Senate can confirm deserving nominees later if not sooner. So, what explains the relentless personal attacks on Sen. Tuberville?

Consider this, said Ms. Donnelly. If Secretary Austin can get away with subsidizing abortion travel without a vote of Congress, Pentagon ideologues and outside activists will not stop there. The same officials who have willingly enlisted in the administration's campaign for abortion on demand until birth are sure to expand "access" to other controversial medical services, without a vote of Congress.

So, count on it, thanks to Uniparty Republican betrayals of Sen. Tuberville, demands for free travel expenses and time off for military personnel seeking sex-denying treatments and surgeries for adults and dependent children will be next.

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