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Senator Tommy Tuberville’s One-Man Crusade Against Woke Military

Updated: Nov 2, 2023

Alabama’s Senator Tommy Tuberville has been waging an effective one-man war on Joe Biden’s policy of turning the military into a change agent for his Marxist policies through the simple expedient of one of the Senate’s oldest prerogatives – the “hold” on a nomination.

Or in this case holding all of the military flag officer nominations and promotions, meaning Biden can’t confirm any officer for the rank of Colonel (Captain in the Navy) or above.

Originally, Senator Tuberville’s “hold” was strictly over Joe Biden’s announced policy of illegally using the military to facilitate abortions.

As our friends at NewsBusters reported longtime CBS Pentagon correspondent David Martin, asked Tuberville, “[w]hat would it take for you to lift your hold on all these nominations.”

Tuberville stated it plainly: “All they need to do is change it back to the way it was.”

“Tuberville is demanding Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin rescind this memo authorizing paid leave and transportation costs for service members to travel to states where abortion is legal,” Martin explained, adding the total of blocked promotions are global in scope and are north of 250.

Martin then asked an absurd but unsurprising question, framing Tuberville as the one upsetting the apple cart:

MARTIN: Aren’t you dragging the military into politics?

TUBERVILLE: I want to keep politics out of the military. It is ruining our military.

Senators Tuberville and Schmitt are right, but there’s a bigger back story here than what you will read in the establishment media and get from establishment GOP Senators complaining about Senator Tuberville’s principled stand against the Biden abortion policy.

What it has done is shine a harsh light on the increasingly politicized military and the need to vet promotions more closely.

A good example is Biden’s recently announced nomination of Air Force General CQ Brown to serve as Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff.

Gen. Brown is the poster General for the Democrats’ race-obsessed Marxist military. An unabashed anti-white racist Gen. Brown was unanimously confirmed as Air Force Chief of Staff by Senators too afraid of being falsely called racists for opposing an African American who is an actual racist.

Senator Tuberville’s blanket hold on all military promotions has removed the race card from the deck and put the emphasis squarely on the Biden abortion policy and “wokeness” in the military more generally.

And it has shown that many of Biden’s proposed promotions are part of the problem, because they are being promoted to serve the Marxist, race-obsessed agenda “wokeness” represents.

You would think that national security minded Republicans would be united in opposition to the continued degradation and politicization of the military, but such is not the case.

As our friend Penny Nance, CEO and President of Concerned Women for America, pointed out in a recent op-ed for The Hill:

Instead of blocking and tackling for coach while he’s being pummeled by the left, his fellow Republicans are not even on the field; some even seem to be playing for the opposing team.

And Penny is right, rather than supporting Senator Tuberville, the Senate’s GOP leadership has been undermining him, but Senator Tuberville is not backing down.

If anything, he is broadening the attack, pointing out in a recent op-ed for FOX, “Since March the Pentagon has been spending our tax dollars for travel and extra paid time off for service members and their kids to get abortions – something Congress neither authorized nor appropriated. We now have nonbinary recruiting ambassadors and drag queen performances on Navy ships.”

The Democrats’ answer to Senator Tuberville’s principled stand is to simply lie, claiming military readiness is suffering and the Marine Corps is without “leadership” for the first time in 164 years.

The reality is General Eric Smith is Acting Commandant of the Marine Corps and the Democrats could ask for a vote on Smith’s nomination any time, overcoming Sen. Tuberville’s “hold” (which is merely an objection to a motion for unanimous consent to proceed) with the simple expedient of a vote and debate on his nomination.

“Congress banned abortion at the VA 30 years ago,” Senator Tuberville once explained. “It was unanimous. One of the senators who voted for that bill was Joe Biden. We have never repealed this law. It is still on the books, and the administration needs to follow it. The administration doesn’t get to change the law without a vote in Congress.”

Senator Tuberville is right. The Capitol Switchboard is (202-224-3121), call today and tell your Senators to support Senator Tommy Tuberville and his principled stand to force Biden to follow the law and to keep politics and abortion out of our military.

Woke officers now on hold
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It's going to take a lot more than one patriot to pull this off. Tuberville is already being savaged by the liberal Fourth Estate.


James Bryson
James Bryson
Jul 17, 2023

How about a few more patriotic senators join Sen. Tuberville in this STAND?

I'm all in, citizen-patriot, come what may.


The main idea of military is to defend and be prepared to defend our Nation and its interests. The idea that the military must take the role of being correct in all social issues is distracting from the reason that the military exists.


Mike M
Mike M
Jul 17, 2023

Senator Tuberville is right. But being right is the least concern of Bite-Me Biden and his Communist cronies who couldn't care less about the military having the weapons and training that it needs. All they care about is making sure that all of the males are issued with lipstick and the right sized skirts!

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