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Senators: Follow Rep. Bill Posey On H.R. 1

Florida’s principled limited government constitutional conservative Rep. Bill Posey (FL-8)

doesn’t get as much press as his colleague Rep. Matt Gaetz, but his work in opposition to H.R. 1, the Democrats’ plan to kill free speech and institutionalize vote fraud should be emulated by every Republican Senator if and when the bill comes before the Senate.

Rep. Posey’s floor speech and his three amendments were particularly powerful indictments of H.R. 1 and succinctly explained why H.R. 1 is the exact opposite of election “reform.”

As a former state legislator Rep. Posey spoke out against Democrats’ radical legislation that would strip state legislatures of their authority to run their own elections. Posey offered three amendments to ensure the integrity of elections and make the legislation more accountable, but Democrats did not allow any of the three to be debated or voted on.

Democrats denied Congressman Posey’s three amendments: (1) prohibiting voting machines from connecting to the Internet, (2) requiring election hardware and software be American made, and (3) ensuring that election machines are fully auditable and that elections officials could no longer deny audits due to proprietary software or hardware issues. Unfortunately, these amendments were blocked and not allowed to be voted on by the House.

The Inspector General of the U.S. Election Assistance Commission shared in a letter to Congressman Posey, “EAC Believes Michigan may use modem transmission features in at least some of its Dominion voting systems.” Which contradicts earlier assertions made by the maker of the Dominion Voting System, “…Voting systems are by design meant to be used as closed systems that are not networked meaning they are not connected to the internet.”

“Why should the votes of the American people be subject to counting by foreign equipment that cannot be audited and that may be connected to the Internet? My amendments would promote election security by banning all three of these things,” said Posey.

“This eight-hundred-page bill was written behind closed doors and allows for a complete takeover of our elections by the federal government and creates massive loopholes that are ripe for fraud and abuse,” said Congressman Posey. “The bill eliminates many election safeguards like voter ID laws which many European and other countries recently adopted to make their elections more secure. Americans deserve honest, fair and transparent elections – unfortunately this bill moves in the other direction.”

Specifically, H.R. 1 - cosponsored by every Democrat in the House - gives the federal government unprecedented power over our elections and codifies some dangerous election practices via federal mandate. Specifically, this legislation:

Bans state voter-ID laws nationwide.

Repeals virtually all state election fraud prevention laws

Mandates state universal mail-in ballots while prohibiting witness signatures.

Requires all states to allow ballot harvesting so that political operatives or special interest groups collect and turn in ballots.

Allows ballots arriving after Election Day to be counted up to 10 days after said election.

Creates a recipe for fraud by mandating same day registration while banning ID laws.

Funds campaigns with $6 taxpayer dollars for each $1 in campaign donations.

Takes everything wrong with the 2020 election and mandates it nationwide.

Rep. Posey, speaking on the Floor of the House, said:

I rise today to express my strong opposition to H.R. 1 and my great disappointment that the Majority refused to allow my commonsense amendments to be offered to this bill. This bill was written behind closed doors and though Members of Congress offered over 180 amendments to improve this bill only 7 Republican amendments were allowed to be offered on the House floor. That is a travesty for Congress and the American people who want and deserve honest and transparent elections. This bill bans voter identification laws and mandates States implement mail-in voting both of which will lead to massive election fraud. Even European countries have rejected these failed policies due to fraud.

While serving in the Florida Senate I was tasked with reforming Florida’s election laws following the 2000 election and chaos that ensued. Having tackled election reform in the aftermath of an uncertain election, I know firsthand how important it is to restore confidence and eliminate existing grey areas that may lead to fraud or raise questions about fairness.

Events surrounding the 2020 election raised questions from my constituents about the operation and certification of voting machines used throughout our state and the nation. Chief among those concerns was whether our voting machines are connected to the internet and vulnerable to manipulation through hacking. To answer these and other questions I contacted the U.S. Election Assistance Commission which certifies voting hardware and software for use in our elections.

In her letter to me, the Inspector General of the U.S. Election Assistance Commission addressed this topic stating that the “EAC believes Michigan may use modem transmission features in at least some of its Dominion voting systems.” This is in direct conflict with assertions by the maker of the Dominion Voting System who stated, “…Voting systems are by design meant to be used as closed systems that are not networked meaning they are not connected to the Internet.”

To end the confusion on this issue and restore confidence in our system, I filed an amendment that would prohibit voting systems from being connected to the Internet. Specifically, stating that no system or device upon which ballots are programmed or votes are cast or tabulated shall be connected to the Internet at any time. That would ensure the integrity of voting machines. Unfortunately, that amendment was not allowed to be debated and voted on.

My second amendment would ensure that election machines are fully auditable – no longer would election officials and election equipment providers deny full audits of elections due to proprietary software or hardware. The America people have a right to a full audit of any election to ensure the full integrity of elections. There is no good reason to oppose this amendment but, again, it was not allowed to be debated and voted on.

And my third amendment would have prohibited the use of voting systems produced by a foreign entity. It would also require all components of the voting systems be manufactured and maintained in the United States. Why should the votes of the American people be subject to counting using foreign equipment, that cannot be audited and that may be connected to the Internet? My amendments would ban all three of these things.

By denying elected Members of Congress a vote on these amendments, Speaker Pelosi decided against providing full transparency and accountability in our federal elections. This partisan bill should be rejected.

We have two ways you can help stop this disaster: First, go to Act for America’s FreeRoots campaign and use the easy online tools to let Congress know you oppose this Un-American assault on free speech and free and fair elections. Second, call the toll-free Capitol Switchboard (1-866-220-0044), politely, but firmly, urge your Senators to oppose H.R. 1.

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ALL elected officials should be against this Bill, as any who are for it, are traitors! Likewise with all that Pelosi is trying to push, she is clearly attempting to create a Fascist state, a form of oligarchy, now that she is in charge.

Yes, I said it, Pelosi is in charge, she rules the House, Schumer bows to her every whim, Senate does not have the votes to stop her. She can remove Biden with the stroke of a pen, likewise with Harris, as she is not a natural born citizen, rendering Pelosi as president.

Pelosi is fully in charge and is attempting to discreetly establish an absolute rule, which can not be fully enacted until she disarms the…


Mar 08, 2021

Too bad Republicans didn't get the jump on the -rats when the right had all three branches. In fact, too bad they didn't do a lot of things when they had the chance. As usual, Republicans are playing catch up...but I have a feeling conservatives have lost any chance of saving the Republic...and I blame Republicans. The -rat party are opportunists and they do what rats do, but RINOs and never-Trumpers are greedy, self-serving, and useless. They don't deserve the honor of the title Citizen of a Republic...and shortly, that will be a fact for us all.

Replying to

Don't forget, Paul Ryan, Flake, Mitch, and many others, the Republicans never really had all, only the Presidency, the rest was manned by RINOs.


Robert Powell
Robert Powell
Mar 08, 2021

VERY GOOD IDEA, BUT WITH THE COMMUNIST IN CHARGE OF OUR GOVERNMENT NOW ,FAT is going to take gunfire to get their attention..

Replying to

You are right. However, note the response to the capitol riot. It is being used in the same way that the NAZI's used the Riechstag fire; (which is suspected to have been started by the NAZI's just like leftist deep state types probably incited the capitol riots); to accomplish exactly what happend and give the leftists an excuse to use the power of government against the political opposition. Unfortunately, we have to wait until a critical mass of Americans finally wake up and understand that there is a communist revolution underway, and only then can a counter revolution, restoring us to constitutional government, occur with any chance of success. And even more unfortunately, the left is going to do a…

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