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Song, “Last Farm in the USA” Stands for All Our Land

In a recent post to his must-read “TruthMonster” Substack our friend John Anthony explains that Natural Asset Companies (NACs) are an SEC scheme to transfer management of private

land to elite investors. We can still stop this.


Natural Asset Companies (NACs) are a Biden administration investment creation that monetizes and measures eco improvements on public and private lands, transfers leases on the land to a NAC, then authorizes the NAC to manage its use.


Many landowners with conservation easements on their property will have no choice but to accept the transfers. Other lands are targeted.


Don’t let the government seize your property in the name or protecting the environment.

Brandon Maddox’ original song, “Last Farm in America” resonates beyond farmland. The heartfelt words apply to all Americans who have worked hard to earn and preserve their property.


Learn more about NACs here and here. There is still a short window to stop the SEC rule.



There has been tremendous public pushback against the NACs, including state financial officers from 22 states.  The SEC is taking comments up until January 18, 2024.


Tell the SEC you want to stop Natural Asset Companies. You can submit your comments to the SEC before January 18, 2024.


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  • Manage public and private lands

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  • Fort McDermitt Paiute Shoshone Reservation

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